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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Viva Las Vegas Wedding Specials!

Cyber Monday Vegas Wedding Specials
Take advantage of special deals if you schedule your wedding with us before January 31st!

Not to be outdone during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Wedding Sale frenzy, Viva Las Vegas Weddings is offering some of the greatest-ever deals on Traditional, Elvis or Themed Weddings. To qualify for this special offer, you’ll need to book your wedding so that it takes place on or before January 31, 2018. Depending on the wedding package you select, you can save up to a whopping $170!

In order to take advantage of our fabulous Las Vegas wedding bargains, please call the chapel directly to speak to one of our friendly staffers to make sure you get the discounted package of your choice. Call anytime before the end of the year at 702-384-0771 and mention Black Friday specials. In general, whichever wedding package you select will be upgraded to a more expensive and inclusive package for free. So you’ll get more Black Friday/ Cyber Monday bang for your buck! Remember, this special can only be used for original bookings and doesn’t apply to previously-scheduled bookings. Sorry, folks, but that’s how the Black Friday specials work, even at the mall…

gazebo vegas wedding
Upgrade to a romantic nighttime Gazebo Wedding package by using your Black Friday discount!

For all the details on prices and amenities included with this special, visit this page: http://www.vivalasvegasweddings.com/las-vegas-wedding-packages/holidays-special-events/black-friday-weddings

Call Viva Las Vegas today to reserve your wedding date.
Toll Free: 1-800-574-4450 or Local: 702-384-0771.

Best Money-Saving Tips for Your 2017 Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Canyon wedding Las Vegas
Springtime wedding? Consider one of our outdoor chapels, or the Beautiful Red Rock Wedding!

If you’re planning to get engaged over the holidays, or already have plans to get married in Las Vegas in the New Year, have we got a few pointers for YOU! Whether you’re looking to save a little by comparing wedding packages, or to save A LOT in the long run by booking one of our all-inclusive indoor or outdoor Themed Weddings, we’re pretty sure you’ll find something just right for you and your wedding budget!

A few tips to share with you:

Traditional brides should know that wedding dresses go on sale nationwide in December! You can save up to 70% on your DRESS at this time of year, just because bridal shops are clearing out inventory to make room for the next year’s bridal fashions. (We know, you’re spending lots of money on the holidays already….But…just sayin’…)

Outdoor Vegas Wedding
Daytime outdoor weddings in our Garden and Gazebo Chapels are less expensive than the evening versions.

In spring and fall, our Outdoor Gazebo, Garden and Beautiful Red Rock weddings are very popular. Booking our outdoor weddings during daytime hours will save you some money over the evening packages, and you’ll benefit from the flattering natural light under the lush foliage that surrounds you during the ceremony. While our Red Rock Canyon wedding is more expensive, it includes EVERYTHING couples most want, with a fantastic limo ride into a spectacular desert setting just outside Las Vegas. It’s a LOT of bang for the wedding buck!

Next up, if you’re also looking to save money, schedule your Viva Las Vegas Wedding on a weekday. You will likely save money on Las Vegas room rates. Be sure to ask us about our weekday wedding specials like Traditional Tuesdays and Phantom (as in “of the Opera”) Fridays! You might also create your own bargain by selecting one of our simpler packages and adding only the upgrades and features that you really want! Our staff will be happy to steer you to customize your wedding and make it practical and economical to boot! (Give us a call, 702-384-0771.)

Another money saver? Consider booking a room downtown rather than on the Strip. Room rates tend to be lower, and there are several completely renovated hotels that are absolute stunners. Check out, for example, the Downtown Grand, the Golden Nugget, and the newly-refurbished Plaza. Your ride to our chapel is just minutes away, too, and you’ll be walking distance to the Marriage Bureau besides!

Simple Vegas wedding
Simple weddings are almost always the best!

While we DO offer elaborate Traditional Weddings with all the frills, and some fun, wild and crazy Elvis and Themed Weddings, bear in mind that keeping things simple is often not only less expensive, but sometimes even more memorable. No reception? We can send you back to your room with a little wedding cake just for the two of you, and maybe enough to share with a handful of guests. (Ask us about our wedding cake to-go.) Intimate and small weddings take on a lot of meaning, and you’ll find there’s more money for the fun honeymoon in Vegas to follow! Best wishes on your engagement, and we’ll see you for your 2017 wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings! www.vivalasvegasweddings.com

Eloping to Vegas 101

Couple elopes to Vegas
Chris and Michelle couldn’t wait to tie the knot in Vegas. We love it when that happens!

Michelle and Chris eloped to Vegas this week with a fun and fabulous wedding at Viva Las Vegas Chapel, with friends and family back in the UK (and all over the world!) watching live via our Internet webcam. They decided they wanted “a memorable adventure of a wedding. Something a bit eccentric– to match (our) personalities.”

The pair had fallen in love with Las Vegas on a visit two years ago, so when things got complicated planning a wedding that was just right for them, it suddenly occurred to them to elope. This happened June 1st, and 48 hours later they were “on a plane grinning from ear to ear” because they could have the memorable wedding of their dreams AND friends and family could it enjoy it, too.

Helicopter weddings in vegas
Yep, it looks like these two ARE an adventurous couple!

Michelle and Chris met in 2008 through a mutual friend, who happened to be Michelle’s boss. Once Chris had been emboldened to ask Michelle to dance, the two became inseparable.

According to their proposal story on their Viva Las Vegas personal wedding website, Chris pulled out all the stops on February 14th 2014, the day he proposed. The day included “a Valentines card, breakfast in bed, mail order flowers and a trip to Lotherton Hall,” back home in Leeds, in the UK, where they first declared their love. Chris had Michelle read his handwritten poem as he went down on one knee (in the mud!) and produced a ring. Michelle’s response? “How could a girl refuse!”

The couple dressed casually for the ceremony, Michelle in a flirty, strapless white dress and sandals, Chris in white shirt, shorts and what we Americans call “flip flops.” Elvis, of course, sported his famous jumpsuit as he sang and performed the ceremony and the bride and groom cut the rug.

If you’re going to elope to Vegas, or even just renew your vows on an anniversary trip, this is definitely the way to go! With our many affordable and all-inclusive wedding packages, you can just do it— as Chris and Michelle did! Best wishes to you two! May your lives together be full of happiness, spontaneity and adventure for many, many years to come!

Three of Our Most Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Packages—All Under $300

Simple Vegas Wedding Package
We offer a romantic, simple and traditional ceremony for under $250

If you want a sweet and simple wedding in Las Vegas, and if you’d rather spend the money on a fantastic honeymoon than on a big, fancy wedding, you can’t go wrong with our Simplicity wedding package. It has all the basic elements: a simple rose presentation for the bride, music, romantic chapel, basic photo package, and personal wedding coordinator. This affordable Las Vegas wedding has everything you need, but don’t forget to visit the Marriage License bureau ahead of time to obtain your license. (For details, see: www.blog.vivalasvegasweddings.com/category/marriage-license

Our affordable Las Vegas weddings don’t include the $60 minister’s fee (to make it legal). That’s something you will pay directly to him or her. But, for less than most couples spend on their wedding shoes, you’ll have an otherwise all-inclusive, romantic and intimate wedding in Vegas! Remember, you can always add just the frills you want. Bigger bouquet? Limousine ride to the chapel? Online streaming of your ceremony? We can do all of that, too.

Outdoor Vegas Weddings
Outdoor Gazebo wedding packages start at $275

If you’ve always wanted a wedding in a quaint outdoor garden setting, our Outdoor Gazebo package is perfect for you. Packages start at $275 and include simple flowers, a basic photo package, personal wedding coordinator and free wedding website. Evening outdoor ceremonies run slightly more but include romantic twinkling lights. And, if you have more than 15 guests, you’ll want to upgrade to our picturesque Garden Chapel. Each package upgrade includes more extras, but it’s all up to you how elaborately you wish to go.

Affordable Elvis wedding Las Vegas
Choose from affordable Elvis packages starting at under $260

Of course, lots of brides and grooms can’t imagine getting married in Las Vegas without Elvis. The Elvis Hound Dog Wedding package ($260) includes The King to conduct your ceremony and sing, a simple presentation of two perfect roses, plus a basic photo package. Remember you’ll also need to pay the legal minister’s $60 fee in addition to the package price. If you want to go fancier, select any upgrades you might like, a la carte, or choose from more lavish packages, some including limousine or Pink Cadillac transportation options.

For more information on our most affordable Viva Las Vegas wedding packages and options, visit www.vivalasvegasweddings.com From there, you can chat online with a helpful wedding coordinator, call us directly, or send us your questions via email. Whatever your budget, whatever your wedding day vision, we’ll help you make it happen, and affordably, too!

How to Find Your Perfect Husband!

Mandee and Tom's Vegas Wedding
The story of how Mandee met hubby-to-be Tom will knock your socks off!

Just when we think we’ve heard it all at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, a love story appears on one of our Viva Las Vegas wedding websites that gives us goosebumps. A bit of background: Mandee and Tom were married in our Main Chapel this past weekend in a romantic traditional ceremony presided over by our own Reverend Robb. It was a rare rainy afternoon in Las Vegas, in keeping with the uniqueness of this special pair.

At the request of the couple, Elvis put in an appearance to serenade them in his dashing gold lamé jacket. Besides being a strikingly attractive bride and groom, Mandee and Tom also shared a love story we hadn’t quite heard before…

According to the bride, Mandee, “This real-life story is a fairy tale come true…(the kind that)… I had only watched on television or in movies.” How they met is not quite as special as who gets the credit for the two meeting. We have a feeling that Mandee will be forever grateful to her very insightful sister, Dana.

Mandee continues, “Dana is the sole reason I have met the love of my life. My sister’s an avid bowler. On a particular Sunday, Dana went to a local pub with a friend of hers after bowling. Tom was sitting there alone, so Dana went up to him and said, ‘I think you would be perfect for my sister!’ Ironically, I was at Dana’s house waiting on her to come back from bowling when I got a text and picture of her with Tom— a stranger to me at this point.”

What is most incredible is what Dana texted to Mandee: “I just met your new husband!”

Dana put Tom on the phone to speak to Mandee, which really put both of them on the spot. They spoke only briefly. (Awkward!) Nevertheless, they did text each other frequently over the next several days.

Mandee added, “We met that next Wednesday night. From the very first time our eyes met, sparks flew. We were inseparable from that second on.”

Vegas Wedding with Elvis
Tom and his new bride Mandee

Why a Las Vegas Wedding? Mandee’s mother Sylvia has always loved Elvis. Besides, after Mandee made her first trip to Vegas just before meeting Tom, she knew she wanted to share the Las Vegas experience with him. So, what better place to wed than Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel? Sylvia and other family members back home were able to watch live on our chapel webcam. Perfect!

The bride wore a shimmery lavender floor-length gown== and she definitely stole the show from Elvis. We love it when that happens! Otherwise, the ceremony was sweet and intimate and the very essence of a romantic Las Vegas wedding.

Hey, Mandee and Tom, you look great on that bike! See you in five or ten years for your Harley Themed wedding vow renewal! (Just a thought…) Best wishes to this very happy, and very memorable, couple!