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It’s A Dead Mans Party…


Elvis is the host of a Dead Mans Wedding. Who’s the dead man? Why, none other than Elvis Presley. It seemed fitting that on the August 16th departure anniversary of Elvis Presley, Natalie and Sameer chose a “Dead Elvis Wedding” in August. So,who doesn’t miss Elvis? What a way to bring him back…In the wedding, Elvis really comes to life. He’s alive, he’s alive! So being from New York, all of Natalie and Sameers friends were able to watch the Wedding via our live webcast. “Live from New York”, “It’s the Dead Elvis Wedding of Natalie and Sameer”. This is definately a ceremony your guests will never forget. Check out our website at,http://www.vivalasvegasweddings.com/

It was unforgettable, just like Elvis. If you have a theme in mind for your nuptials and you want to have a wedding that suits you…speaking of suits. We rent tuxedos and costumes here at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, call us. For those of you that find Halloween significant, we still have a few openings. Reserve your date ASAP so that you can send out those RSVP’s. Natalie, you looked arrestingly beautiful. I know Sameer thought so, ( he’s in Law Enforcement ).Congrats, on making my Bride Pick of the Week! You were just as sweet as you were beautiful. Ha figures. Get it…she’s a model and vocalist-figures, hee hee.

Having the wedding in Las Vegas was a dream come true for the Mother of the Bride also~ Our Liz Taylor mother look alike had always dreamed of coming to Las Vegas. She really did look like Liz Taylor! It too, was a dream come true and a special day for her. Thank you all for the fun fright night. Until next week. I think I’ll go out in song… I was struck by lightning, walking down the street….I was struck by lightning last night in my sleep, It’s a dead man’s party, who could ask for more? Come and set your wedding date and get those invitations out the door. Get those wedding invitations out the door.

See ya,