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Biker Weddings at Viva Las Vegas

 Get yer hide in here…We have free parking!

So there are “chaps,” and there are Chapels. We have the most unique weddings in the city. It’s high time you ride on over ( in your chaps) to the only Chapel to marry your girl in. The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chap…el. We are dying to see your bike! Don’t have a bike? Don’t worry, we have connections through our friend Harley. You can actually ride into the Chapel and down the aisle for your nuptials. You can park it inside with enough time to get off, get hitched, and say “I Do.” So, your girl is now happily married and now you can both head out on the highway. Where else can you say you gotter done? Wedding Packages include:

  • 2 Harley rentals (24 hrs.)
  • 6 Rose Brides bouquet
  • 1 Matching rose boutonniere for the Rider
  • 36 Photo poses-10 free (candid) prints
  • Video of ceremony
  • Courtesy limousine to Harley’s place
  • Your names in lights, on Las Vegas Blvd. marquee/sign
  • Theatrical Fog lights & music for your entrance

*Riders must have motorcycle license-any state is valid.

For more information go to www.vivalasvegasweddings.com or call us at 702-384-0771. Our weddings are a blast. If you can dream it, we can theme it. We also have Elvis-Johnny Cash & June Carter themed weddings available, just to name a few. We love our Bikers…after all I own a Fatboy (only his name is Dave).

See you at the Chapel!

King of Pop..King of Rock? ~Themed Weddings…

 As the sun begins to set here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel I see a silhouette of an icon arriving at our front door. Could it be? I haven’t looked at our wedding list for the evening so I am surprised to see Michael. “I’m here for a wedding at 8,” he whispers. I am transfixed for a moment, and then I snap out of it. It’s a Michael Jackson look a like.Wow! I proceed to greet our King of Pop and show him to the Chapel where he will perform for a wedding. The King of Pop Wedding was fantastic! Although I never did have the pleasure of seeing him live, I could only imagine how amazing he must have been after seeing this wedding. If your preferred King is Poppin’ and Michael Jackson is your pick, give us a call to make your wedding arrangements. We’ll aim to make it ” Off The Wall”  just for you.

          Now, if your King is Elvis and your heart starts racing just at his mention??? Well, then I say… we have the best Elvis’ I have ever seen. They look great and they are vocally sound. Who doesn’t love Elvis? I’m always crying in the Chapel. Pun intended. We recently brought on a world travelled Elvis to perform when we are triple booked. I decided I’d take a snapshot of him to feature in this blog, when one of our other Elvis’ jumped in.Thaaaats Brian, he’s our Chapel Manager and a part time Elvis extraordinairre as well.  

          Sometimes I feel as if I am on the hit television show Glee…everyone breaks out into song whether it’s in the Chapel or not. We get so goofy when we are behind the wedding scene. It really is alot of fun working here! Just a few weeks ago, we had a Bride ask if Elvis could sing “Tainted Love”. She meant to say “Love Me Tender.” So our newest Elvis over heard her, and decided to wait a minute for her to sit in the lobby and get comfortable…and then he casually walked past her singing “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell. It was such an 80’s-50’s moment. She looked a bit perplexed at first, and then we all bursted into laughter together.

          Are you ready to say “I do” for the first time or second or? Or do you want to renew your wedding vows and re-dedicate yourselves to each other? Or are you ready to have that commitment ceremony to make that promise? Please know, that we here at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel are commited to you. To assist you in your dream day. Give us a call at 702-384-0771 to make it happen. All together now…Dream a little Dream of Me….

Did you choose Rock or Pop?????

Until next week,


From Portland, With Love…

Elvis & Company...

It was the fabulous wedding of the Beauty and the Biker! So, here we are at the World Famous Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel with two more “I-Do’s.” Tiffany and Chris came to the Chapel to get married from Oregon. They wanted to make thier wedding memorable….So, Elvis was the way to go for them. It’s been 9 years since the date was pre-set. Chris could not resist Tiffanys charm. Just a couple of lookers making it official here at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. There were butterflies in the air and the weather was perfect! A handful, and then some of Chris’ and Tiffanys’ family and friends all made their way to the Elvis Chapel to witness their marriage.

With a license to ride and a marriage license in hand, Chris said “I Do” to his lovely Bride Tiffany. They had so many friends and family here to share in their joy. I am certain that once they announced that the wedding would be in Las Vegas, that no one could resist. The RSVP’s were many.They were surrounded by so much love. Chris and Tiffany really did remind me of Elvis and Priscilla. Mind you, Elvis really was a blonde. What a great looking couple! Wishing you both every bit of happiness you can stand! They topped their night off by riding off into the night to Larrys Hideway here in Las Vegas. Do you suppose they had Breakfast at Tiffanys the next morning? Just another classic Elvis wedding here at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Thanks to you both, and your super family and friends. Until the next wedding…

Good day,



Aaron Wins Big In Vegas!!!

          So, you’re on your way out of town. Your destination is Vegas. It’s a hot summer day. Your lucky number is 10 and your favorite color is black. You arrive at the Roulette table with your Bride of 10 years on your arm, and place your bet. You feel LUCKY! You go all in. You are looking to have an unforgettable weekend in Las Vegas. You are only there to win. As the roulette wheel starts to spin, you turn to your Bride and you say..” will you marry me again?” Your beautiful blushing Bride says ‘Yes” with as much excitement as the first time you asked ten years ago. You lay a big smooch on her and the world is completely shut out just for that moment. It’s just you Aaron and Jennah. Then you here, Black 10! You’re a winner. Wow,what a way to start your weekend in Vegas! A DOUBLE WIN…

          Well, I know it all sounds so movie like, but boy when I saw the two of you and the rest of your entourage come out of the Casino…this is where I went. I guess you could say I have a colorful imagination. I like to call it technicolor. Ha ha. Your costumes were just great. You came to Vegas to play, win and have some fun. Aaron and Jennah chose a themed vow renewal for their fun. Congratulations on 10 years of marriage. I love the fact that everyone stayed in costume for the rest of the evening. Ya see, it doesn’t just have to be Halloween to dress up. You were the talk of the town. I can only imagine what that smokey room would have looked like back in the day. You really looked as if you stepped out of time and were ready to whoop it up ” Old Vegas Style.” I watched people as you would walk by, and I too think they were visiting that black and white movie screen. Aaron is in the heating and cooling business, and Jennah is a teacher. So I guess Aaron will forever remain” Hot For Teacher.” Sounds like a great song titlte huh????

Those Summer Nihiiiiiiiights...

          If a vow renewal is in your future, and you don’t know where to turn ..Make a right turn and make your exit Las Vegas Blvd. 1205 Las Vegas Blvd! We’ll be waiting for you at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel to recapture the day you said “I do.”



Yo Ho Ho ..A Pirates Bride is For Me..

      Welcome to my Bride of the Week pick~Pirate Themed Wedding! Now look through this spy glass and join me on a Pirates Dream Adventure. As you step back in time…..Do not adjust your computer screen. The year is 2010.The Groom is about to get ready for his Wedding. He begins his journey, a journey into Pirate matrimony! Let’s see, sword, eyepatch, booty, leg, hook, parrot and rum. Check check check. It’s all here. The dashing Pirate makes his way to the door and into his waiting vessel that will take him to his destination. The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. We arrive at the Chapel to be met by more Pirates. Rum thirsty, and ready for a party and some booty. They are loaded with looty and he is ready to take the plunge, to say “I do” to his lovely Pirate Bride Becky. She’s a lovely young lady with a fine sense of taste in Pirate attire ( no eyepatch on Becky). Becky you look smashing!

      More Pirates arrive and we are set to sail. It is a managerie of hooks, swords and mustaches. Nice job with the mustaches guys. The Captain leads them into the swinging Chapel and they begin to troll ( stroll ) into the rocky high seas of holy matrimony. Becky caught herself one of the BIGGEST FISH in the high seas of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel ocean. Why, we didn’t even know that Becky could fish? However, I am sure Mike will argue that he REELED her in first. I hear he’s quite the fisherman! In closing…Thank you for showing me a swashbuckling good Pirates time. If you are fishing in the big sea of Wedding Chapels and you want to have a memorable Wedding like Mike and Becky? Set your compass towards the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel where we help make dreams come true. When you wish upon a star……la la la la la la la…

Ahoy matey!!!!!

Sea you all next week,