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Pirate Wedding on the High Seas of Las Vegas!

Pirate Wedding Vegas
Who wouldn’t want to get married by a drunken pirate?

We’re not sure why, but our Pirate Themed Wedding here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings has been a pretty hot ticket lately! We think it’s because the costumes couples and their guests often wear are so elaborate and fun to wear. (Don’t have your own? We rent those, too!) Plus, the exciting music, ocean fog, candles, and the drunken pirate “minister” all make for a really unique and adventurous Vegas wedding! Our set includes a giant treasure chest and a few skeletonized “victims” strewn about the doubloon-laden altar.

The package includes flowers, photography, wedding coordinator to run you through your paces (not necessarily down the plank), and even round-trip limo transportation from your Strip or Downtown hotel. It’s likely you’ll want to add live streaming internet coverage of your ceremony, too…or just save the DVD to show family and friends when you get back home.

Here’s a look at one of our Pirate Weddings…you can watch just enough to get the idea! But, as it turns out, everyone’s ceremony is slightly different. Some folks customize and add their own vows or even Pirate Elvis!

Visit our website at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com and scroll down under “Themed Weddings” to see details on this and any of our other wacky, creative weddings. We can customize any element of your wedding to make it distinctively YOURS. And, these fun weddings are also perfect for wedding vow renewals. Often couples tell us it’s the wedding they always dreamed of, but they were too afraid to have the first time ’round.

AARRGGG, mateys! Have the wedding or wedding vow renewal of your dreams on the high seas of Vegas!

Pirate themed wedding
Rent your pirate wedding costume, or bring your own! Traditional wedding wear works for us, too!