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Happy Birthday, Elvis—Born on January 8, 1935

Elvis public domain photo
Photo by By Ollie Atkins, chief White House photographer (public domain photograph)

Elvis would be celebrating his 82nd birthday this week on January 8th. As always, The King of Rock ‘n Roll will be foremost in our thoughts as we perform our many Elvis wedding ceremonies for couples who are dedicated fans, or who just enjoy the light-hearted nostalgia surrounding the memory of the legendary performer.

Elvis birthday wedding
Don’t forget your Elvis cake and cake-topper to go!

Elvis’s birthday has always been a popular wedding day here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. It may be too late to book your wedding ceremony or vow renewal for Elvis’s birthday this year, but if you’re planning a spring wedding and are huge Elvis fans, May 1st will be the anniversary of Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding. What a great excuse to arrange an Elvis Pink Caddy or Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding in Las Vegas! Elvis and his bride were married at the old Aladdin Hotel (now Planet Hollywood) in Las Vegas. Many couples dress up as Elvis and Priscilla for their kitschy wedding at Viva Las Vegas’s Main Chapel, or in our fantastic 1950s Doo Wop Diner Chapel. If you don’t have your own costumes, we do rent them in our costume shop. For more casual weddings, we sell just the “shades with sideburns” and bridal veils, too. (Some brides may prefer to dress as “Marilyn.” We’ve got you covered with our wide range of themed costume choices.)

Renewing vows with your best friends? The more Elvi and Priscillas (or
Renewing vows with your best friends? The more Elvi and Priscillas the merrier!

Check our Elvis wedding page for the wide variety of Elvis wedding packages, from the very affordable to the very over-the-top at: http://www.vivalasvegasweddings.com/elvis_wedding_packages.htm

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Viva Las Vegas Weddings Wishes YOU a Happy New Year 2017!

New Year Las Vegas
Peace, Love and Happiness for all our wedding couples in 2017!

Viva Las Vegas Weddings wants to wish all our happy and loving couples the very best in the New Year ahead. As 2017 approaches, we’d like to give special thanks to everyone whose Las Vegas wedding or wedding vow renewal has taken place here over the past nearly 20 years! When the clock strikes midnight, the fireworks on the Las Vegas Strip will be right above our Viva Las Vegas Chapel, and we’ll be remembering all the happy wedding couples who will be toasting another new year of wedded bliss ahead!

Tom Jones weddings Vegas
Only in Vegas! We can’t wait for another year of Elvis, Tom Jones, Marilyn and whatever impersonator weddings you dream up for us!

If you’re planning in advance for a wedding in Las Vegas in 2017, we’d love to help you create and customize the perfect Vegas wedding for you–with or without Elvis. If you haven’t chosen a date, we know already that 1/7/17, 1/17/17, 7/1/17 will certainly be popular choices. Lots of couples choose one of those memorably-digited dates to make anniversaries easier to remember. No matter what day you choose in the new year, though, our goal is to make it the most memorable day of your lives.

Camelot themed wedding
Wishing you a perfect, Camelot-like year to come…sigh….

Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us over the past year. We are looking forward to all the fun and tender moments ahead in 2017! Happy New Year to all!

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Elvis Wedding at the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign!

Las Vegas Sign Wedding
Image courtesy of www.pachd.com

Beautiful and balmy weather is just ahead in Las Vegas, and Viva Las Vegas Weddings is busily scheduling Elvis weddings at the iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. Your package includes limo service to and from the sign (where there is also parking for your guests, right on a verdant island median), flowers, photography, videography, Elvis/minister and even live music with Elvis serenading you. If you like, you can time your wedding to take place at sunset, when the rosy outdoor lighting makes for the most amazing photos.

Best of all, friends and family who can’t make the trip to Vegas can watch the whole thing (providing you tell them the time of your ceremony) via Earthcam! Have a look at what’s going on at this very moment, below:


Elvis at the Welcome to Vegas Sign
Elvis will meet you at the sign to perform your ceremony and a few tunes

Your luxury stretch limo will pick you up at your hotel and whisk you away to the “Welcome” sign, where Elvis and his entourage will await you. We take care of all the details, so all you have to do is call to schedule, or book online at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com Well, that, and get your marriage license downtown at the Marriage Bureau–details on our website.

The historic sign was designed in 1959 by Betty Willis, a pioneer in commercial design. It’s now one of the few remnants of Old Vegas, but remains a symbol of Sin City. Combine your wedding trip to Vegas with a visit to the Neon Museum near downtown Las Vegas.(Not far from the Marriage Bureau, if you’re going there anyway!) Here you can see the original signs from the long-gone hotels and businesses that made Las Vegas great. Fascinating tours are offered daily.

For more information on your wedding at the Las Vegas sign, or any aspect of planning your trip to Las Vegas, give one of our friendly staffers a call, 702-384-0771. They’ll be happy to chat about this or any of our other unique outdoor location weddings.

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Getting Your Marriage License in Las Vegas: Make it an EVENT!

Las Vegas Marriage License
You get the license, and Elvis (or a minister of your choice) will do all the rest!

RENEWING your vows in Las Vegas? You WON’T be needing a marriage license. For all legal weddings, though, you’ll need to make a trip to the north end of The Strip (Downtown) to get your license before heading to Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

Make it an adventure! Here are a list of highly recommended spots nearby to have brunch, lunch or a romantic dinner, and we’ve included two absolutely thrilling one-of-a-kind (quick) tourist hot spots:

1. Triple George Grill For intimate lunches! http://triplegeorgegrill.com
2. Glutton The name says it all! http://www.gluttonlv.com
3. Hugo’s Cellar For the MOST romantic dinner! http://www.hugoscellar.com
4. Vic and Anthony’s Steak House Sultry, sexy dining for lovers! www.vicandanthonys.com
5. The Mob Museum (great especially if you’re having one of our Gangster Themed or Bonnie and Clyde Weddings!)
6. The Neon Museum See all the old neon signs from Las Vegas’s historic past! www.neonmuseum.org

Plan to make a date of it! If you’re getting legally married in Las Vegas, you’ll need to go downtown to the Marriage Bureau here to get your license anyway.(The Marriage Bureau in Las Vegas is located at the northwest corner of Clark Avenue and Third Street, 201 Clark Avenue.) The cost of a marriage license in Nevada is $77. But…sigh…it’s a once-in-a-lifetime expense and, hey, double sevens! The Marriage Bureau accepts cash only, so be prepared. See the helpful link below to find all the details and how to get there:


If you want express line service at the Marriage Bureau when you arrive to get your license, click on the Marriage Pre-Application on their website above, to be completed for both parties. Print and bring these forms with you when you go to get your license. You’ll both need ID’s and you’ll both need to be present. Check the Marriage Bureau site for details on all other requirements.

Las Vegas Marriage License
The Marriage Bureau—no waiting period, no blood tests. And don’t forget to bring your license to the chapel so we can make it legal!

Once you have your license in hand, be sure to have it with you (and your rings, of course!) upon arrival at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Wedding vow renewals won’t require a license. And remember, same-sex marriages are legal and warmly welcomed at our chapel!

Elvis Downtown Las Vegas
Elvis hanging on nearby Fremont Street, a closed-canopy attraction where you can stroll from casino to casino

Even if you get married by Elvis, a licensed minister will be on hand to help your though the legal stuff at the time of your ceremony!Your minister (even if you’re getting married by Elvis, a licensed minister will pronounce you as legally wedded for the purposes of the State of Nevada) will explain how to get copies of your marriage certificate. All of our Viva Las Vegas Weddings require a $60 cash only minister’s fee, to be paid at the time of your ceremony. The minister will take care of recording your marriage, as part of his or her services to you on your wedding day. Las Vegas wedding chapel minister services are not included in your Viva Las Vegas wedding package price.

If you’re not a U.S. resident, you can still get married in Las Vegas. Many countries will require a certified copy of the marriage certificate and as apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State. Your minister will help you with questions on how to do this. You might also get in touch with your country’s Consulate in the States to confirm what you’ll need.

For more marriage license information, call (702) 671-0600. Marriage License Bureau hours are 8 a.m. to midnight seven days a week, including holidays.

For information on one of our amazing Elvis, Themed or Tradtional Wedding packages, or to ask questions about getting your marriage license in Las Vegas, give us a call at (702) 384-0771. We’ll make it easy, and we’ll give you any helpful advice you need to make your wedding trip a memorable one! www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

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Las Vegas Elvis Wedding Entrances—FIVE WAYS!

Diner Wedding with Elvis
Dancing in the Diner with Elvis! Albert and Mariel were wed on September 26th

On your wedding day in Vegas, especially if yours will be an Elvis wedding, you want Elvis to make a grand entrance. (And you, too, of course!) For most of our Elvis wedding packages, Elvis emerges through a door toward the back of the chapel and heads down the aisle to his “station” once your guests have been seated. But, at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we have a few other options to make that entrance even more spectacular!

1. Stroll down the aisle WITH Elvis as he sings “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. Usually the groom is waiting up front for the bride, but you can always upgrade and add Marilyn or a showgirl to escort the groom down the aisle, too.

Elvis and VEgas bride
Strolling down the aisle on the arm of The King!

2. Have Elvis drive you right down the aisle of the chapel in a pink Cadillac convertible, complete with smoke and lighting effects! (That’s our Elvis Pink Caddy package, see at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com under Elvis weddings!)

Pink Cadillac Elvis wedding Entrance
Elvis can drive the couple right through the front doors of the chapel and down the aisle!

3. Having a traditional wedding with a traditional minister, but want a touch of Elvis, as a surprise? We can hide Elvis behind the curtain at the altar. The curtain goes up when he begins to sing the Elvis song of your choice. It makes for a big finish to your wedding ceremony! You’ll have to ask us for this special add-on, but it’s an amazing way to make sure your wedding is unforgettably fun.

Add a showgirl to escort the groom or act as a bridesmaid!
Add a showgirl to escort the groom or act as a bridesmaid!

Elvis traditional wedding
End your traditional wedding ceremony in Vegas with a touch of The King!

4. Bridesmaids? Elvis can escort the ladies down the aisle one by one as he sings. We’ve also seen groomsmen (all dressed as Elvis) escorting them, with the “real” Elvis escorting the bride. We’ll arrange whatever you dream up!

We rent Elvis costumes, too, if you're having guests dress up, too!
We rent Elvis costumes, too, if you’re having guests dress up like Elvis. The more, the merrier!

5. Choose an unexpected venue for your Elvis wedding. Elvis can marry you in our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden ceremonies. If you prefer a traditional minister for your “I Do’s,” Elvis can pop in for a surprise ending. Our Doo Wop 50’s Diner also has several affordable Elvis packages in a setting that none of your guests will be expecting.

Give us a call for information or to discuss your ideas for your customized Elvis wedding in Vegas. Thank ya very much! 702-384-0771

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5 Ways to Surprise Your Soulmate at Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding or Vow Renewal Ceremony

Wedding surprises in Vegas
Have your surprise wedding guest or guests appear from behind our curtain for the wedding!
Okay, so you’ve booked your Las Vegas wedding and you’ve figured out what to wear and where you’ll stay while in Las Vegas. Whether it’s an Elvis, traditional or Themed Las Vegas wedding that you’ve both agreed on, you might still want to do something to surprise your partner during your fun, warm and wonderful Vegas wedding. We know this, because we’ve seen a lot of touching or even wild and crazy Las Vegas wedding surprises. Here are a few wedding ideas that we can arrange for you, if you think your bride or groom might be delighted, or even overwhelmed.

1. The Special Surprise Wedding Guest(s)
If you know that someone dear to your heart will be attending, but the bride (or groom) doesn’t, have your “surprise guest” arrive early and hide behind our automated curtain at the altar. At the right moment, we can raise the curtain, just before the vows begin, while the bride’s entrance music is still playing. (Of course, you will need to alert us, and have the person or persons who are the surprise arrive extra early.) We’ve got kleenex.

2. Your Special Song, or Your Special Wedding Dance
Without your partner knowing, contact us to arrange an add-on of a dance to “your song” during the ceremony, or have your special music played as the bride comes down the aisle. Call us ahead, so we can help make this happen. You can even book a soloist to sing your song live. Just let us know what you’re planning, and we’ll keep this a secret.

3. Order a Surprise Impersonator Appearance
No matter what kind of Las Vegas wedding you are having, we can arrange an appearance by a talented impersonator at any point in your ceremony. Is your bride a fan of Tom Jones, Jim Morrison, or Marilyn Monroe? Or? Guest appearances are what we do best, even if yours will be an otherwise traditional affair. We even have flying vampires and superheroes. Just let us know.

We'll help with plans to make your ceremony unforgettable.
We’ll help with plans to make your ceremony unforgettable.

4. Wedding Vow Renewal–A New Ring!
Most couples who are renewing their wedding vows for an anniversary choose to re-exchange their rings, just as in their first ceremony. For grooms, there could be no bigger surprise than to replace the original wedding ring with a new even grander one, just at the last moment before placing it on her finger. Again, we have kleenex.

5. Secretly Add a Helicopter Flight Over Las Vegas
Imagine surprising your new spouse, just after your Viva Las Vegas wedding, with a limo trip to the heli-pad for a flight over the lights of Las Vegas, complete with champagne toast. We’ll make it happen.

For details on these and other possibilities for your personalized Las Vegas Wedding, give us a call at 1-702-384-0771 to discuss your ideas with a friendly wedding planner. Viva Las Vegas!

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