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Sizzling Tom Jones Impersonator Wedding in Las Vegas

Tom Jones wedding in vegas
You won’t know the difference! Harmik is THAT good…

It’s been over 110 degrees in Vegas this week, and Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel was practically on fire (well, not literally…) with one of our hottest and most incredible Tom Jones tribute weddings. The incomparable Harmik portrays the sexy, soulful singer, performing the ceremony AND singing a mini-concert of Tom’s greatest hits. You’ll be absolutely blown away by the uncanny resemblance. Even better, Harmik’s Welsh accent and powerful singing voice are spot-on perfect, too!

Don’t believe us? Here’s Harmik, doing what he does best:

Harmik’s reviews are pretty amazing, too:

“Tom Jones impersonator Harmik
looks as much like the real Jones as
any other Human is ever likely to.”

Mike Weatherford – Las Vegas Review Journal

“There are times during the performance
you actually forget you are not watching
the real thing.”

Chuck Rounds – Callback Magazine

If you’re looking for a fun, Vegas-style wedding, this is the one! (You can also add Harmik to your Elvis, Themed or even Traditional wedding package. He’ll sing a song or two as a thrilling surprise for your bride–or your groom– and your wedding guests. Just ask us and we’ll arrange everything!)

For more information about a Tom Jones themed wedding, go to:

It’s Not Unusual for the ladies to toss their panties, so alert all female guests who’ll be attending your Tom Jones Wassup Pussycat wedding! See you in our steamy-sexy (but air-chilled) chapel!

Invite Tom Jones Impersonator Harmik to Serenade You at Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding

Vegas Tom Jones Impersonator Harmik
I Do! I Do! Harmik as Tom Jones
Our wedding spotlight for June shines on a true star, or at least the next best thing. Tom Jones’s “double,” Harmik, not only looks the part, but sounds uncannily like the real deal. Don’t believe us? Check out a review of Harmik’s show at

The Tom Jones Wassup Pussycat package includes everything but the panties for a sexy Vegas-style extravaganza. Of course, if you want to add our kitschy Pink Cadillac entrance for bride and groom, or even add more impersonators as bridal attendants/performers (Elvis, Marilyn, Liberace…who do ya love, baby?) just ask us! You can’t overdo it in Las Vegas!

It’s Not Unusual for lady guests to swoon and fling their panties, so…alert your girlfriends before they arrive for your Viva Las Vegas Tom Jones wedding!

#1 Tom Jones Impersonator at KLAV Radio

Host Brian Mills & Tom


Tune in at 3pm on KLAV am radio Las Vegas to hear the latest in weddings on the Viva Las Vegas Weddings Radio Show. We will be talking about floral bouquets and we will be interviewing our own incredible Tom Jones impersonator Harmik. Host Brian Mills is Las Vegas’ most outrageous wedding planner.

If you are looking for an out of the ordinary wedding call Viva Las Vegas where Brian Mills will custom design your special wedding for your incredible day. We look forward to serving you. Please call 702-384-0771 or view our many ceremony options at

Owner Ron De Car & Tom

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