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Viva Las Vegas Weddings’ Reverend Daphne Dishes the BEST Wedding Advice!

Las Vegas Wedding Minister
Meet the lovely Reverend Daphne, who knows a thing or two about Las Vegas weddings!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we don’t just do Elvis weddings and weddings with themed character ministers. We also have on staff several friendly and caring traditional wedding officiants, too. (And, at Viva Las Vegas Chapel, you can always ADD Elvis to sing at your traditional ceremony!) With us from DAY ONE–for nearly twenty years now– is the UK-born Reverend Daphne. She has just a touch of a British accent, and a heart filled with loving words and helpful advice for our wedding couples. We’ll share some of her answers to some oft-asked questions here. 🙂

1. What advice do you have for couples who may want to personalize their ceremonies at the chapel?

Some couples (mainly from the South) end a ceremony with “jumping the broom.” Of course, they have to bring the broom! This tradition dates from late 18th century England, and it experienced new popularity with couples in this country after it was seen on the iconic TV series, Roots. I’ve sometimes seen another fascinating wedding ritual. Instead of lighting a unity candle, couples will pour different-colored sand into a vase making a personalized design. (Again,they have to bring vase and sand.) If you’d like to do something meaningful and original along these lines, just let the staff know your plans at the time you book your wedding. That way, we can arrange for any special music or other elements you might need during the ceremony. Also check for all our special upgrades on the Viva Las Vegas Weddings website. http://www.vivalasvegasweddings.com/wedding-upgrades

2. What can brides can wear to their summer weddings to stay cool and still look beautiful?

There are many short-to-ankle-length dresses out there that are beautiful. The long, frou-frou dresses with looooong veils are not comfortable or suitable in the summer for quick Las Vegas weddings. Keep that for the outdoor-at-a-mansion wedding. REMEMBER, just because you LOVE the dress, it may not love you!. Keep in mind what fits your body. DON’T go with any style just because you fall in love with the gown! I have seen too many brides that look really bad in a beautiful dress that simply doesn’t flatter them. Know your body type and the styles that show you off positively. Many full-chested women want strapless gowns. But when you find yourself constantly pulling up the dress, this results in being self-conscious and VERY uncomfortable. Try a halter bodice or Grecian style (over one shoulder). Take the time and bring the dress with you to buy CORRECT under garments i.e. bra, corset, waist cincher etc. that are necessary for the dress. You’ll feel slimmer and cooler. I have seen too many brides pass out in the heat during the ceremony from too tight waist cincher or corset. OR a dress smaller than her body to appear slimmer. Remember the groom is marrying you, not the dress. By the way, WARNING – black undergarments under a white dress– NOT SEXY!!

Rev. Daphne at Vegas wedding
Rev. Daphne does the honors in an elegantly traditional Main Chapel ceremony.

3. Can you offer any advice for writing your own vows to each other?

Often couples don’t exactly write wedding vows but simply have words they want to say to each other. I always say the traditional vows at every ceremony, then I ask the couple if they have words to share with one another. KEEP IT SHORT. If not pre-prepared, just “I love you” or “I’m so happy that we are here today” is more than enough. That said, MOST couples prefer just to repeat the vows that are part of my ceremony. That’s perfectly okay, too. We like to give everyone the opportunity to personalize their wedding vows if they wish.

4. Can you recommend any romantic places for a special wedding night dinner in Las Vegas?

The “Top of the Stratosphere” is my first choice–just a few blocks away from our chapel. It’s a revolving 360-degree restaurant with a fantastic view of Las Vegas, especially at night. It’s a little pricey, but well worth it for that “special day.”

Outdoor Garden Vegas Wedding
Daphne performs romantic evening wedding vows in our picturesque Garden Chapel.

Do YOU have a question for Daphne?  Need expert wedding advice? What is the most unusual wedding Rev. Daphne has ever seen? Can she tell if a marriage is going to last, judging by the behavior of the couple on their wedding day?  Look for past interviews with Reverend Daphne in our archived blogs, or feel free to post a question in the comments. She’ll get back to you in a future post!

Reverend Daphne Tells All: Signs of a Happy Marriage Ahead

Reverend Daphne
Our own Reverend Daphne of Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

After nearly 15 years of performing ceremonies at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, Reverend Daphne has the art of predicting a marriage’s chances for success down to a science. Or, at the very least, she can spot signs that things may not always go blissfully in the future.

“It’s all in the details,” according to Daphne. “For one thing, I can tell a lot by how grooms handle the business part of things. Some guys seem a bit exasperated, and pull out a messy wad of bills from their pockets. Some forget the marriage license, or leave the rings back in the hotel room.” While acknowledging that this just may be pre-wedding nerves, Daphne also feels, “It more or less conveys a feeling of unpreparedness for a very big life event.”

At the opposite end of the spectrum are couples who arrive with pre-prepared envelopes, even including a thank-you note. Daphne thinks this kind of advance thoughtfulness and preparation show that the couple has a deep respect for others, and an innate sense of gratitude. “Those two qualities go a long way toward ensuring a happy marriage ahead,” Daphne observes.

Even though traditional weddings are often fairly solemn occasions, Daphne is always ready to add to the fun factor, if it’s requested. Her ceremonies are generally intimate and personalized affairs. Very often they are quite touching and involve kleenex. But Rev. Daphne is also a big ham. “I always wanted to be on the stage when I was younger. Life more or less got in the way of that, but I’ve recently come to realize that I am performing, and on a stage, at that!” Daphne once performed a wedding dressed as SpongeBob Squarepants, at the request of the groom—as a surprise to his SpongeBob-loving bride!

Daphne and Bride
Rev. Daphne chats with a beautiful bride just before her ceremony

Daphne also revealed that she carries a studded leather collar, jacket, and do-rag in the trunk of her car, in case she’s called upon to perform a Harley-Davidson wedding at the last minute. As always, our own Reverend Daphne sets the example for how to be truly, thoughtfully prepared for anything.