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Adding Glitzy Vegas Bling to Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Vegas style wedding
Add a showgirl bridesmaid to your Elvis wedding and she’ll pull out the rhinestones and feathers!

It’s the HOLIDAYS, folks, so it’s the perfect time to add a bit of extra holiday glitz and glam to your Vegas wedding! Or, if you’re booking for a wedding in the New Year, consider upgrading with features that highlight your only-in-Vegas Elvis, Themed or Traditional Wedding! Whether you choose one of our many wedding packages, or create a customized wedding package of your own by mixing and matching elements from different ceremony offerings, we often suggest adding a showgirl or Chippendale attendant. It adds to the fun factor! OR, did you know your GUESTS can dress up as showgirls, Marilyn, and Elvi? We rent the costumes in our fabulous Viva Las Vegas Costume Shop!

Showgirl and Elvis wedding
Book a mini Elvis wedding and upgrade with a showgirl for arm candy!

Choose Elvis or Little Elvis as minister, or we offer incredible Liberace, Tom Jones, Sinatra, Prince, and even the iconic MJ tribute artists as ceremony officiants–in case you want to go all-out-Vegas! Just call us at 702-384-0771 and one of our friendly and most helpful staffers can work with you to dream up the wedding that rings YOUR holiday (or not) wedding bells!

Liberace wedding Vegas
Our Liberace impersonator wedding features the King of Bling!

For more information on our weddings, visit us at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com and see what all we offer. Choose an all-inclusive themed or Elvis wedding where even limo service is part of the package, or scale down to a more affordable version that has only the special features you truly want. Live online streaming of your ceremony is always available, so if you elope to Vegas, friends and family back home can be here in spirit.

Bachelor Party Guests
Add fun and feathers to your Elvis wedding!

Best wishes for a warm and wonderful holiday season, and a bright and sparkling New Year ahead from all of us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings! HO HO HO!

Meet Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Owners Ron and Jamie!

Ron and Jamie of Viva Las Vegas weddings
Rev. Ron Decar (left) and Jamie Richards (far right) with long-time friends Tim and Dan (center) at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

If you’ve been married with us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, chances are you’ve run into Ron (sometimes as Elvis or Dracula) or Jamie (wedding coordinator extraordinaire). As hard as they’re working, running around the place at full tilt, you might never guess they’re our chapel owners! Both play multiple “roles” in all the weddings produced here. Plus, they supervise and manage world-class wedding receptions and shows at the adjacent Ron Decar’s Event Center. (We’re pretty sure they never sleep.)

Both Ron and Jamie came from entertainment backgrounds. Ron as a lead singer on the Las Vegas Strip, and Jamie as a professional ice skater and later a dancer in Las Vegas production shows. Looking back, it makes perfect sense that when Ron found himself moonlighting as Elvis at Strip wedding chapels, he decided to team up with Jamie to create Viva Las Vegas Weddings. When a historic mission-style chapel became available right on the Strip, they jumped at the opportunity.

chapel co-owner Jamie Richards
Chapel co-owner Jamie Richards

With their own chapel, they envisioned not only Elvis and traditional weddings, but also themed weddings that were actually self-contained mini-shows. They wanted to include sets, props, theatrical effects, lights, sounds, and an endless variety of talented singer/actor “ministers.” And…the rest is history. After nearly 16 years and thousands of incredible weddings, they are both, basically, still sane. 🙂

Co-owner Ron Decar, in Elvis disguise
Co-owner Ron Decar, in Elvis disguise

Today, Ron is a licensed minister and performs traditional ceremonies in the Main Chapel as well as the Gazebo and Garden Chapels. But he’s just as comfortable singing in Phantom of the Opera weddings, portraying 007 in James Bond weddings, or crooning as Elvis! Jamie is a whiz behind the scenes. As crazy busy as it sometimes gets at the chapel, you’ll still find him working as a photographer or coordinating weddings, as cool as a cucumber. He’s the glue that holds it all together! (Jamie also plays a mean “Brad” in our Rocky’s Horror Themed Wedding Package.)

So, if you’re getting married with us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings and spot one of these familiar faces, be sure to say “hello”–and please tell these two to slow down and smell the roses! 🙂

Reverend Daphne Tells All: “How I Became a Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Minister” Part I

Rev. Daphne
Rev. Daphne relaxes between wedding ceremonies at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

How does a person make the leap from being a focus-driven career woman to a minister at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel? Our own Rev. Daphne offers up her fascinating personal history, lending us some insight into her secrets for success in life, business, and marriage, too!

Early in her adult life, and long before her days as a minister, Daphne found herself a single mom, going to college at night and supporting her family working as a food demonstrator in supermarkets. Once the kids were in school, she could take on more classes during the day, but fell short of earning her bachelor’s degree. Says Daphne, “I discovered, being an older student, that the younger students gravitated toward me for group projects.” In a cooking class, Daphne worked with a team of six students, and they all looked to her to figure out what to cook with the given ingredients. “Kind of like Master Chef,” she explains. “Of course, I knew right away what to make–shepherd’s pie!” (Daphne is English-born, and had already cooked many meals for her family by this time in her life.) “I realized then that I didn’t want to be a teacher. By that time, I’d had so much pragmatic life experience. I felt I’d ‘been there, done that’.”

Meanwhile, in the working world, Daphne had met someone who was to become her mentor in the entrepreneurial pursuits that were to follow. She explains,”Everyone needs a mentor in business, to learn from them and build upon that foundation. I think if a person has a real talent to sell, then they can sell ice to Eskimos, as they say. I seemed to have that knack. But a mentor makes all the difference in developing that ability.” From her mentor, Daphne learned about the art and ethics of selling, how to show respect, and how to earn respect from customers and clients.

Daphne learned to keep promises to every client, whatever the cost. “Customer service is the most important aspect of doing business. If you pay attention to their needs and always follow through, you create a bond of trust and, ultimately, customer loyalty.”

It wasn’t long before Daphne bought the food demonstrating business she had been working for in Santa Monica, California. She built the business up from 80 employees in 1984 to over 1,000 six years later. Her new husband decided to quit his own job to help with the business, and they expanded to include fragrance and make-over demonstrators in department stores–in effect, they’d added a modeling agency.

As a result of her impressive success, President Gerald Ford invited Daphne to appear as a guest speaker for organizations all over the country, revealing the secrets of her accomplishments as woman and a leader in her industry. She was, in fact, the first woman he had honored with such a request. To this day, Daphne proudly displays her photograph with the President on the wall of her home.

Daphne notes that her professional life lessons apply to marriages, as well. Keep your promises. Be on time–no excuses. Pay attention to the needs of the other person. Follow through on what you say you’ll do. All those things go a long way toward creating the trust and respect that are the foundation of love, and a happy family, too.

Stay tuned for future blogs. Next time, Daphne tells how she made the transition from successful businesswoman to Las Vegas minister!

Rev. Daphne Tells All: Confessions of a Viva Las Vegas Minister

Rev. Daphne“I LOVE MY JOB! How many people go to work each day saying that?” A longtime Viva Las Vegas minister, Reverend Daphne has the delightful task of marrying hundreds of couples each year. (To date, she has over 17,000 ceremonies under her belt.)  ” I meet people not just from various states in the USA, which I find very interesting, but people from all over the world.  I have traveled to many countries during my lifetime, so I get chat with couples about the wonderful time I had in their city or country.”

Daphne looks forward to traveling to China and Australia and  also re-visiting Israel in the near future. In the meantime, she’s content to visit with folks who come from many such fascinating places. The personal story of every betrothed pair is a privilege to share, whether they’re from Rome, Georgia, or Rome, Italy.

In her profession, Daphne has witnessed more than her share of touching, hilarious, and even outrageous and weddings. We thought it would be fun to feature her insights and experiences here on a regular basis. She’s seen it all! Do tell, Rev. Daphne!

Daphne admits, “People usually say all brides are beautiful on their wedding day. Take my word, don’t believe it. The reason is almost always THE DRESS. Brides see a gorgeous dress on the rack or in a magazine, and they MUST HAVE IT. But the problem is, it looks awful on them. It doesn’t fit their body proportions. For example, a strapless dress may not be suited for a well-endowed bride. In my opinion, a halter type dress would be better, so they won’t be constantly pulling it up. And, ladies. DO NOT wear black underwear under a white wedding dress! Definitely NOT sexy.”

Got a question for Daphne?  Need expert wedding advice? What is the most unusual wedding Rev. Daphne has ever seen? Can she tell if a marriage is going to last, judging by the behavior of the couple on their wedding day?  Daphne says she can. Find out in future blogs featuring Daphne’s fun exploits at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

Outdoor Las Vegas wedding chapels

Should you get married outside? Perhaps you’re looking to take advantage of any of Las Vegas’ 300 days of sunshine?

las vegas outdoor weddings
Outdoor gazebo weddings starting from $375

We can add the beauty of the outdoors to your Las Vegas wedding. Viva Las Vegas Weddings have two outdoor Venues – The Outdoor Gazebo and our Garden weddings. The Outdoor Gazebo seats up to 36 guests with the outdoor gazebo deluxe package. Our gazebo is flanked by beautiful white latticework that is delicately decorated with climbing foliage and sits in a postcard-perfect, park-like setting. The Garden Chapel will seat up to 40 guests with our Garden at night wedding package.

Garden weddings at  night are only $525
Garden Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

Temperature avarages for Las Vegas in September 95° F (35° C),  for October 82° F (28° C) , November, 67° F (19° C).

With Fall uproaching outdoor weddings in Las Vegas become popular once more. Don’t wait give us a call to reserve your outdoor las vegas wedding today! 800-574-4450 or 702-384-0771. Or you can book online with our online reservation system.