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Sci-Fi Wedding in Las Vegas? Not Just for Nerds Anymore!

Star Trek themed wedding in Vegas
Ready to voyage into the universe of holy matrimony?

This August 6th-9th in Las Vegas, the annual Star Trek convention will docking near the Strip at the Rio Hotel and Casino. That means it’s time to book your Intergalactic Themed wedding or renewal-of-vows ceremony at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! You pick your minister—-Darth Vader? Captain Quirk? Or, a random space alien can do the job, too, if you prefer. You tell us! We’ll bring on the theatrical lights, smoke, music, and the special effects that will make your fantasy sci-fi wedding a reality. We’ll even pick you up at the Rio or at any other Strip property in a swanky stretch limo.

The Intergalactic Wedding Package includes round-trip limo service from your Las Vegas hotel, theatrical fog and lighting, themed music, photos, video, flowers and your very own wedding coordinator to run you through the paces before the ceremony. Of course you’ll want to considering coming in costume, and/or invite your guests to do so, if that’s your thing. Or, our provided wedding characters can do the dressing up, and you can come however you like. We’ll still beam you up. (We do rent costumes, though!)
See more details on this webpage:

Gladiator wedding in Vegas
Gladiator minister? We can combine or mix and match themes to recreate your favorite episode of a sci-fi TV series

With our many themed wedding offerings, you even have the opportunity to get more creative. For example, if your favorite Original Series episode involved gladiators, you might consider combining Intergalactic and Gladiator characters. We’ve even had Elvis make an appearance in our “starship” chapel, with ship’s officers rocking out the “Viva Las Vegas” at the end of the ceremony. Give one of our friendly wedding planners a call if you’d like to receive a quote for upgrading any aspect of our Intergalactic or other Themed Wedding Packages.

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’re here to provide you with CHOICES when it comes to your wedding. Most folks who come to Las Vegas to be married are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, and that’s what we do BEST! Our Intergalactic Themed Weddings are out of this world. Check your calculations and give us a call…702-384-0771…. Viva Las Vegas!

Holy Matrimony, Batman! Caped Crusader Wedding in Las Vegas!

gold batman

Even if you don’t find your favorite superhero wedding package on our site at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, all you have to do is call us (or email, or chat online with us) to make a special request for a customized package featuring the super-officiant of your choice. We can work out all the details to make the perfect Las Vegas wedding or wedding vow renewal for you.

We had the MOST fun at a Batman wedding vow renewal this month, but we can’t quite do it as much justice here as the couple who wrote about it recently on TripAdvisor. We were delighted that they were so pleased, and we’ll share their review so we don’t have to toot our own horn. We think the best way to see if a ceremony is what you’re looking for is to read what others have to say about it.

“Last night we celebrated 15 years of marriage by renewing our vows here. I guess I thought everything would be as minimal and skimpy as possible, but it absolutely was not. After reading reviews to get a better sense of what it would be like, we booked it. Our two teens were our wedding party. We had no other guests. We got the superhero package and upgraded to have Batman officiate. By email, phone and in person, the staff were very clear on the details and they answered all my questions. We waited by sitting on a bench and watching the prior party go by, complete with a gorgeous Elvis in black. When it was our turn, Chris our coordinator answered all our questions and let us practice walking because my teen son was pretty nervous. The staff made sure that we had a real ceremony with all the traditional vows and poses and things like exchanging rings and lighting a candle. We bought bouquets and boutonnieres and I was delighted how generous and fresh they were. Chris explained how to stand and pose to maximize the video and photos. Batman was very sweet, in character but also with a sense of humor. My husband and I felt like we really had a sacred space to rededicate ourselves to one another and that it wasn’t all a gag. Our limo driver Sean was polite, on time and helpful. We chatted with him after the ceremony and as a member of the team there at Viva Las Vegas, he told us stories about how even in creative and outrageous ceremonies, people are really getting married and there are always special and beautiful moments. I feel like the staff and the photographer were willing to help us maximize the moment, wish us well and cheer us on. My only criticism was the photos are really pricey but that’s just part of the business. No one tricked us or hid that from us.”
Visited March 2015

Batman wedding Las Vegas
Renewing wedding vows with BATMAN after 15 years of marriage–a superhero thing to do!

Our apologies about photo pricing. We wish we could be cheaper, but it helps us keep our wedding packages affordable while maintaining our Las Vegas Strip location. Dang. We will happily negotiate with couples who want to bring in their own photographer. Sometimes that saves some money.

Best wishes to this happy family for many more years of happiness. You all super-made our day at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! Batman sends his regards.

Our Sci-Fi Las Vegas Weddings–A Hit on TripAdvisor!

Darth Vader wedding las vegas
Get married in Las Vegas by your favorite science fiction character! (Or dress up as one….)

If you’re fans of The Big Bang Theory gang, as we are, you might be up for getting married in Las Vegas by Darth Vader, Spock, or any other characters from your favorite science fiction or comic book fantasy. You and your intended can play roles and come in costume, or leave it to us to provide your favorite impersonator minister and whatever miscellaneous characters you’d like to complete your perfect sci-fi themed wedding. We’ll set up the soundtrack, adding costumes, lighting, smoke effects and special vows tied into your chosen theme. We can even customize flowers to make them futuristic. We’ve even had Elvis make an appearance in space, by special request. There are no limits to your imagination in the Viva Las Vegas universe!

Star Trek themed wedding in Vegas
Our Intergalactic Wedding package allows you to go where few couples have gone before

Not sure what to expect? Give us a call (702-384-0771) with your questions, or check out our website to read a description of our Intergalactic Themed Weddings (

Here’s one couple’s description of their recent space-themed wedding at Viva Las Vegas from TripAdvisor:

“Awesome themed weddings!”
Reviewed October 21, 2014
We were married here 2014Oct10. We decided on a Star Wars themed ceremony. Us, our kids and grandkids are big Star War fans. What a blast! Darth Vader married us and he was perfect. Our teenagers were dressed as Princess Leia and Jedi’s, my new husband was a Jedi and I wore my oldest daughters wedding dress. Which had special meaning to me. We had a dinner reception and they offered us the Elvis and Priscilla room (previously a honeymoon suite) to dine in. Well of course we then had Elvis come up and sing for us. Our guests had no idea about our theme or Elvis and they loved it. Smiles and laughs from all. Elvis/Darth you are fantastic. We had 2 limos pick us all up at the hotel we were at, 15 of us total. I checked with the chapel and they advised it was fine to bring our own bottled water in the limo and chapel. When we arrived the front desk staff and our coordinator were all so kind. And it was smooth. I was in awe finally being there after watching previous live web cams of people being married there. Thank you Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for making my dreams of a Vegas wedding come true. We could not of asked for anything more. It was perfect.”

Let us know how we can make your science fiction themed wedding perfect for you. 🙂

Viva Las Vegas’ Most Popular Weddings of 2013? One Word: Fusion!

Star Trek-like wedding package
Entering a New Year where no man and wife have gone before!
It’s been a wild ride in 2013 for Viva Las Vegas Weddings. At the end of the year, we think it’s a good idea to look back on all the traditional, themed and Elvis weddings we’ve hosted, just to see if we notice a change in wedding trends from one year to the next. Boy oh boy!

While the hottest weddings of the year always seem to include Elvis and our one-of-a-kind Pink Cadillac entrance, our space-themed weddings are growing astonishingly in popularity. What we’ve been booking in the last year, though, has not always been exactly the Intergalactic packages offered on our site!

Both Star Trek AND Star Wars fans have always been able to time-trip at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, with spectacularly-staged nuptials set in future centuries. But what’s trending lately are “fusion” packages, combining elements of sci-fi weddings with other themed wedding components. For example, in the case of newlyweds Candice and Jonathan, they chose to be married by Elvis onboard their starship/vessel. Check it out:

Of course, you can choose whatever options make sense in your bridal universe. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, ask to be married by any tribute artist, in any century or setting. Even couples having traditional weddings have added a touch of surprise in the past year. Recently, Superman descended from the ceiling to deliver the wedding rings, even though the rest of the ceremony was black-tie formal all the way.

As we bid a fond farewell to the hundreds of fabulous weddings we’ve done this year, we look forward to many more creative “fusion wedding” requests in 2014. Take us to where no bride and groom have gone before. Happy New Year, and best wishes for a bright future in 2014, everyone!