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May the Fourth Be With Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Star Wars-ish wedding in Vegas
One of our past Intergalactic Themed Weddings with “Darth Vader” and a bevy of costumed 501 Legion guests!

It’s Star Wars Day–“May the 4th (or Force) Be With You”– and may it also be with all EIGHT different couples being married in our Intergalactic Themed Wedding ceremonies today. Will they dress up as characters from their favorite science fiction universe? Will their guests? We’re always excited to see wedding couples arrive when they decide to go with any of our wildly creative themed weddings.

To have a look in on our fun weddings on this made-up iconic movie series holiday, watch us live on Earthcam! It could be an afternoon of pretty spacey wedding ceremonies. Weddings can be viewed throughout the afternoon PDT on Earthcam : http://bit.ly/1cxLLFQ

For more information on your very own Intergalactic Themed Wedding–which also makes an unforgettable wedding vow renewal– visit us at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com and scroll down under Themed Weddings! May the Force be with YOU!

Star Wars Characters of the 501st Legion — Guests at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Star Wars-ish wedding in Vegas
Our Intergalactic Themed Wedding with Darth Vader Minister, and 501st Legion Guests!

Our popular Intergalactic Themed wedding lets brides and grooms choose from their favorite sci-fi characters, captains, or creatures. They can select a “minister” from among their favorites, too. Populate the particular universe you want for your wedding day by letting us know what movie or TV series you’re going for. Recently, Jennifer and John got married in Vegas in an incredible Intergalactic Themed Wedding attended by costumed guests, all decked out as Star Wars figures.

The wedding party consisted of members of the 501st Legion, an international fan-based organization that constructs and wears exact replicas of stormtrooper, bounty hunter, Sith Lord, and other characters and villains from Star Wars films. They are all-volunteer and the 501st boasts over 8,000 members around the world. They own over 11,000 costumes as a group, all approved for appearances at charitable events and hospitals, often at the request of Lucasfilm’s Events Department. When a pair of their own got married, our Intergalactic Wedding was clearly the way to go.

star wars themed wedding
More guests from the 501st!

Our Intergalactic weddings include smoke and theatrical lighting effects, flowers, photography, costumed characters and glorious accompanying sound track, plus round trip courtesy stretch limousine service from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel! You can even add live streaming internet coverage for your “production” so anyone who can’t be in Las Vegas can watch all the fun unfold. We also rent costumes, or bring your own. Encourage your guests to participate in the masquerade, too, if you like.

Elvis and Chewbaca
And…Elvis has been known to be an add-on at Intergalactic Weddings…You won’t be the first!

Visit our website for more info on YOUR customized Intergalactic Themed Wedding at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com
Thanks and best wishes to the 501st Legion, and happiness always for Jennifer and John! We were in awe of your incredible wedding!!!!