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A Camelot Ceremony with Merlin at Viva Las Vegas

A lovely couple from France wanted a theme wedding. They exclaimed, “this is not possible in France.” They mentioned that only traditional ceremonies are performed. They had a smashing time with Merlin the Magician! Here’s a tid bit about this wonderful ceremony..

For your minister, you may choose Merlin the Magician or King Arthur himself to preside over your ceremony. You’ll feel like King and Queen for a day as two Knights of the Round Table herald your entrance with true medieval fanfare. Your marital quest will be cast with a spell of wizardry and magic!

Ludovic and Dominique even sent off some love balloons to commemorate their magical union. Viva France for your patronage, we truly enjoyed serving you.

Oui, Oui from your chauffeur and the staff of Viva Las Vegas

Love is in the air..