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Marrying in Las Vegas with Your Favorite Tribute Artist: Prince, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Even…Elvis!

Michael Jackson Wedding Vegas
Our MJ-impersonator “Thriller” Wedding Package thrills couples ‘year round!

Okay, most folks NOT having a traditional wedding in Las Vegas will go for Elvis. He is, after all, the KING of rock ‘n roll. But we also have the KING of pop, or just about any other music royalty tribute artist you can name. Your choice of musical “minister” will perform your ceremony and sing live at your wedding. (Be sure to ask about having your ceremony live-streamed across the country and round the world!)

Choose our “Thriller” wedding using the Themed Weddings pull-down menu on our website at There you’ll see all the details for having an incredible Michael Jackson impersonator do the honors, or call us at 702-384-0771 to make arrangements for the substitution(s) of a music icon of your choice. Most variations from our basic Thriller Themed Wedding will include all the same extras for a similar price—flowers, photography, round-trip limousine service, video, wedding coordinator…the works.

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Unique Thriller (or other impersonator) weddings include photos with your names in lights on our outdoor marquee over the Las Vegas Strip, WITH MJ, Prince, the Beatles, Tom Jones, Liberace…and, usually….Elvis! At Viva Las Vegas, we are happy to hear your requests and we’ll do our best to make your wedding an unforgettable time for you both. Viva Las Vegas!

The ONE Thing Necessary for a Happy Marriage: The Way You Make Me Feel

Thriller Wedding Vegas
Our Thriller wedding package— it’s all about “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

Getting married in Las Vegas by a Michael Jackson impersonator is not only as cool as getting married by Elvis, but our Thriller wedding package may have song lyrics that endorse marrying the person that rings your (wedding) bells! (Kind of.) According to Psychology Today, when you are looking for the perfect partner for you, most people have a mental list of either ideal qualities or a list of deal-breakers, or both. But, the experts say, one thing matters more than any of that.

The way the person makes you feel.

Don’t believe us? Read further here:

It could be that instincts are often our most reliable senses when it comes to matrimony. A gut feeling that lets you know the other person is “the one.” Many people say they “just knew” when they’d met the right person because of some undefinable quality, which might be a feeling of being safe, adored or appreciated. It’s different for everyone.

We’re wondering how our happily married Viva Las Vegas couples felt when they knew they’d met the right person. Comments, anyone? We’re curious! Did you feel right at home from the beginning, or was there some spark of recognition or maybe a little deja vu? How did you know they were for you?


For those who are not yet hitched but want to find out more about a thrilling way to tie the knot, read about our Thriller wedding package at:

BTW, if you’re coming to Las Vegas for your Thriller wedding, may we suggest ONE, Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson tribute show at Mandalay Bay? It’s the perfect honeymoon night production after your Thriller Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

An Incredible Elvis Vow Renewal After 50 Years

It was fifty years ago when this loving couple said “I-Do.” Her original Maid of Honor was in attendance, along with their lifelong friends and family. It was a special Pink Caddy Ceremony, something the blushing Bride had always wanted. The excitement level was high and the guests were ready to whoop it up.

Then Elvis drove into the chapel in his 64 Pink Caddy with this beautiful Bride and her handsome Groom in the backseat. Everyone was on their feet, and our couple went through a fun, but emotional vow renewal. If you want to have everyone dancing, as opposed to crying in the chapel…book your Elvis ceremony and join us in the marriage capital of the world to celebrate your special day!

Ghouls Just Want to Get Married at Viva Las Vegas


Halloween is just 4 months away and it is one of our bigger days to celebrate unions in this fun town. So, run don’t walk to your phone and save your date! This year to add to all of the spooktacular mayhem, we have found an amazingly talented Zombie artist to paint bodies and  faces for all of you Halloween enthusiasts.

The photo samples displayed are of his work, and he is already taking appointments for the best day of the year~ yoooour wedding celebration. Get in on the fun and freaky, and book your artistry appointment today by calling a wedding planner at Viva Las Vegas Weddings at 702-384-0771.

We are the most popular chapel in the city on this day, and we anticipate record numbers as usual. So get in on the action early, and reserve your gruesome nuptial fantasy at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. We look forward to serving you. 702=384-0771

June Brides are Off and Running to Viva Las Vegas

June weather has been kind to these lovely Brides and their Grooms. We have had so many beautiful couple’s storm through our doors that we thought we’d feature them so that you may get some ideas for your perfect Las Vegas ceremony. We also offer vow renewals and commitment ceremonies for your special day.

Our florists also offer fresh floral and custom bouquets for your romantic weekend. Traditional ceremonies and themed ceremonies are also available. Our Indoor Chapel seats approximately 100 guests and our Outdoor Gazebo and Garden are absolutely lovely for day or evening ceremonies.

We recommend our evening ceremonies as the lighting is incredible, and the settings are idyllic.

For more information, please call 702-384-0771 or visit us at


Audrey Kawasakis Artwork Featured at Viva Las Vegas

My Bride Pick of the Week

All I can say is, you go gurrrrrl! I cannot believe this most talented artists work. I fell in love with my lovely Brides tattoo and could not resist passing on the experience. The artwork that our Brides & Grooms display from all over the world is unbelievable.

My lovely Bride said Audrey was a young 23 years of age when she did this stellar print. Her artwork actually began on unique pieces of wood. I glanced at her webpage and fell in love with many pieces. To our tattoo enthusiasts…I recommend you sneak a peek, so that you too may uncover a world of delicate beauty you may have otherwise never known.