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Best FIVE Ways to Get Married at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Outdoor Vegas wedding
Chances are you’ll find the BEST wedding for you among these suggestions!

Outdoor or indoor wedding? Daytime or evening wedding? Formal or very casual? Elvis or traditional? Not sure which wedding to choose after looking at our Viva Las Vegas Weddings website (www.vivalasvegasweddings.com) ?

Here are some suggestions for the BEST ceremonies to select from, based on the style of wedding that suits the two of YOU:


Always wanted to get married barefoot on the beach? In Vegas, the next best thing is our Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding, or our Beach Party Wedding. You’ll have Elvis or a wacky tripped-out ’60s beachcomber as minister. Either choice is great for casual weddings, shoes optional, beachwear optional. Still, both of these themed weddings include your flowers, photography, round-trip limo service, music and beach mist… Sandals more your thing? Our Egyptian Themed Wedding calls for a toga party, or exotic costumes evoking the age of Anthony and Cleopatra.

Beach WEdding in Las Vegas
Our Beach Party wedding–come as you are, or as you’d be on the sands of Waikiki!


Choose our Outdoor Garden or Gazebo packages by night for a romantic atmosphere, lit by twinkling white lights in the lush foliage. In our Main Chapel, our best candlelit ceremonies are our Phantom of the Opera Themed Wedding and our sultry and sophisticated James Bond Themed Wedding. Of course, you can opt for a more traditional wedding with the candles, adding our theatrical fog for a romantic flair. Just ask for any options that create the mood you’ll always remember for your wedding night.

Outdoor Evening Vegas wedding
TWO romantically lit outdoor chapels to choose from for your evening ceremony!


Check out our Simplicity Wedding, Daytime Gazebo Wedding, or Elvis in our Doo Wop Diner packages. These start at around $300 and include all your basics. ALL of our weddings include elements that are unexpected, and settings that, while simple, are elegant and/or unique!

Diner wedding in Las Vegas
Do it in the Diner with Elvis and save a bundle!


Hands down, getting married by Elvis at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign can’t be beat. Choose a sunset wedding for flattering photos with the light of Las Vegas coming on in the distance! If you want a more natural landscape, our Beautiful Red Rock Canyon Wedding package includes everything, whisking you to a gorgeous spot just outside of Las Vegas to be married against a stunning backdrop. Each of these packages includes limo, flowers, photography and minister, all waiting for you at the location.

Elvis Vegas Sign wedding
The ultimate in Las Vegas outdoor weddings….and with Elvis!


Our unique Elvis Pink Cadillac Wedding is also our most popular…just ’cause where else can you be driven INTO the chapel and down the aisle by Elvis in his vintage convertible? We also have fabulous sports car entrances in our James Bond 007 Wedding Package, our Pink Diamond (read: Panther) Package, and you can even ride in on a Harley!

Pink Caddy Elvis wedding
Here’s the BEST wedding entrance you could make!

Give us a call at 702-384-0771 if you’re having any trouble deciding on a wedding package that’s right for you. We can customize a ceremony, mixing and matching all the things you have in mind. Viva Las Vegas!

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Get Married in Vegas by the Bluez Brothers!

Blues Brothers wedding in Vegas
Pull out all the stops for your Blues Brothers themed wedding!

We’ll be you didn’t know our third most popular themed wedding after our Elvis Pink Cadillac Wedding and Gothic Themed Wedding is our Bluez Brothers Themed Wedding in Vegas! Our very own “Jake” and “Elwood” will do the honors and give you some vocal lovin’ every day of the week! These musical ministers are a hit with wedding couples and their guests–spring it on them as a surprise, or have a costume-party style wedding, with everyone sporting shades!

Have a look at this “Bluez Brothers” found on YouTube. It’s not our ‘chapel quality’ video, but you’ll get the idea of how much fun these folks were having!

Your Bluez Brothers wedding includes everything seen here, plus flowers, photography, video, wedding coordinator, and round trip limo transportation from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel. You can add live streaming video coverage, too, for friends and family who can’t be in Vegas, so they can watch your wild and crazy wedding live back home!

Bring your mother--or sister--to your wild and blues-y Las Vegas wedding! Bring your mother–or sister–to your wild and blues-y Las Vegas wedding!

If you’d like to hear more about our many other exciting wedding packages and add-on options, characters, and upgrades, you can chat with us online at:

www.vivalasvegasweddings.com or call us at 702-384-0771. Thank ya. Thank ya very much!

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Only at Viva Las Vegas Weddings–Your Names in Lights on the Las Vegas Strip!

Wedding names in lights Vegas
BEST post-wedding Vegas photo-op EVER!

Here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, your names appear in lights above the Las Vegas Strip after your wedding or wedding vow renewal ceremony! What a great photo op! Your names will flash then freeze for a few seconds so that we can snap your picture. After that, “Married” and the date of your vows will appear for another incredible shot. Or, on a special anniversary, as in the photo below, you’ll see the number of years of marriage you are celebrating together!

Wedding Chapel marquee and lights
Anniversaries make the best excuses for a renewal of vows ceremony, with Elvis, a minister, or any of our wild and wacky character ministers.

When you book your wedding date and time with us, consider whether you want a daytime ceremony, or an evening ceremony. Daytime weddings are colorful and almost always sunny in Las Vegas. But if you’ve booked one of our themed or deluxe wedding packages, they include round-trip limousine service from your hotel. So, consider booking a time slot at dusk or after dark. That way, you’ll see why Las Vegas is known as the City of Lights! There’s nothing more memorable than a ride along Las Vegas Boulevard as the neon comes to life! And your names in lights will look GREAT!

Once outside after your ceremony and photo shoot– with your professional Viva Las Vegas photographer– your guests are welcome to take as many pictures as they wish. So, you can pose away under our marquee, flanked by our adobe mission bell tower and palm trees. You can’t beat THAT for a picturesque wedding portrait!

If you have questions or just want to look at all of our wedding venues (the Main Chapel, Garden or Gazebo Chapels, or our 50’s Doo Wop Diner Chapel), visit www.vivalasvegasweddings.com. There you can check out all of our fabulous traditional, themed and Elvis wedding packages, chat live with a wedding planner, or find our phone number, if you’d like to speak with us in person. Come star in your own Las Vegas Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

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Famous Couples Married in Las Vegas (Part 1: Classic Couples)

Viva Las Vegas weddings
Las Vegas Weddings….Not just for the rich and famous, but for couples in love!

Las Vegas, known as the entertainment AND wedding capital of the world, issues more than 100,000 marriage licenses every year. Most of these marriages involve your “average” loving couple, but many famous celebrities have tied the knot here over the years, too.

Sadly–and it’s no surprise (judging from tabloid news)— celebrity Vegas weddings seem less likely to “stick” than the “average” ones. The evidence is written in movie star history. Take for example Mickey Rooney, who got married to Ava Gardner in January of 1942 at The Little Church of the West. Even though their marriage only lasted a couple of years, Rooney returned to marry seven other brides (one at a time) at the same chapel. You’d think he might have switched it up a little, choosing a different venue for every bride…?

…No disrespect intended to any other chapel, but THAT’S a good reason to choose Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for your vows…No bad Rooney wedding karma! In fact, we are rather proud to say that after 16 years of doing weddings at Viva Las Vegas, we’ve actually had many couples return to renew their vows in five, ten, or fifteen years with us. One day two weeks ago, a Viva Las Vegas first, EVERY ceremony held at the chapel was a wedding vow RENEWAL! Go, MARRIAGE!

More movie star weddings: At age 50, Frank Sinatra married the barely-legal Mia Farrow in Las Vegas 1966. That marriage broke up fairly quickly after Farrow didn’t show up on the set for a movie Sinatra had lined up, starring her. (Apparently, the filming of Rosemary’s Baby ran long. And, presumably, that’s the reason divorce ensued…Sinatra must have really been mad…)

Movie legends Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward fared better. They were wed in January of 1958 at the El Rancho Hotel and Casino. Their marriage was a shining example for Hollywood, and the two remained married until Newman’s death in 2008.

Las Vegas wedding flowers
Apparently some wedding bouquets last longer than celebrity Vegas weddings….sigh….

Probably the most high-profile wedding in the history of Las Vegas was the marriage of Elvis Presley (then 32) and 21-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu. The ceremony took place at the Aladdin Hotel (now Planet Hollywood) on May 1, 1967. The wedding itself was quite intimate with close family and friends, but a huge reception banquet followed. Here at Viva Las Vegas, we see plenty of re-enactments of the Elvis and Priscilla wedding–and we even rent the costumes! Check out all of our fun Elvis wedding packages at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

Later in the week: More recent celebrity weddings in Las Vegas. Some hits, a few flops…

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Top 10 Reasons for Getting Married in Las Vegas

Texans marry in Vegas
Janice and Doug said it HAD to be a Vegas wedding for them. Doug said (kiddingly, we think?) that he wanted a Buddhist Elvis as minister, singing Jailhouse Rock. Janice said, “Vegas has that!”
On the fence about getting married in Las Vegas? Just know, it’s the top wedding destination in the world, and there are lots of reasons. One of them might be yours!

1. A big, traditional church wedding is just not your thing. Las Vegas, and especially Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, offers many wonderful choices, and you can even create your OWN wedding package here.

2. Every friend and family member around the world can view your ceremony streaming live, online. Sometimes you can’t ask everyone to travel to the wedding location, but you still want them to be able to share the joy of your wedding day. Viva Las Vegas Weddings has webcams in all of our chapels, even the outdoor ones—AND in our quirky, camp 50’s Doo Wop Diner Chapel!

3. You’re on a tight budget for the wedding. For under $300, you can have a lovely simple wedding in Las Vegas. For that price, you can even choose Elvis as your minister. Then you can spend all the money you save on an amazing honeymoon in Vegas!

Vegas wedding couple
Dina and Steve said they wouldn’t marry any other way, choosing Viva Las Vegas because, magically, Dina’s favorite Stylistics song was playing during their tour of the chapel!

4. It’s your second (or third or fourth) marriage. Few couples want a big fancy wedding the second time around. Most of our Viva Las Vegas wedding couples opt for fun choices—themed weddings, Elvis weddings, or a quiet traditional ceremony wearing casual clothes. No dress code. Shorts and flip flops have been worn here. Often. (For all you blushing brides: We can rent you a veil!)

5. You want to renew your vows. Wedding vow renewals in Las Vegas are nearly as common as actual weddings. We can make it fun, or meaningful, or both!

6. You’re a same-sex couple and want to express the depth of your feelings for each other in a touching, or uniquely fun ceremony. We’ve been doing commitment ceremonies as sincerely as we do weddings since we opened nearly 16 years ago. And we hope we’ll soon be doing full-on legal ceremonies when the State of Nevada gives us the long-awaited go-ahead.

7. You want to create a unique wedding, with costumes, characters and music all chosen by you. We do that. Contact one of our wedding specialists if you don’t see a wedding option that’s right for you on our website at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

8. You want to get married in a helicopter, at the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, in a limo, or out in the gorgeous desert at sunset. We can arrange all that for you, in almost any location around Las Vegas.

Vegas wedding chapel
Marcia and George knew each other for DECADES before their touching wedding ceremony with us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

9. You’re coming to Vegas anyway. Not surprisingly, lots of couples have told us they were thinking about marriage for YEARS, then decided just to do it because of their Vegas vacation plans.

10. You’ve always wanted to get married by Elvis. Believe it or not, this is still a HUGE dream for many folks. Here at Viva Las Vegas, you can also get hitched by any of our fantastic impersonators, “Tom Jones,” “MJ,” “Aretha Franklin,” “Bon Jovi,” “Johnny Cash,” “Austin Powers,” “Tina Turner,” “Marilyn Monroe”….or even fictional or comicbook characters. Just let us know. We do this sort of thing every day. There are SO MANY reasons to choose to get married at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! Only in Vegas, baby…

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A Creative, Affordable Las Vegas Wedding for the Newest EMBA and Her Hubby

Bride and Darth Vader in Vegas
Bride Laura Defeats The Dark Side (EMBA Program), Renews Vows


Groom at Unique Las Vegas Wedding
Chris Wins Bride Over from The Dark Side

Chris and Laura Phillips of Detroit re-tied the knot at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel this week, not only to celebrate 16 years of marriage. but to celebrate Laura’s graduation from an Executive MBA program. Chris beamed as he said afterward, “You should see the divorce statistics among couples when one spouse is pursuing this challenging degree.” Happily, these two were successful. And, judging from the groom’s radiant expression, still very much in love.

The Phillips’s very affordable Elvis wedding ceremony (MBA’s know a thing or two about $) included a blue be-feathered showgirl (matching Laura’s stunning, sequined gown) and none other than Darth Vader as best man. The groom nixed the temptation to wear a Hawaiian shirt in favor of a tux. The formal effect was very fitting, especially considering the level of accomplishment represented by the whole affair. The couple did not ignore the fun factor, however. After the vows–“It is destiny,” according to DarthVader–the newly-re-weds boogied down with Darth and reveling guests, while Elvis sang his heart out. We’re guessing they know how to party in Detroit!

We at Viva Las Vegas applaud Laura’s achievement and the renewed commitment of this special pair, our Couple of the Week. It’s not every day that married folk can make thrilling Las Vegas memories with such a unique and imaginative wedding renewal! Our very best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Phillips for a lifetime of love and success!

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