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12-12-12 Weddings Have Arrived at Viva Las Vegas


12-12-12 has finally arrived, and there’s no turning back. The anticipation, the planning and the Brides & Grooms have finally arrived! Vegas will be exploding with Brides in all shades and styles. The city will be geared up for all those who are ready to make the last paradigm for 100 years their very own.

It will be the biggest ” I-Do,” that will bring completeness and perfection to any marriage on this auspicious day. Twelves are said to be sacred and lucky. Why I couldn’t think of a better place to try my luck. So, if you are lucky in love, and will be joining us at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we welcome you with open arms.

Cheers to all of the Brides & Grooms around the world from your friends at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Lucky 12-12-12 Weddings in Las Vegas

The Lucky One…

We have had 7-7-7  and 8-8-8 and so on through to 11-11-11. We now have our last paradigm for 100 years! Hurry and reserve your celebration before it’s too late. Viva Las Vegas Weddings has been incredibly successful at obtaining their share of Brides on this day because they have been doing this every year for the last 5 years. We have the largest selection of traditional and themed weddings in the city so that we may tailor your day to your dream day.

The number twelve is considered to be a whole number.  A number that makes things complete. As with our calendar, at the twelfth month we are complete. On our time clock there are two repeating numbers 12am and 12 pm-so twelve is like no other number, unique in it’s own merit. 12-12-12 is said to be auspicious for grand openings, moving annnndddd yes you guessed it, WEDDINGS!

So, if you are recently engaged and looking to make your wedding date or commitment ceremony 12-12-12 we would love to host your celebration here at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. You may reach us at 701-384-0771 or view our 12-12-12 special at www.VivaLasVegasweddings.com.