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Getting Down with Mini-Elvis at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

little elvis

Every bride and groom deserves a wedding that is uniquely their own. Here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we think that means they should not only be able to choose between a large or small wedding, but also between a large or small Elvis. Viviana and Adrian tied the knot here recently with Mini Elvis serving as officiant. To celebrate the exchange of vows at the close of the ceremony, the radiantly happy couple boogied down with the pint-sized King of Rock ‘n Roll during his rendition of Viva Las Vegas. (Check out the action on our Facebook page!) Our usually unflappable staff were left in stitches, not so much because of the delightful “mini-minister,”  but because of the enthusiasm of the newlyweds!

If any special character would add the right personal touch to your wedding ceremony, by all means let us know.  We’ll gladly  stretch, or shrink, as necessary, to make it happen for you.