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St. Patrick’s Day: A Wee Leprechaun Wedding in Vegas


Because we can’t say it quite like you do, here’s a touching letter sent to us by newlyweds Kevin and Shanen Pearson of California:

“On behalf of Shanen and I, we wanted to take the time to thank you and your entire staff for making our wedding day one of the most memorable moments of our lives.

When we first hatched the idea of getting married on St. Patrick’s Day, we both knew it was the perfect day for us to make it happen. Then, in a joking sort of way, I said ‘Let’s get married by a leprechaun.’ Together, our eyes got wide with excitement and I said ‘Let’s make this happen!’

Having called several chapels, I can say that not only was yours the only one to say it could be done, but there was genuine excitement from your voice, and that of your staff. When our wedding day came, I could not have been prepared for the experience you offered.

From being the first Leprechaun wedding in your chapel’s history (maybe even a Vegas first?) to the fact that your entire staff was genuinely giddy with excitement over the uniqueness of this wedding, you helped make our wedding beyond memorable. We were seeking a moment in time that captured us – fun, different, quirky, yet filled with love. Your team helped make it all of that and more.

From the “unexpected surprises” your team said they had in store to the classy feel of the entire day, we cannot begin to express our appreciation and gratitude for your taking our vision and making it a reality.

So, again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you to you and your staff for making our day so special, so memorable and, most of all, so representative of us.


Kevin and Shanen Pearson
(We’d like to make your wedding day as happy as the Pearson’s. If you have a special wish, a favorite movie or television show, let’s see if together we can create your very own fun, different, and quirky day filled with love. Wizard of Oz wedding, anyone?)

The Leprechaun… The Legend

Leprechauns are considered to be old Irish folklore. They look like small old men with beards. They make shoes all day long and save their earned money at the end of a rainbow. Legend says that if a leprechaun is kidnapped, he will grant you three wishes for his safe escape. Leprechauns wear green and are said to bring you luck. So if you find a Leprechaun with no charm…chances are, he’s not a real Leprechaun.

  Irish Blessings to all

~An Original Irish Poem From Yours Truly~

A sweet Leprechaun once said to me
I will make you a pair of shoes in trade, if you will be mine
for eternity…
I gayly said yes, as I got ready for our exchange, then we rode a
big rainbow, and fell on a big pot of gold change.
The riches were wondrous, and glee I did sing, and now my Leprechaun is my king,
and my everything.