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Las Vegas Weddings Review

We got married at the VLVWC October 2009 had had a ball. The staff were excellent, making a very nervous groom lose the nerves extremely easily. We had the ‘pink caddy’ package and as listed below is easily on eof the most popular packages, well explained in the reviews below so I won’t go into details, and with good reason although it should be remembered that the caddy does not pick you up from your hotel, you have an ‘ordinary’ stretch limo for that. But even that was great,
Just have fun here, the more you have fun, then so does ‘Elvis’, Brian Mills in our case who was superb as a 50s’ Elvis, best singer out of the three offered in my opinion have done some research on the video archives on the VLVWC website. A genuine guy who puts you at ease so the only thing you have to do is enjoy yourselves
Once the ceremony is over you get a lot more photos taken. You do have to pay for these (12 ceremony ones are free) but tend to be the better ones. Can be expensive depending on what size and quality you want but how much have you saved on the wedding coming to Las Vegas anyway!!!! Also there is the limo drivers gratuity ($25) and the ministers fee ($60…no, Elvis doesn’t marry you!). but still excellent value.
If you want to get married in Vegas, do it here. The White wedding chapels (‘A…and ‘The..’, two different ones) are the main ones people instantly think of but we had a look at these out of curiosity while we were there and were unimpressed.
Plus the range of weddings that are available here have to be seen to be believed, not an Elvis fan…it doesn’t matter. From Austin Powers to Star Trek..they do it all. Fantastic

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