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Las Vegas Gangster-Themed Weddings a (Mob) Hit!

Gangster wedding in Las Vegas
Zoot suit and flapper gear optional for our Gangster Themed Wedding package!
Whether the two of you are fans of The Godfather movies, The Sopranos TV series, Bonnie and Clyde, or even if you’re just Italian, our Gangster Themed Wedding package could mean a bloody fun wedding day for you!

Our Vegas chapel is all decked out as an Italian restaurant with red and white checked tablecloths, candles, wine bottles and grapes. Opt for a godfather-style minister, add an Italian waiter, and, as Lala and Zaur did, request a song, Vegas-lounge-lizard style, to dance to! We’ve even done Bonnie and Clyde weddings by special request, with the two outlaws running into the chapel under machine gun fire to perform the ceremony, then making a quick getaway. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you can pretty much have the mobster/outlaw of your choice.

Here are a few highlights on Lala and Zaur’s recent Gangster wedding ceremony:

When you go downtown to get your marriage license, consider a visit to Las Vegas’s new Mob Museum, just nearby. It will really set the mood for your camp and quirky mob wedding. Then, ask our knowledgeable wedding staff to recommend a great Italian restaurant for dinner after your ceremony. Or, if you have lots of guests, you might want to treat them all to Mama Millie’s Italian Wedding Dinner reception, prepared and and served with real class, right next door at our new Viva Las Vegas Event Center.

When it comes to wedding mobs, we’ve got you covered!

Vegas Mob Weddings
Get away to Vegas for a Bonnie & Clyde-themed wedding, Gangster-style!