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Viva Las Vegas Weddings Customized to Honor All Faiths and Wedding Traditions

Jewish Elvis Wedding
Elvis, in a yamika, looks on as a Viva Las Vegas couple breaks the traditional glass.

Even if you’re not having a traditional church or synagogue wedding, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel can customize your ceremony to include any religious traditions you wish. In fact, we often do Elvis weddings with Elvis wearing a yamika!

Most of our Traditional Wedding Packages are performed by non-denominational ministers, but please let us know of your specific requests and preferences. Add the lighting of a unity candle, and/or add a live singer to perform “Ave Maria” or another meaningful song during your candle lighting. This makes for an exquisite traditional ceremony! We’ll gladly cater to any musical or religious rites, from providing a huppah to a gospel singer. We do all we can to make your wedding day one that is in keeping with your beliefs and values.

Sci Fi Wedding Las Vegas
Sandy and Chris included Biblical verses in their personal vows at our Intergalactic Themed Wedding.

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we are happy to add ceremonial elements relevant to your faith in even our most outrageous and fun-loving themed or Elvis weddings. In every wedding we do, there are moments that are clearly from the hearts of the couple.

Religious Las Vegas chapel wedding
At your request, we can include special religious vows and prayer into your traditional ceremony.

The best time to put in your special requests is the day your first book with us, just so we’ll have plenty of time to make the arrangements and to get everything right. So if you book online, feel free also to call us to confirm your choices and wishes. We’ll do our best to make your wedding day as perfect for you as we can, and in keeping with your faith. 702-384-0771 www.vivalasvegasweddings.com