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“Perfect 10” ~ Wedding Extravaganza at Viva Las Vegas…

          And they both lived happily ever after….So the story goes. Well, it’s that time of year again. When Brides and Grooms gear up for one of the biggest decisions of their lives.. MARRIAGE!  On one of the biggest wedding days of the year 10-10-10. With all of the engagements and love in the air in the past year, we are about to embark on a history-making day! The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas Nevada is proud to host more than 160 weddings on 10-10-10. With Brides and Grooms coming from all corners of the globe, for twenty-four hours of nuptials from midnight to midnight. Could it be any bigger? With 7 venues to perform weddings, the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has revved it up to fifth gear to commemorate this special day! There will be traditional weddings, vow renewals and even themed weddings. Oh, and Elvis will be in the building in a very big way.

          10-10-10 symbolizes the union of two individuals and the start of their living together in holy matrimony. Or is it that the Grooms have figured out a way to make their significant others happy in two ways? Number one; it will make it impossible to forget their anniversary. Number two; they make their Bride happy by choosing a date. “Brilliant fellas!” Either way, it will be a day to remember for all. The score is love; love so I give it a “Perfect 10.” What will you be doing on 10-10-10 at 10 minutes after 10?

Yo Ho Ho ..A Pirates Bride is For Me..

      Welcome to my Bride of the Week pick~Pirate Themed Wedding! Now look through this spy glass and join me on a Pirates Dream Adventure. As you step back in time…..Do not adjust your computer screen. The year is 2010.The Groom is about to get ready for his Wedding. He begins his journey, a journey into Pirate matrimony! Let’s see, sword, eyepatch, booty, leg, hook, parrot and rum. Check check check. It’s all here. The dashing Pirate makes his way to the door and into his waiting vessel that will take him to his destination. The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. We arrive at the Chapel to be met by more Pirates. Rum thirsty, and ready for a party and some booty. They are loaded with looty and he is ready to take the plunge, to say “I do” to his lovely Pirate Bride Becky. She’s a lovely young lady with a fine sense of taste in Pirate attire ( no eyepatch on Becky). Becky you look smashing!

      More Pirates arrive and we are set to sail. It is a managerie of hooks, swords and mustaches. Nice job with the mustaches guys. The Captain leads them into the swinging Chapel and they begin to troll ( stroll ) into the rocky high seas of holy matrimony. Becky caught herself one of the BIGGEST FISH in the high seas of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel ocean. Why, we didn’t even know that Becky could fish? However, I am sure Mike will argue that he REELED her in first. I hear he’s quite the fisherman! In closing…Thank you for showing me a swashbuckling good Pirates time. If you are fishing in the big sea of Wedding Chapels and you want to have a memorable Wedding like Mike and Becky? Set your compass towards the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel where we help make dreams come true. When you wish upon a star……la la la la la la la…

Ahoy matey!!!!!

Sea you all next week,