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Las Vegas Wedding – A Dream Comes True..

They say it’s your birthday. What better day to have your wedding, than on your birthday? I arrive to pick up my next couple for their Las Vegas Vow Renewal. I had spoken to a lovely chap with a bit of an accent. I had trouble pin- pointing the accent so when I finally met him, I asked… “South Africa” he said. Wow, this is a first for me.  At Viva Las Vegas Weddings we meet couples from all over the globe, so it is always exciting when it’s someplace so far and foreign to me. As we arrive at the Chapel, Leonie is surprised with a welcome greeting on our enormous marquis on the Las Vegas Strip that reads; “Happy Birthday Leonie.”

Johan said it was Leonie’s birthday and she had always dreamed of coming to Las Vegas and having an Elvis wedding. So Johan made Leonies birthday wish come true. What a guy! Johan and Leonie have been married for 27 years and have five (one for each finger) grown sons. Well, that certainly beats “My Three Sons” the television show. What a loving couple they were. Johan said it’s their time now, and they really seem to be living it up. I asked Johan for a marriage tip on how to make it to 27 years.This is something I love asking of Vow Renewal couples I chauffeur. Hey, I need all of the help I can get…I’m working my way towards a blissful 4 myself.

His answer was short but very sweet, he said-“honest true love.” I about melted. It was true, I could see it in both of their eyes from the moment I met them. Leonie said “work at it too.” Boy, I felt as if I had just received a wealth of critical information in just a few beautiful words. Leonie did say,” you endure the salt together too!” Makes me hungry for more, I say pass the salt aaaand the pepper if this is what I look forward to having in my golden years. Leonie and Johan you were a blessing to me and I crown you both Bride & Groom of the week of  The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in Fabulous Las Vegas,Nevada. They say it’s your birthday, well I felt like it was my birthday too. Thank you for the gift of tips on how to make it to 27 years!

Are you coming to Las Vegas? Do you, like Johan want to surprise your wife or husband? Give us a call and we will make all of the arrangements for your Vow Renewal, Wedding or Commitment Ceremony. We look forward to hearing from you via telephone at 702-384-0771 or view our fabulous wedding packages at www.VivaLasVegasWeddings.com.

Until we meet again,