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Getting Married in Our Retro 50’s Diner with Elvis

Diner Elvis wedding
Elvis marries you near the jukebox in our one-of-a-kind Doo Wop Diner wedding package!

What’s the most affordable and fun way to get married in Las Vegas? We may be biased, but we think getting married with Elvis in our Doo Wop Diner is hard to beat. Packages start at around $300, including Elvis singing and performing your ceremony, basic flower and photo packages, your own personal wedding coordinator and wedding invitation/website…We’ve even got live streaming webcam coverage available for friends and family back home who can’t attend in person. Best of all, you can upgrade any aspect of your package to create the wedding that really says YOU. You can’t find a more unique Elvis wedding venue in Las Vegas!

Diner wedding in Vegas
Our 50s diner has an aisle for the bride to make her entrance…between the soda counter and the camp decor! Sliders and ice cream soda reception optional….

Our Doo Wop diner is full of 50’s memorabilia, and many couples arrive dressed reminiscent of the era. (Break out those saddle oxfords and poodle skirts!) We arrange all the stools, chairs and tables so that guests have a great view as the bride strolls down the aisle between soda counter and authentic decor. Add Marilyn or Priscilla (or come dressed that way yourself), or request extra songs or music to customize your nuptials. There is a small up-charge for each extra, just ask for a quote. An intimate diner-style reception is available as an upgrade to your package, or you can add a simple champagne toast with cake, if you like.

Kiki and Joffrey of Los Angeles chose to marry in the Doo Wop Diner ceremony over the weekend. According to them, “We wanted to have a moment of fun, an out of the box and non-traditional ceremony between us. We both are ready to share the rest of our lives together and commit to building a strong family one step at a time. We both love being in love and celebrating every moment of every day together.” We just know their Elvis ceremony in the diner started their marriage off in the spirit of great love, fun and celebration. Best wishes for all your days ahead, Kiki and Joffrey!

elvis diner wedding in vegas
Do it in the Doo Wop Diner, as Kiki and Joffrey did just this past weekend!

More info? Visit us at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com, where you can chat online with a friendly staff member, or call us at 1-702-384-0771.