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~10-10-10 Photo Menagerie from Viva Las Vegas…

          It was nuptial insanity on 10-10-10 at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel with a whopping 205 recorded weddings! We had such a wonderful time finally meeting and greeting all of our 10-10-10 couples that I had to share the few photos I did have time to take. Our lovely Brides were so much fun. Now, the morning after was not pretty~ we were tiiiired. However, nonetheless thrilled to see so many happy couples finally make it to the alter. We were covered by most all of the local media, including the major networks. There were Brides with smiles everywhere you turned.  It was a beautiful day, and we thank all of the newly married and renewed couples for a fabulous weekend. Oh, and for those of you that are thinking of an 11-11-11 wedding… 

We have been taking reservations, and we believe it too will fill in fast. My recommendation to those who want to book an 11-11-11 wedding is… book it in a hurry! It too, will be the only time we see this in 100 years! Go to www.vivalasvegasweddings.com for more information. Or, give us a ring at 702-384-0771 a small deposit will hold your wedding reservation.

Until next time, ~ Diana

10-10-10 Las Vegas Weddings

Viva Las Vegas Weddings has the variety of wedding packages for 10/10/2010!
 Please visit our 10/10/10 weddings specials page to see more details about that unique and very lucky date.
We offer traditional, Elvis and Themed Las Vegas Weddings for 10-10-2010.

Ten is a very significant number in love.  Ten is a higher octave of the number one and signifies an end of an important cycle in which a change in circumstances will happen soon. The number ten signifies a rebirth, a new beginning, and is considered to be the most hopeful and positive of numbers.

It carries much significance which is evidenced by the fact that it takes ten lunar months to bring a baby from conception into the world, is the most common number system used today, and most currencies in use today are based in 10’s. People generally have ten fingers on which to count, leading to an easy adoption of ten as the base of our intuitive number system. This belief is also central to Chinese numerology.

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