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Add a Photo Tour of the Las Vegas Strip After Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Vegas Wedding Photo Tour
Spectacular backdrops for your Vegas wedding photos!

Did you know that once your Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel wedding is over and the formal photos are taken, you can be accompanied by one of our fun and friendly photographers for a fabulous photo tour of the Strip? We offer several choices of packages that include various locations and in various price ranges and lengths of time. Since you’re getting married in Vegas, and since you’re in your fancy duds anyway, it’s a lovely way to extend your wedding festivities and capture the most special day of your lives forever!

Las Vegas Wedding Photos
Las Vegas Strip hotels offer stunning settings for your post-wedding formal photos!

You can choose day or evening photo tours, and if you have any questions about options or scheduling, give one of our staff members a call to discuss just what you’d like. They’re available to chat live online, too. 702-384-0771 www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

Here’s a link to check out what’s available. Your limo awaits!

Bellagio Wedding Pictures
By day or night, a Las Vegas Wedding Photo Tour makes memories you can keep for a lifetime!

How to Order Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding Photos

wedding photos las vegas
Wedding guests can order wedding photos online as a gift for the couple!

Once your wedding is in the book–for now and for always–it’s time to order your photos to make the memories last forever, too. Here’s the quick and easy process, and you can share this information with friends and family who may want to order some for themselves!

For most folks, the process is self-explanatory, but use this handy reference if you run into any trouble:

1. Go to our website: http://www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

2. Click on the pink link at the top right corner that reads “Order Photos.”

3. On next page, click the green link in the middle of the page that reads “Order Photos.”


4. Click on the date field and enter your ceremony date. All weddings performed on that date will appear in a list. Find your name and click on it.

5. You will see two files: “All Photos” and “Candid Photos.” If your package included free candids, you may select your free prints from that file. These are the unposed, spontaneous moments from your wedding.


6. When you are selecting your free candids, click on any PHOTO, on the actual photo. Scroll down to see “Product Specials” on the screen that comes up, then type in the code emailed to you for ordering your free candids. (You can copy the code and press CONTROL V or COMMAND V to paste into the box. Then click on “Apply Code.”


7. You will then see this message: “Congratulations! You are eligible to receive (number) 4×6 Candid Ceremony Photos for free. Click add to cart to add this now.”

8. Select “Add to Cart” and then the on next screen click on “Choose Each.” On the next screen select your free photos. Click “Finish” and they will be added to your shopping cart. You can now click “Checkout” or “Continue Shopping.”

9. In the top left corner of the page, click on your name. This will return you to the two groups of photos from your ceremony.


To add the additional photos from the posed grouping–those you want to purchase:

1 .Click on the photo group called “All Photos.”

2. Click on any photo in the group that you’d like to buy.

3. On the right side of the page, click on the type of product you’d like to purchase.

For single prints or downloads, simply select the product, indicating 1 (or more if you want multiple copies), and then click “Buy.”
For multiple-photo packages (prints or digital) select the package, then click “Add to Cart”. Next, click “Choose Each” on the following page, then add each photo to that package For print packages, make sure you complete all sections with the different sizes of prints for that package. Click “Finish” when done selecting.


4. Repeat this process for each photo or package you want to purchase. Click “Checkout” in the top right corner of the page when you are ready to checkout.

Follow the prompts to complete your shipping and billing information and your credit card details for payment.

vegas garden wedding

We hope you’ll enjoy sharing the photos of your special day! Viva Las Vegas!