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Fly Off to Get Married in a Helicopter Over the Lights of Las Vegas! (Or see acrobats flying over your indoor wedding…)

Vegas Helicopter Wedding
Say “I DO” up above the lights of Las Vegas! Unforgettable!
Vegas helicopter wedding

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, getting married in a helicopter over the Las Vegas Strip is a thing! In fact, we’ve got lots of up-in-the-air options for your Vegas wedding. If you love the thrilling feeling of flight, our fantastic Helicopter Wedding Packages will match the exuberant feeling of being with your loved one! What could be more romantic that a flight over the lights of the Las Vegas Strip after your Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel ceremony? How about GETTING married IN the helicopter over the lights of Vegas? We have wedding packages that offer either choice. Packages include many fun frills like a champagne toast, limousine transportation to the heliport, flowers, photography, even wedding cake to-go.

Las Vegas Helicopter Weddings
Spectacular views of the Strip by night…or…The Grand Canyon!

Another Las Vegas helicopter wedding option allows you to view the depths of the Grand Canyon by helicopter, minutes from Vegas, as part of your wedding day. Before the trip, you’ll be married in a gorgeous Traditional, Themed or Elvis ceremony at our chapel. We’ll work with you to make all the details perfect. Then you’ll be swept away by limo to the heliport. Our helicopter wedding packages can include just the two of you, or you can invite a small number of guests.

Don’t forget, if you’ve already been married awhile, renewing your wedding vows on a special anniversary, and especially in such a spectacularly memorable way, is definitely the surprise of a lifetime for your spouse!

Not big on flying? Add Cirque du Soleil-style “flying” silk performers to your gorgeous indoor wedding ceremony, high above the altar in our Main Chapel. Choose our Viva du Cirque Wedding Package, or just add our breathtaking flying duo to any other Traditional, Elvis, or Themed Wedding package. Our performers can customize their flight and costumes. Flying vampires for a Gothic Wedding? Can do!

Wedding silk flyers
A romantic and unique addition to your wedding vows!

For more information on all of our high-flying helicopter wedding packages, please visit our website at: http://www.vivalasvegasweddings.com/wedding_tours_vivalasvegasstyle.htm If you’re afraid of heights, though, find out more about our Viva du Cirque wedding performers by giving us a call at 702-384-0771.