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Walk-In Las Vegas Weddings Welcome Here! (Bouquet Optional…)

Eloping to Vegas
When you don’t even need a bouquet…But, we’re always happy to whip one up on short notice, too…

Sometimes couples come to Las Vegas for a spur-of-the-moment Vegas wedding. Other times they’re eloping and just something quick, easy and simple. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’ve got you covered for last-minute ceremonies, which are often romantic and heartfelt, even if brides and grooms are just wearing jeans or shorts. It’s no surprise to us that many folks prefer the come-as-you-are simplicity of a Las Vegas wedding.

Here’s what you need to know, if this is your plan! First, you’ll need to go to the Marriage Bureau for a license. (Instructions included below.) It’s helpful if you call us or swing by the chapel (which is on the way!) to reserve a time slot. Let us know what you absolutely must have as part of your wedding. We offer simple packages with flowers and photography (and even Elvis) for under $300, but if you don’t need all that’s included, we will work with you to fit your budget and wishes. Weekdays are best for a walk-in Vegas wedding, since you’ll have a better selection of available times.

For our most basic packages that still have all the frills, go to www.vivalasvegasweddings.com and look at our drop down menu for Traditional or Elvis Weddings, looking at the most affordable weddings on the top of each list.

Elvis wedding in Vegas
No need to pack or buy wedding duds when you can rent Elvis and Marilyn outfits!

Most walk-in Vegas weddings are come-as-you-are, but you can always rent costumes from our costume rental shop very reasonably. There’s nothing to pack, and it makes your ceremony twice the fun! Arrange your last-minute wedding a la carte style with just the options that make your Las Vegas wedding right for YOU.

Below are instructions for getting your marriage license in Vegas. Fill out online forms ahead to make it even quicker and easier once you arrive in Vegas!

If you’re getting legally married in Vegas at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, you’ll first need to go downtown to the Marriage Bureau to get your marriage license.(If you’re renewing your vows, no license is needed for that!) The Marriage Bureau in Las Vegas is located at the northwest corner of Clark Avenue and Third Street, 201 Clark Avenue. Be advised that the Marriage Bureau here accepts cash only, just so you know. Here’s the link to their website with directions on how to get there:

how to get your marriage license in Vegas
The Marriage Bureau—no waiting period, no blood tests. And don’t forget to bring your license to the chapel so we can make it legal!


For express line service at the Marriage Bureau, click on the Marriage Pre-Application on their website above. You’ll need to complete this for both parties. Print and bring these forms with you when head to the Marriage Bureau for your license. You’ll also both need your ID’s, and you both need to be there in person. Check the Marriage Bureau’s website for details on any other requirements.

It’s a good idea to get your license a day ahead of time, or the “morning of” a wedding taking place in the evening or later day. You can even make a day of it, exploring all the fantastic attractions downtown Las Vegas has to offer.

When your license is in hand, be sure to have it with you ( AND the rings!) when you arrive at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for your wedding. And remember, same-sex marriages are legal and warmly welcomed at our chapel!

Elvis wedding vegas
Even if you get married by Elvis, a licensed minister will be on hand to help your though the legal stuff at the time of your ceremony!

For more marriage license information, call (702) 671-0600. Marriage License Bureau hours are 8 a.m. to midnight seven days a week, including holidays.

For information on one of our amazing Elvis, Themed or Tradtional Wedding packages, or to ask questions about getting your marriage license in Las Vegas, give us a call at (702) 384-0771. Or you can visit us online at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

Eloping to Vegas 101

Couple elopes to Vegas
Chris and Michelle couldn’t wait to tie the knot in Vegas. We love it when that happens!

Michelle and Chris eloped to Vegas this week with a fun and fabulous wedding at Viva Las Vegas Chapel, with friends and family back in the UK (and all over the world!) watching live via our Internet webcam. They decided they wanted “a memorable adventure of a wedding. Something a bit eccentric– to match (our) personalities.”

The pair had fallen in love with Las Vegas on a visit two years ago, so when things got complicated planning a wedding that was just right for them, it suddenly occurred to them to elope. This happened June 1st, and 48 hours later they were “on a plane grinning from ear to ear” because they could have the memorable wedding of their dreams AND friends and family could it enjoy it, too.

Helicopter weddings in vegas
Yep, it looks like these two ARE an adventurous couple!

Michelle and Chris met in 2008 through a mutual friend, who happened to be Michelle’s boss. Once Chris had been emboldened to ask Michelle to dance, the two became inseparable.

According to their proposal story on their Viva Las Vegas personal wedding website, Chris pulled out all the stops on February 14th 2014, the day he proposed. The day included “a Valentines card, breakfast in bed, mail order flowers and a trip to Lotherton Hall,” back home in Leeds, in the UK, where they first declared their love. Chris had Michelle read his handwritten poem as he went down on one knee (in the mud!) and produced a ring. Michelle’s response? “How could a girl refuse!”

The couple dressed casually for the ceremony, Michelle in a flirty, strapless white dress and sandals, Chris in white shirt, shorts and what we Americans call “flip flops.” Elvis, of course, sported his famous jumpsuit as he sang and performed the ceremony and the bride and groom cut the rug.

If you’re going to elope to Vegas, or even just renew your vows on an anniversary trip, this is definitely the way to go! With our many affordable and all-inclusive wedding packages, you can just do it— as Chris and Michelle did! Best wishes to you two! May your lives together be full of happiness, spontaneity and adventure for many, many years to come!

Eloping to Vegas? Our Most Affordable Viva Las Vegas Weddings— Road Trip!

Las Vegas wedding souvenir Elvis cake toppers
Of course, you’ll want a little something for your dashboard, even if you don’t get a wedding cake to go!

A BIG reason for eloping to Vegas is to have the wedding YOU want, with a minimum of fuss and expense, but a maximum of memories and intimacy. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we make it possible for friends and family to view your wedding streaming live from wherever they are, so you can let them know about the ceremony at the last minute, if you like. Some couples would rather bring home a DVD and spring the wedding news on everyone as a surprise after-the-fact. Whatever the case, you can marry your way at Viva Las Vegas.

Saving money for other things, like a down payment on a house or a fantastic honeymoon, are huge motivators for many of our affordable Viva Las Vegas Weddings. Weddings here start at just over $200 and include all the sweet and sentimental basics. Driving in to save money on airfare? We even chip in for gas! Book any wedding over $345 with us, and we’ll give you a $50 gas card! You’ll need to ask for this at the time of booking. All the details are on our website to help save you a bit of honeymoon cash. See at: www.vivalasvegasweddings.com/freegas.htm

Our friendly and helpful staff can offer up other money-saving suggestions, or economical ways to celebrate your big day. No reception, but you want to celebrate? You can still take a luscious little wedding cake (packaged to go) back to your room, and even pick up one of our Elvis bobble head cake toppers. Elvis can ride home on your dash after your honeymoon. Even if you choose to have a simple traditional wedding, an Elvis bobble head makes a great souvenir of your wedding trip.

Elvis souvenirs Las Vegas
Cake toppers do double duty as bobble heads. Visit the Elvis souvenir shop in our lobby!

Just because you’re eloping to Las Vegas doesn’t mean your commitment to each other is any less. We know this, because we’ve seen the look in the eyes of the couples we see each day– at traditional weddings, and at wild and crazy themed weddings. We know your marriage is the real deal, and that how much you spend to get married is no indicator of the depth of your love. We know “different” weddings are every bit as meaningful as traditional, expensive ones. In fact, we like to think we put the fun in forever. 🙂