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Holy Matrimony! A Joker and Harley Quinn Themed Wedding in Vegas!

Batman, Joker, Harley Wedding
Harley and Mr. J are not just joking around! Your Batman-themed character wedding in Las Vegas will be absolutely legit!

Batman Themed Wedding in Las Vegas? We’ve got you covered! Superman as your wedding minister? Wonder Woman? We’ve got those, too. While not all your comic book faves may be on our website at, you CAN make a special request to have your wedding or wedding vow renewal officiated by any comic, TV or movie character you can dream up! Recently, by special request, the Joker AND Harley Quinn from the Batman franchise made an appearance at a spectacular Viva Las Vegas Wedding. We’re always happy to find the right themed music and diabolical matrimonial plot. We’ll also add smoke effects, theatrical lighting and everything you need to feel like you’ve stepped into a wedding episode of your favorite series!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you can swap out any of the elements included in your selected wedding packages to customize the ceremony and make it perfect for you. Begin by choosing the most similar of our Themed Wedding offerings to what you have in mind. You’ll find them on the dropdown menu on our website. Themed Weddings all include limousine service, flowers, theatrical effects, photography and videography. Then just let us know what you want as an upgrade. Or, you also can just start with a simple, Traditional Wedding package, then substitute your minister with the character of your choice, as an upgraded feature. We will customize a package just for you, if you don’t need all the frills.

Batmen wedding Vegas
A live-action still frame from the live streaming Joker wedding! YOUR comic book character wedding can be see ’round the world…maybe not in Gotham…

With autumn in the air, you can even have a character-themed wedding (Elvis, too!) in our lush Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Chapel. You won’t have all the theatrics that are available in our gorgeous Main Chapel, but you can still add a bit of fun to your outdoor wedding–by day, or by evening, with gorgeous fall temperatures and twinkling white lights.

Give us a call to create YOUR comic book themed wedding! We even rent costumes in our Viva Las Vegas Costume Shop, just behind the chapel. Let us create some comic book magic for YOUR wedding or, even better, anniversary wedding vow renewal! For more information, our friendly staffers await your questions at 702-384-0771.

Superman and Wonder Woman Married in Vegas by Batman Minister!

Superhero wedding in Vegas
Batman presides over the marriage rites of Martha (aka Wonder Woman) and Dave (aka Superman)

If you’re a comic book nerd looking to get married, Viva Las Vegas Weddings has the wedding package for YOU! Pick your favorite superhero as minister, dress as the comic book characters of your choice, and we’ll get you hitched!

Martha and Dave were married by Batman recently in a ceremony enshrouded in Gotham fog. The two had met online on eHarmony, just as Dave was about to give up on dating. Martha was encouraged by her daughters to find someone online to have adventures with. So—it looks like this marriage was in the (Daily) planets!

Batman wedding couple
Martha and Dave, dressed to blend in with the normal folk.

You may not find this ceremony on our website, but by calling any of our friendly wedding planners at 702-384-0771, we’ll fix you up with a custom wedding package with all the characters and fun and fanciful elements that you have in mind for your special day. We’ll add the flowers of your choice, photography, foggy mist, theatrical lighting and music. Many of our themed wedding packages include round trip limo transportation from your Las Vegas hotel. You can even upgrade to add live internet coverage of your wedding, too!

Superman wedding in Vegas
How did Dave find a PHONE BOOTH????

To view all of our many themed wedding packages and find one that rings your wedding bells, visit us at Simply click on Themed Weddings. We’re happy to customize a superhero, Elvis, or even a traditional wedding just for the two of YOU. (BTW, we also rent costumes!)

Sending out all our best wishes to Martha and Dave for a happy and adventurous life together!