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Five Reasons to Choose an Evening Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Wedding Chapels in Vegas
Making a dramatic exit from the chapel under our brightly-lit marquee right on the Strip!

In summer and fall there are plenty of good reasons to time your Viva Las Vegas wedding ceremony for sunset or after dark. (Of course, our chapels are chilled during the daytime, so you’ll be cool as a cucumber either way–if yours is an indoor wedding.) Here are some thoughts to consider, if your wedding time is still undecided.

1. Outdoor evening weddings will seem much cooler in summer. Before the sun goes down, summer and even autumn temperatures can be pretty warm in Las Vegas, so you can beat the heat by holding your ceremony after dark.

2. Your names will appear in lights after your ceremony above the chapel exit. While this looks GREAT during the day, these lights are AMAZING by night on the Las Vegas Strip! (Tell your guests to bring bubbles to blow as you exit. Or, they are available for purchase in the chapel lobby!)

Unique vegas wedding
Your names and wedding date will be in lights after your ceremony! BTW, we don’t allow alcohol of any kind before or during the wedding ceremony. This groom must’ve stashed a beer!

3. If you choose an outdoor wedding in our Garden or Gazebo Chapel, the romantic twinkling white lights will add to the intimacy and mood! Plus, in summer, the misting systems provide more effective cooling after dark.

Evening Vegas outdoor wedding
Evening weddings are cooler and more romantic!

4. If your wedding package comes with limo or town car transportation, the ride is much more spectacular after the lights of the Strip have come on! For many couples, choosing a package that includes a limo is a big part of what makes the wedding experience special and more memorable. If that’s how you feel, you’ll want the lights, too!

5. Planning an evening wedding makes your wedding night flow beautifully from ceremony to afterglow. Schedule things so that a special honeymoon dinner follows directly after the ceremony. (We do receptions onsite, too, if you want to include your guests.) Many couples have plans to see a show on the wedding night…so the excitement just builds! After all, you’ll want to do the town in those fancy duds, as long as you’re all dressed up!

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