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Merry Christmas from ALL of Us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Chapel co-owner Jamie as Brad in our Rocky's Horror Themed Wedding
Chapel co-owner Jamie as Brad in our Rocky’s Horror Themed Wedding

As a fun and memorable year comes to a close, we at Viva Las Vegas Weddings want to wish everyone Happy Holidays and all the best ahead in the New Year. In case you didn’t get to meet all of our staff members personally on your wedding day, here are a few faces to put together with names and telephone voices. We can’t picture everyone here–all the Elvi, ministers, florists, singers, dancers and tribute artists who appear in our traditional, themed and Elvis weddings. But here are some of the friendly faces that help make up Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Elvis wedding Las Vegas
Michael as Elvis

You may have been wed by Elvis’s Michael, Roland, or Ron. They are the busiest of our Viva Elvi!

Rocky's Horror is our most outrageous spoof of a wedding. You'll be dancing the Time Warp in the aisles with a kooky cast of characters!
Photographer Millie does double duty as Magenta in the Rocky’s Horror Themed Wedding.

Some of our photographers also play roles in the themed weddings. Millie, Kalin and Jamie take part in multiple roles. Kalin, for example, has played Darth Vader, a pirate, a Bluez Brother, Inspector Clueless, a Beatle AND Beetlejuice, plus a starship captain, among many other characters.


Wedding staffer and makeup artist, Blaze---Don't burn the turkey, hon!

Wedding coordinator extraordinaire and sometimes devil, Blaze, is also a makeup artist.

Pirate Wedding in Vegas
Photographer and sometime Captain Jack, Kalin, and his staff “wench” Ramona!
Rev. Daphne Las Vegas minister

Revered Daphne is often seen presiding over our Garden and Gazebo weddings, but she’s been known to play a character or two for our themed weddings. Here she is strutting her stuff for a Harley Davidson Wedding.

Vegas Tribute Artists
Wedding staffer Ramona with “Jerry” and “Dean” next door at our Ron Decar’s Event Center

Ramona frequently takes your call, and does double duty at our Ron Decar’s Event Center for receptions. She also portrays “M” in our James Bond 007 themed weddings!

Vegas Wedding Specials
Our very own wedding coordinator Justyna is always happy to take your calls and questions!

Justyna handles hundreds of phone questions every day and runs couples through their paces in a mini-rehearsal before the wedding ceremony. Don’t tell, but she likes to be teased. 😉

Back to the Future Wedding
Chapel owner Ron plays more roles around the place than anyone else! Elvis, Doc, Phantom of the Opera, Gomez Addams, Grim Reaper, Darth Vader, King Tut, James Bond…you name it!

Zombie Elvis Wedding
Roland as Zombie Elvis

Roland is a popular Elvis at our place, but he’s also disguised as many other “ministers” from crooning cowboy to Austin Powers!
custom wedding flowers las vegas

Wishing everyone a wonderfully romantic Christmastime! Thank you for sharing your special day with us this year, or in any of the past nearly 20 years that are now part of our memories!

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Elvis Wedding in Vegas? Super-size It!

Elvis Pink Cadillac Wedding
Angela and Kirk,
married July 31 at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Even from across the pond, you can arrange a really BIG Elvis wedding in Las Vegas. Your Viva Las Vegas wedding can be viewed live worldwide, but WHO DOESN’T want to fly to Vegas to celebrate your marriage with Elvis? (And the party doesn’t end with the ceremony, since everyone keeps right on celebrating everywhere on The Strip.) Angela and Kirk, all the way from the UK, recently filled a limousine bus with guests for their Elvis wedding with Pink Cadillac entrance.

wedding limo bus las vegas
Guests were transported in a limousine bus for “Goin’ to the Chapel of Love”

Asked how they decided on a Las Vegas wedding, Angela and Kirk replied, ” WE didn’t. Angie just told Kirk!” To be fair, they had both talked about how cool it would be. And as is often the case, the idea begins to sound better and better the more couples think about it.

Kirk and Angela had met in Sainsbury’s supermarket in England, according to their romantic story on their personal Viva Las Vegas wedding website. (We always like to read how couples meet and how the proposal went. We love that stuff!)

For the ceremony, Angela made a stunning bride, dressed all in white with rhinestone accessories—belt, hair clip, handbag, headband—even her SHOES were covered in rhinestones! The guests were a lively bunch. All were dancing in the aisles by the end for Elvis’s rendition of Viva Las Vegas. Have a look at their amazing ceremony, seen at the link below, or skip forward to the dancing at the end. This is the way to get hitched!


Names on Marquee on The Strip after wedding
Elvis checking out Angela and Kirk’s names on our Strip marquee after the ceremony

Only at Viva Las Vegas–after our Elvis, themed and traditional weddings— the names of the bride and groom appear on our marquee, right on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. It’s the best photo op of all, and guests are welcome to take photos of you two lovebirds. Now that’s the way to super-size your wedding. Viva Las Vegas!

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