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~They’re Creepy and They’re Kooky….



Viva Las Vegas Weddings is closed for the night. Good night Kalin, good night Jamie, good night John boy. It’s eleven o’clock and we all zoom out of the parking lot. I am in my car, when suddenly I recall…what I forgot. Ughhhhhh, so I make my way back into the Chapel past the prop room towards the employees lounge. I forgot my once heated lasagne in the midst of being soo busy. I figure it will be a quick turnaround, so I won’t even turn on the lights.

          I will just…..Whoa! What was that? A loud thump, and it’s coming from the direction of the closet. Thaaat closet! The one that hasn’t been opened for about a year. The one that no ones keys seem to fit anymore. It’s so dark I can’t even see my hand before me. Now, I could actually hear the wind howling loudly, as thaaat door begins to slowly open. I make an about face, and begin to tip-toe through the grave stones and realize I cannot run fast enough without falling, so I decide to hide. I lean on a wall, in an attempt to make myself small,  (not so easy for me, I’m a size 10).  The door is oooopening and and I’m all alone. I am frozen in fear. I can now make out a shadowy figure lurking through the door.

          The door suddenly swings open fast and I let out a BIG …..Reverend Daphne? Reverend Daphne, what are you doing here? She says, “Oh, I was fishing out my cloak and green makeup for Halloween.” “You do realize Halloween is only a few weeks away?” I let out a sigh of relief, as I think to myself, we really do have CREEPY MINISTERS.

          Brides, it’s not too late…It’s time to raise your Grooms from the dead, oops I mean bed and check us out on the spider web. Find our Halloween weddings link at www.Vivalasvegasweddings.com , or better yet, call us at 702-384-0771 and speak to our live staff. We will be happy to place your order…..hahahahahahahahahahaha.

Forever your ghoul,


The Monster Mash….

It was a Graveyard Splash! Hi Y’all, it’s Diana coming to you just after twilight from The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! So I have been thinking…Halloween is just about three and a half months away. What will I wear for Halloween?  Well, I’m sure I will come up with something…..Oh, and if you are fan of Halloween like I am, or you met your ghoul or guy on Halloween…Why not book a Halloween Themed wedding here at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel?  Make it memorable. Count Dracula would love to hear from you!  He’d like to be able to”Count” on you if you know what I mean? Did somebody say dinner?  We have Gothic Themed Weddings, Vampires That Fly and Graveyard Themed Weddings. Trust me, I’m here to help, Halloween is starting to fill up so don’t hesitate…as you may not get that date! Halloween at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is like going to an industry party.  ALL of the Brides, Grooms and their Guests look Fabulous! It’s like a movie set in Hollywood. The media is usually here every year too, because nobody does Halloween Weddings like the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. When we do Halloween, we do it BIG!! Shall we “count” you in? 

We’re dying to hear from you,