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Famous Couples Married in Las Vegas (Part 1: Classic Couples)

Viva Las Vegas weddings
Las Vegas Weddings….Not just for the rich and famous, but for couples in love!

Las Vegas, known as the entertainment AND wedding capital of the world, issues more than 100,000 marriage licenses every year. Most of these marriages involve your “average” loving couple, but many famous celebrities have tied the knot here over the years, too.

Sadly–and it’s no surprise (judging from tabloid news)— celebrity Vegas weddings seem less likely to “stick” than the “average” ones. The evidence is written in movie star history. Take for example Mickey Rooney, who got married to Ava Gardner in January of 1942 at The Little Church of the West. Even though their marriage only lasted a couple of years, Rooney returned to marry seven other brides (one at a time) at the same chapel. You’d think he might have switched it up a little, choosing a different venue for every bride…?

…No disrespect intended to any other chapel, but THAT’S a good reason to choose Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for your vows…No bad Rooney wedding karma! In fact, we are rather proud to say that after 16 years of doing weddings at Viva Las Vegas, we’ve actually had many couples return to renew their vows in five, ten, or fifteen years with us. One day two weeks ago, a Viva Las Vegas first, EVERY ceremony held at the chapel was a wedding vow RENEWAL! Go, MARRIAGE!

More movie star weddings: At age 50, Frank Sinatra married the barely-legal Mia Farrow in Las Vegas 1966. That marriage broke up fairly quickly after Farrow didn’t show up on the set for a movie Sinatra had lined up, starring her. (Apparently, the filming of Rosemary’s Baby ran long. And, presumably, that’s the reason divorce ensued…Sinatra must have really been mad…)

Movie legends Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward fared better. They were wed in January of 1958 at the El Rancho Hotel and Casino. Their marriage was a shining example for Hollywood, and the two remained married until Newman’s death in 2008.

Las Vegas wedding flowers
Apparently some wedding bouquets last longer than celebrity Vegas weddings….sigh….

Probably the most high-profile wedding in the history of Las Vegas was the marriage of Elvis Presley (then 32) and 21-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu. The ceremony took place at the Aladdin Hotel (now Planet Hollywood) on May 1, 1967. The wedding itself was quite intimate with close family and friends, but a huge reception banquet followed. Here at Viva Las Vegas, we see plenty of re-enactments of the Elvis and Priscilla wedding–and we even rent the costumes! Check out all of our fun Elvis wedding packages at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

Later in the week: More recent celebrity weddings in Las Vegas. Some hits, a few flops…