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Five Ways to Make Your Las Vegas Wedding a Real Tear-Jerker

Wedding music in Las Vegas
Your Forevermore Wedding Package includes a live singer, pianist or organist!

Sometimes tears are a good thing, like happy tears at weddings. That’s why at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel we’ve got kleenex hidden in the flowers and plants. Weepy brides and grooms, we’ve got you covered! While most of our Elvis and themed ceremonies are likely to bring laughter instead, there are sometimes tears during the “serious part”— even at Elvis weddings.

It’s the traditional ceremonies, though, that tend to be emotional throughout. That’s where we go through the most tissue, anyway. Because of our many years of experience in planning and arranging weddings, we have a pretty good idea about when we’re going to need to re-stock our kleenex stash. Here are the cues we go by:

1. When the bride and groom bring us a CD with their own special song for the bride’s entrance. (We can’t even say how much music affects the entire feeling of your ceremony. It may be the single most important choice you can make for your wedding day. By the way, tell us ahead of time that you’ll be bringing your own music.)

2. When there’s a live singer involved. Our Forevermore Wedding Package includes a professional singer, with the couple’s choice of song. If it’s “Ave Maria” or “Unchained Melody” as the bride and groom light of the unity candle, there’s usually not a dry eye in the chapel. There are many other really stirring song choices, and, given two or more weeks’ advance booking, we can perform your song.

Wedding music for your Las Vegas Wedding
Don’t overlook the music, the one detail that makes your wedding unique to you.

3. When the bride and groom have written brief vows to say to each other during the ceremony. These are often so heartfelt that staff members start to tear up, and we don’t even know the couple very well!

4. When the couple includes family in a part of the ceremony. These are usually special requests that surprise even us. For example, at Forevermore weddings, brides sometimes order single roses to pass out to family members during the song and unity candle lighting. It’s a really stirring and unforgettable moment.

5. When the couple adds a “First Dance” to their wedding ceremony package. Again, there is something about “your song” and the meaning it has for you. Sharing an intimate dance mid-ceremony to a special piece of music usually gets everyone else choked up, too. We say, do it!

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Guys, Please Don’t Propose Like This!

Engagement ring
Okay, the rock helps
Image courtesy of Graeme Weatherston
Even though most women will love and cherish their marriage proposals, no matter how simple or elaborate, this one, in the news recently, had a bit of a twist. It’s likely the bride felt a rush of relief even before she had the chance to be overwhelmed with happiness. Originality should win this future groom a lot of points, though. Here’s how he did it:

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we are lucky enough to chat with couples who share their proposal stories, and sometimes the way they have chosen and/or designed their special wedding ceremony with us. If you have a unique story to tell others on our blog, leave us a comment or give us a call. We’d love to put your story and photo in cyber-print.

And remember, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel offers you your own wedding website, where you can share your photos and “your story” with wedding guests and friends and family. It’s one of the little touches that makes your wedding package with us more personal and complete. Wishing you all a perfect proposal and a fairy tale wedding.

More About Going Down the Aisle: A Stirring Story of Love

Marriage made in heaven
Weddings sometimes show the true power of love Image courtesy of wandee007 at

Just after our last blog was posted, a wedding story on the news touched our hearts and made us realize the depth of emotion that is a part of every wedding ceremony. And not just the love of bride and groom, but of their families, and, in this case, the father of the bride.


At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we see a lot of tears at weddings, and also a lot of laughter. Whatever kind of ceremony you choose to express your feelings on your wedding day, we’re always mindful of the magnitude of love in human relationships. You can feel the power of it in the simplest ceremony as well as in the most elaborate and unconventional. We try never to forget what an honor it is to be part of the most special day couples, and families, will ever experience. Thank you for the honor of doing the honors. Our warmest regards to this family and the beauty and power of their love.

Are Marriages Made in Heaven? Viva Las Vegas Weddings Wants to Know

Vegas Wedding Flowers
Photo courtesy of Viva Las Vegas Photographer Extraordinaire, Kalin
We saw this magical wedding story and wanted to share, if you have five minutes and a box of kleenex handy. There are probably few instances where a couple so clearly knows they were meant to be together. Many other “soulmates,” though, have experienced a similar moment when they both sensed that being together was part of a larger plan in the universe. Or at least they knew on a very deep level that they were meant to spend a lifetime, and maybe even beyond, as one. Whatever you believe, sometimes events in life have a way of knocking our socks off. Have a look:

If you and your soulmate have story about the moment when you just KNEW you were destined to marry, we’d love to hear about it, and share it here on the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Blog. Feel free to call the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel at 702-384-0771 and leave your contact information for our blog mistress. We just love this kind of stuff!