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Doin’ Your Las Vegas Wedding with Elvis in Our ’50s Doo Wop Diner

50s Diner Wedding Vegas
Only at Viva Las Vegas Weddings…a choice of wedding chapels, including our retro Doo Wop Diner Chapel!

Today is Pi Day–that is, 3/14–and the best place at Viva Las Vegas Weddings to look for PIE is in our fantastic retro Doo Wop Diner Chapel! (Actually, we DO have diner-themed wedding receptions here, too, but you’ll have to ask specifically for pie along with/instead of wedding cake, if you’re so inclined!)

We offer affordably fun wedding and wedding vow renewal packages in the Diner. Dress from the 1950s era is optional–but a GREAT idea. Elvis most often is the choice of minister to do the honors and sing iconic songs. By special request, though, you can opt for a Fonz impersonator minister, Lucy or Ricky, June Cleaver, or even your choice of Grease (the musical) character as cool wedding officiant. We’re always up for your ideas and suggestions, and we’ll do our best to make your personalized Doo Wop Diner Wedding happen!

Our retro Doo Wop Diner is by far the coolest spot to get married by Elvis in Vegas. You’ll step back in time, surrounded by ’50s memorabilia. The Diner jukebox has all of the old favorites, but you’ll also be entertained live by The King himself. We guarantee that Elvis singing as you’re exchanging wedding vows will be the most memorable event of your lives to date!

Package Features Include:
Ceremony Performed in The Doo Wop Diner
Elvis Sings Two Songs and Performs the Wedding Ceremony
Elvis will escort you down the aisle
Two-Rose Presentation
6 Candid Ceremony Prints (taken during the ceremony)
Elvis Certificate
Wedding Website and Wedding Invitation
Your Names In Lights on Our Marquee high above the Strip for a photo op afterwards
Wedding Planner
Wedding Coordinator
Chapel Fee
Ceremony is Limited to 15 Wedding Guests or Less
Price $345.00

For more information about Diner Weddings, or weddings in any of our other chapels by a “normal” or character minister, give us a call at 702-384-0771. Nifty!

Five Las Vegas Wedding Tips for Hot Summer Nights!

Las Vegas Wedding Tips
How to look cool– and be cool– for your Viva Las Vegas Summer Wedding!

Getting married in Las Vegas this summer? It’s vacation time for lots of folks, and of course it’s a really popular time to plan a Las Vegas wedding. What’s the flip side? Temperatures here are expected to be over 110 degrees this weekend. Las Vegas can sizzle in more ways than one! But thanks to high-powered air-conditioning all over the city, you’ll do fine. Here are a few tips for staying comfortable for your Viva Las Vegas wedding. Whether you book a traditional, themed or Elvis wedding, you’ll want to look hot, not BE hot for your summertime ceremony.

1. Consider booking an evening wedding. Once the sun goes down, the air conditioning (and misting systems in our outdoor chapels) work even better. Plus you have the advantage of being wed under romantic twinkling lights and candles. It just FEELS cooler at night. Bonus: If your wedding package includes limo service, you’ll get the thrill of seeing the lights of Las Vegas to and from your ceremony.

2. Drink LOTS of water once you arrive in Vegas, to stay hydrated. The air is so dry that you probably won’t notice you’re perspiring–sweat dries THATFAST!

3. Bring a cold bottle of water with you to the chapel. We do have bottled drinking water for sale if you need it, but there’s no water fountain here. (Ours is a restored vintage chapel!)

Vegas outdoor weddings
Viva Las Vegas Garden Chapel, softly lit by night, lush and green by flattering, shaded daylight

4. If you’re planning on doing ANY sightseeing on foot during daylight hours, a dark umbrella works well to provide shade. We know. That’s sounds weird. But those black umbrellas are like being in the shade of a tree! (And, carry water with you on foot, and everywhere you go!)

5. If you prefer a daytime wedding, late morning will be the coolest time of day. You might even consider one of our summer-themed weddings that are just right for wearing tropical or beachwear and sandals….Beach Party, Elvis Blue Hawaii, etc. Choose a theme with more casual-wear options and you’ll be glad you did!

Any questions about summer weddings, or weddings any other time of year? Please feel free to call us at 702-384-0771 or live chat with us on our website at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

Top 7 Things To Do For Your Sweet Valentine

Love is in the Air
Love is in the Air

A whopping $650,000 will be spent on the sweetest day of the year. Candy, flowers, perfume and jewelry will top the lists for lovers and married couples. Below is a fun list of Valentines day surprises to make him or her feel like they are special. Lets start at 7 and work our way down…

7~ Surprise her/him with a great 3 day Vegas getaway.

6~ Re-enact your first date, go to the restaurant, or rent the movie you went to see, and top it off with a “if it wasn’t for this, there wouldn’t be an us,” loving card or poem.

5~Buy her a bouquet of her favorite flowers and send them to her work.

4~Go on a hot air balloon ride and arrange for a picnic afterwards.

3~Make an appointment at a luxurious spa for a couples massage.

2~Renew your wedding vows as a surprise.

1~Get engaged!

Wishing you and yours a memorable Valentines Day!

Finnish Bride

Love is in the air..



A Tickled Pink Groom at Viva Las Vegas


Come join me for a trip downtown to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! It will be a ride worth taking as Sheila & Wayne renew their wedding vows in a memorable way. Often it is the Bride who is so dreamy and romantic when it comes to renewing vows. However, in this case it was the GROOM joining his Bride in all of the excitement.

He was a hoot in his custom made pink, yes I said pink suit and shoes. He was a very happy chap from the moment he entered the limousine. The renewal went off without a hitch, and even a few tears were shed. Elvis drove the beaming couple into the wedding chapel and the rest was a scream. Our Bride looked like a picture out of Bride magazine.

I couldn’t be any more honored to have been there to share this “forever,” experience.




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Happy Birthday Elvis…



That hip cat from Mississippi in the 50’s would have been 78 today. He was the hottest act of the 20th century. He had hits that made your hips swivel with fainting teens and a rock beat you couldn’t resist.

His unrestrained performances were said to be provocative( for the time ). Teens loved him, and parents hated him. He transformed music by fusing blues, gospel, rock and western beats into one sound.

The King~ the Legend, may you rest in peace as we think of you today and “thank you, thank you very much,” for your incredible contribution to society.

Elvis we will always love you…

Happy Birthday!


* This cake can be yours at Viva Las Vegas Weddings~

The Gourmet Cake Factory-www.tgcf.com

New Years Eve Weddings at Viva

The last of the 2012 Brides and Grooms made it to the Chapel for their climactic nuptials.The Pink Caddy survived another year. Several Brides and Grooms were driven down the wedding aisle via Elvis’ romantic ride today and there were many traditional and themed ceremony couples that said “yes,” to 2012 before it ran out.

It was a race to the alter and many couples made it to the finish line before the clock struck 12. Whether you were married today or pronounced in 2012…

The Viva Las Vegas family thanks you, and wishes you all a prosperous New Year!