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~ To Hide the Bride or Knot?

Come to Graceland...

The tradition of the Groom not seeing his lovely Bride until she walks down the aisle can be so exciting. We offer the Look of Love here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. We call it, “First Look”. First Look packages can range from mini First Looks to Deluxe First Looks. We offer hiding the Bride or Groom from each other guaranteeing that he will not have his breath taken away until the very moment that you walk down that aisle. In my short time here at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, I have had many Grooms request First looks. Some Grooms are just traditional, and others just know how special a moment it really is for their Bride. So you are like the gift that he anticipates seeing, all wrapped up and ready to say “I Do.” Why you have managed to make him feel like the luckiest man in the world by hiding out. My opinion of the question fore-mentioned is Yes~ I say” Hide the Bride”and make it special~really special…

"I'd love to sing for you Elvis"

We recently had a Rockabilly Elvis Wedding and our Beautiful Bride made her First Look a Deluxe. A day event with a glam team to do her hair and makeup along with her Bridal Party. A light lunch was served, and the ladies were fussed over by the glam team. Check out my Rockabilly Elvis Wedding Blog and see for yourselves. There is a testimonial from one of the ladies in the Bridal Party as well.

This is all done in our Elvis and Priscilla Bridal Suite. The Suite is adorable, it’s made out to look like the gates at the healm of Graceland and Elvis’ Recording studio. The photos are attached. You will see Y.T.  in the photos. Now Elvis really wasn’t plugging his ears because of my singing….I’m just chatty ( as if you couldn’t tell ). I highly recommend a First Look package for you on your special day. Talk to a reservationist today for details. Let us help you make it memorable.

Yours Truly,


Rockabilly Elvis Las Vegas Wedding

Starring, the Hillbilly Cat.  Better known as, Elvis Presley! When Elvis first came onto the scene, he was called ” The Hillbilly Cat.” His band had a strong back beat and they were into that cool rockabilly sound. Ian & Kristine are from the O.C. and they chose Rockabilly Elvis for their big wedding day. They made their day more of an event. I picked the girls up in a beautiful white stretch limousine at the Golden Nugget on Freemont Street and we were off. The gals were escorted to our awesome Elvis and Priscilla Suite for hair and makeup.

The Suite is amazing with a Pink Cadillac coming out of the wall and the gates of Graceland surounding you. There is a large lit up mirror and artist chairs for that special movie set feeling too. The gals enjoyed a light lunch and were ready to get glammed up. Our artistry team then began their beautiful work of hair and makeup for all of the girls in the wedding party. These gals were transformed into rockabilly babes! You can see that for yourselves in the photo below. Kristine our beautiful Bride was a sight indeed! She was so happy and she really felt like her wedding was turned into a great day event which made it that more special. It’s always so rewarding to hear that from a Bride. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings we really go all out for your requests.

Rockabilly Babes...

The guys rocked it too, in colorful bowling type shirts. They looked great. Oh, and when Elvis walked the Bride down the aisle….the guests wailed. Well it’s one for the money, two for the show! It really was a show with our Rockabilly Elvis wedding. Ian and Kristine you were a big hit! Best wishes to you both on behalf of the staff at Viva Las Vegas Weddings.”Viva Vegas” is all I can say. Everyone had so much fun including me! If you are looking to get married or thinking about renewing your wedding vows…Give us a holler here at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel so that we can put together your eventful day. Oh, and I highly recommend our Glam-Team, ladies~ you will love their work and the special bondng time you’ll have with your wedding party before you strut down that aisle on Elvis’ arm. Also, as tradition still stands for many Brides..get dressed and dolled up at the Chapel before your wedding, so that when the Groom first sees you on your wedding day, it is when you are walking down the aisle and you are simply taking his breath away.

Just a couple of cuties...



My Bride Pick of the Week…

Viva Italia!

So here we are in Fabulous Las Vegas with so many exciting weddings taking place daily. I arrive at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel to pick up my next Bride. And what do I see?? It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…No- It’s SUPERMAN!! What? Oh yes, I picked up Batman-Superman-Wonderwoman and Batgirl. Now I know I will be safe all night. In case you were wondering ..crime was down on the Las Vegas Strip because our action Super Heroes were in town for the weekend. I then begin to think…does Superman marry Wonderwoman? Or does Batgirl say yes to Batman after all these years? No silly, that would never happen. Just then I spot my beautiful Bride and Groom Francesca and Paolo from Italy with their marriage license in hand. They are both decked out, and ready to say “I do.” Oh me too…stay tuned for my next Wedding Blog ( I will get married ). Now everyone is in the Batmobile and off we go to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Four, Three, Two, One. Woohooo, what a time we are about to have.

They chose the PINK CADDY themed wedding because it is a blast! Go to my “Themed Weddings”  Wedding Blog for more information on the PINK CADDY wedding. Francesca and Paolo you are my Bride and Groom pick for the week! You look maaaaarvelous! So,once again as I sign off, let me tell you that Francesca, Paolo and the rest of the Super Gang had a Super time! They dined at the Top of  the World restaurant at The Stratosphere Hotel where they could view the entire Las Vegas Strip ( for crime of course ) and to have a dinner fit for a Super Hero. Who’s your favorite Super Hero? I would have to go with ” Batgirl.”  I love hanging upside down. You can view my Batgirl costume ( 2009 Halloween Blog ) under “The Monster Mash” title. Until we meet again…stay tuned to my Wedding Blogs on the same Bat Webpage Viva Las Vegas Weddings.com and to the same…”Batgirl.”

Yours truly,


We Salute You…

Greetings ~ It’s me Diana again, your friendly Chauffeur and Wedding Coordinator here at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!  I would like to share some special photos with you.  If you read our featured article about our service man Danny McClure and his beautiful bride from Texas.  You too will be excited to see a few of their wedding photos.  Just to refresh your memory….Danny is currently serving our country in Iraq.  He and Jill planned a themed Harley wedding.  Danny took a fifteen day leave to Las Vegas to marry his bride.  One of the highlights of their nuptials is that Danny’s unit in Iraq was able to view his wedding “LIVE” via our webcast.  It’s a service that Viva Las Vegas Weddings offers as a part of every wedding package.  So, as they were getting married live at 7:30 pm Pacific…..Riding into the chapel on their Harley Davidson motorcycle-his unit was watching at 4:30am Iraqi time

Jill is a high school teacher for the deaf in Texas and is truly an amazing lady.  So on the 4th of July…..My favorite day of the year… and my wedding anniversary, I salute you!  Thank you for your tremendous sacrifice.  Wishing you, and yours a day of memories and remembrance.