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Elvis Wedding Chapel
Mayleen and Rene clearly love to travel, and we’re thrilled they chose a Vegas Elvis wedding as part of their adventure of a lifetime!

We love ALL our fabulous couples at Viva Las Vegas Weddings! In fact, we go home every night with fun and sentimental stories to tell our families about the many Elvis, Themed and Traditional weddings we were able to be a part of that day. But this week, Rene and Mayleen of San Francisco blew us away–with their happy energy and thoughtfulness–in an Elvis Pink Cadillac ceremony we will long remember!

The pair are traveling across eleven states as part of their Las Vegas wedding adventure. For their ceremony, we were honored and delighted they chose Elvis as minister at our very own Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! (Rene told us he’s watched quite a few of our themed weddings live on Earthcam ahead of time!) Mayleen and Rene really pulled out all the stops by upgrading their wedding with showgirls and Elvis singing “Live in Concert” four iconic songs during their exchange of vows. For the big finish, this lovely couple and their guests danced along a conga line as Elvis performed a lively rendition of–what else?–“Viva Las Vegas!” The bride and groom archived their live-streamed wedding online, so for the next 90 days we can also share that with you! Check out all the fun by clicking the link below:


Rene and Mayleen also shared their love story on their free wedding invitation website, included with all our Viva Las Vegas Weddings bookings. Read their story here!

Welcome to our wedding page 🙂

How We Met

Mayleen was on Alamak Chat sometime December 2002 when she met Ren. Alamak Chat was a free chat site visited by millions of people until its popularity waned. It’s a chat site for good girls looking for goofy & weird-looking men. Mayleen fell in love with Ren’s childish ways, sense of humor, and how he loves & takes care of his two adorable cats. Everytime Ren’s in the chatroom, he did nothing but flood the room with the dumbest & most immature posts (e.g. “Hey you, you stink!” There were other posts too rude to mention). Ren fell in love with Mayleen’s beautiful personality. She’s intelligent. She has a kind, caring & generous heart. Someone’s momma always said: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know who you’re gonna end up marrying & spending your life with.”

The Proposal

On January 30, 2017, Ren was eating sashimi when he playfully molded a thin strip of salmon into an engagement ring. Ren showed it to Mayleen & quipped: “We’ve known each other for 15 happy years. Time flies fast. Will you marry me, honey?” And she said Yes….HOORAY!!!!!!

A Las Vegas Wedding

We love Las Vegas. So many things to do and see. The fun & happiness never run out in Vegas. We want a fun & non-traditional wedding, so we decided to have the King of Rock & Roll to marry us. The King will be accompanied by two beautiful Showgirls, and driving his fabulous Pink Cadillac for a complete Las Vegas experience!

helicopter weddings las vegas
Mayleen and Rene on another Las Vegas-based adventure!

Our heartfelt best wishes go out to Rene and Mayleen, and we hope we’ll see you again one day for an anniversary wedding vow renewal. You two absolutely made our day! 🙂

A Spectacular Custom Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Unique Vegas Wedding
Jessica and Matthew with their wedding party and a Grim Reaper minister!

Jessica and Matthew recently had one of the most unique and extraordinary Viva Las Vegas Weddings ever! They combined SO many themed weddings into one wildly imaginative wedding package. Pink Cadillac entrance down the aisle with Elvis? Check! Showgirl bridesmaid? Check! Flying “Cirque” performers high above the altar? Check! Graveyard setting with Grim Reaper minister stepping out of a coffin? Check! They even added a fabulous reception right next door at our stunning Ron Decar’s Event Center.

Jessica and her attendants all carried handmade light-up bouquets, each bedecked with rhinestone pins, sequins, bright paper flowers, shiny cascading ribbons with spiders…An amazing display of light and color! The Grim Reaper cracked jokes to lighten the creepy mood created by a foggy mist, candlelight and scary organ music.

Unique bridal bouquet vegas
Outrageous lighted bouquets designed and created by the bride and her mom!

A fantaastical stilt-walker escorted the guests to the reception hall, where they were treated to Elvis singing “Viva Las Vegas” and a live mini-show including the “Acromantics”–a hand-balancing duo–and the “Golden Goddesses”–two Middle Eastern style dancers with gold wings and a LOT of glitter.

If you’re planning a Las Vegas Wedding and truly want to do it YOUR WAY, visit us at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com to get ideas. We’ll combine and customize packages to make your wedding ceremony just right for the two of you. We have a wide array of themed receptions, intimate or lavish, too. Give us a call at 702-384-0771 with your questions and ideas. Visit our Ron Decar’s Event Center online at www.rondecarseventcenter.com to see all the possibilities for after your ceremony, too!

Get Married on Elvis’s Birthday! Book Your Las Vegas Elvis Wedding NOW for January 8th!

Elvis Birthday Wedding Vegas
Celebrate your wedding day and Elvis’s birthday on January 8th every year!

Listen up all you engaged Elvis fans! Act quickly and book your Las Vegas wedding with Elvis on Elvis’s 81st birthday, Friday, January 8th, so you can share your anniversary with the day of The King’s birth. We have a wide range of Elvis wedding packages, beginning under $300, including flowers, photography, and Elvis doing your ceremony and singing you down the aisle! For a wild upgrade, ask for “Marilyn” to sing “Happy Birthday” to Elvis…or whoever else’s birthday it may be among your guests or friends and family watching live on the Internet.

For casual weddings and wedding vow renewals, the Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding is our most popular theme. It’s easy to see why. You get limousine transportation, special effect beach fog, a hula girl (or Priscilla!), Elvis singing Can’t Help Falling in Love, The Hawaiian Wedding Song, and Viva Las Vegas. You get flowers, a great photo package, palm trees (almost) swaying. What’s not to love?

Elvis pink Cadillac wedding
Elvis Pink Cadillac enters the chapel for a rock ‘n roll kind of marriage ceremony!

Many couples opt for bare feet or sandals, sarongs, Hawaiian shirts–Casual attire is perfect for this wedding. You can even upgrade your flowers to fresh tropical leis, if you like.

Or, opt for a simpler package and add the Elvis pink Cadillac entrance. Cruise down the aisle in style with Elvis at the wheel. (Also available as an add-on to the Blue Hawaii themed ceremony.)

We’ve gotta whole lotta Elvis, if you’ve got a whole lotta love. Visit us at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com and look at all our Elvis packages on the drop-down menu. Thank you, thank you very much!

Our Hottest Elvis Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony—The Elvis Blue Hawaii!

Elvis vow renewal in Vegas
Scott and Lisa renewed their vows with Elvis after 30 years of marriage!

Since Day One, the Viva Las Vegas Weddings Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding package has been our most popular for both weddings and wedding vow renewals. (Close on its heels lately in popularity? The pink Cadillac chapel entrance with Elvis driving you inside, right down the aisle!) Just last evening, Scott and Lisa of Visalia, California, tied the knot once again to celebrate 30 years of wedded bliss!

Surrounded by beaming friends and family, this happy pair danced to Elvis’ rendition of The Hawaiian Wedding Song, Can’t Help Fallin’ in Love, and, of course, everyone was up dancing for Viva Las Vegas by the end of the wedding vow renewal ceremony!

Yes, we had ocean mist effects and theatrical lights. Yes, we had tropical palm trees in the chapel. Yes, Elvis sported a colorful lei with flashing LED lights! Yes, there was a hula girl, and lots and lots of Hawaiian shirts and smiles. The bride and groom wore purple leis and Lisa even carried a purple rose bouquet down the aisle. One of the best things about the Blue Hawaii wedding is that it is picturesque, casual and romantic all at once. Then, there’s the thrill and excitement of a live, singing Elvis!

Blue Hawaii weddings in Vegas
Another Blue Hawaii, with tropical ocean mist, hula girl, and Elvis serenading you!

Your Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding can be a huge family affair, or just the two of you–maybe with others watching our live streaming coverage from afar. Everyone has something different in mind, and we’ll try very hard to make your ceremony your own by customizing the elements you prefer. (Hey, you can ADD a pink Cadillac entrance to the Blue Hawaii package!)

We could tell that Scott and Lisa might not really think of themselves as “the type” for an Elvis wedding, but they seemed to be having a GREAT time, and their family and guests seemed to LOVE IT. When in Vegas, EVERYONE is an Elvis fan! We wish Scott and Lisa the very best for another 30 years of happiness together. What a way to top off the first 30! 🙂

For more information on our Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding, go to: http://www.vivalasvegasweddings.com/elvis_blue_hawaii_wedding_package.htm

Sharing Elvis and Priscilla’s Las Vegas Wedding Anniversary!

Elvis chauffeur for Vegas wedding
Elvis, does Priscilla know about all the hot babes going to the chapel in your car?
Coming up May 1st will be the 47th wedding anniversary of Elvis Presley and his beautiful bride, Priscilla! They were married in Las Vegas at the former Aladdin Hotel, now Planet Hollywood. We’ve got some of the nostalgic footage, below.

We’ve been doing Elvis weddings (as well as the traditional ones) at Viva Las Vegas Weddings for over 15 years, so we know to expect a few Priscilla’s and Elvi walking down the aisle on that iconic date. (We also arrange for costumes and wigs, for those enthusiastic fans who want to dress up as E & P for their own Vegas wedding.) For those die-hard Elvis fans, sharing an anniversary with Priscilla and The King makes choosing a wedding date a no-brainer. (Elvis’s birthday is pretty big day at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, too!)

Believe it or not, our Elvis weddings are done in the most elegant traditional style. Some couples prefer a licensed minister to officiate, with Elvis singing a romantic ballad during the vows. But most fans want Elvis to perform the ceremony instead, even if the bride is in a formal gown and the groom’s wearing tails. Our newest package is called “Elvis Picks You Up.” You can be chauffeured to your wedding by The King himself in his vintage ’64 Pink Caddy!

For more information on our Elvis wedding packages, including the grand Pink Cadillac entrance down the aisle, or the “Elvis Picks You Up” package, visit our website at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com