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Celebrate National Extraterrestrial Abduction Day with an Area 51-Themed Wedding in Vegas!3

Alien Wedding Las Vegas
Amy and Scott tied the knot in their pj’s after their ‘alien abduction.”

Who knew? March 20th will be National Alien Abduction Day, so what better time to elope to Vegas and do a honeymoon tour of nearby Area 51? Amy and Scott were the first to do this, wearing their pajamas and slippers to their one-of-a-species Las Vegas wedding ceremony. Like UFO’s, the wedding is not on our website “radar” but we’re happy to customize our Intergalactic Wedding with a space alien minister, green lights and fog, and all the other frills. We can even provide a strange metallic wedding bouquet…just let us know what YOU want!

Amy and Scott eloped to Vegas awhile back, just the two of them, and were wed amidst candlelight, smoke, and space-y music. Their alien minister had to use the universal translator to be understood during the vow exchange. This female creature from space had to watch the time, though, since she was due back at Area 51 to catch her ship on its way out of the galaxy. We can’t remember when we’ve ever had so much fun, or when we saw two people so very much in love. WE loved every minute and still have fond memories of this unique wedding!

Alien wedding in las vegas
Lighting the “candles of burning passion” before the mating dance of Zabevief 5

Scott and Amy exchanged lighted lollipop rings and joined in on an alien celebration dance, a ritual on the planet Zabevief 5. Hey, thank goodness the Intergalactic Wedding package includes photos and video coverage, for evidence later that it really took place!

Check out all of our themed and traditional or Elvis weddings at If you don’t find a wedding that’s quite right for you, do what Scott and Amy did, and invent your own. We’d be delighted to help.

Wishing Amy and Scott all the best wishes in the universe for a lifetime of fun and love ahead!

Star Trek Conventions in Las Vegas Mean Intergalactic Romance Here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Star Trek wedding vegas
Get married aboard the vessel of your choice in our Intergalactic Wedding ceremony!

Every August the annual Star Trek Convention comes to town, and along with Trek fans invading the city (happily), wedding couples often visit us at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel to tie the knot in our space-themed Intergalactic Wedding. Whether you’re Original Series fans, or Next Generation, suit up in your uniforms (or rent ours) and be wed in impeccable Starfleet style. (We even do this wedding with a Darth Vader-esque minister, for you “other” couples!)

Space themed wedding vegas
Costumes optional…but it’s extra fun to dress up–even your guests can space out!

Intergalactic Wedding Packages include your choice of sci-fi ministers, photography and video, flowers, special effects and appropriate themed music, plus round trip limousine transportation from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel. You can also choose to customize your ceremony with any of our many options, including floral upgrades, adding a simple or even elaborate reception package, or adding the services of a hair and makeup artist. We even have an onsite costume rental shop at your disposal! Don’t forget, you can also add characters to your wedding production. It’s not unheard of to see Elvis performing Viva Las Vegas during an Intergalactic wedding–we’ve done that, too! There’s nothing quite like a captain in uniform groovin’ to The King…..

When Sponge Bob is a bridesmaid at an Intergalactic themed wedding....It's a universe of fun!
When Sponge Bob is a bridesmaid at an Intergalactic themed wedding….It’s a universe of fun!

Check out (above) a truly wacky space-themed wedding ceremony where “anything goes” was the rule for the wedding couple and their attendants. Although all the guests wore wildly imaginative, non-space-themed costumes, and although the Romulans attacked during the ceremony (everyone careened across the chapel or fell to the floor), everyone was in tears when the couple read the vows they had written to each other. It was a uniquely fun and endearing wedding! You’re welcome to add any special touches you can dream up. Remember, you also can upgrade to include live streaming to your package so friends and family back home can watch if they can’t be there in person.

For information on this or any of our other themed, Elvis or traditional wedding packages, visit us at

Live Long and Prosper all you space couples!
Live Long and Prosper, space couples!

May the Fourth Be With Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Star Wars-ish wedding in Vegas
One of our past Intergalactic Themed Weddings with “Darth Vader” and a bevy of costumed 501 Legion guests!

It’s Star Wars Day–“May the 4th (or Force) Be With You”– and may it also be with all EIGHT different couples being married in our Intergalactic Themed Wedding ceremonies today. Will they dress up as characters from their favorite science fiction universe? Will their guests? We’re always excited to see wedding couples arrive when they decide to go with any of our wildly creative themed weddings.

To have a look in on our fun weddings on this made-up iconic movie series holiday, watch us live on Earthcam! It could be an afternoon of pretty spacey wedding ceremonies. Weddings can be viewed throughout the afternoon PDT on Earthcam :

For more information on your very own Intergalactic Themed Wedding–which also makes an unforgettable wedding vow renewal– visit us at and scroll down under Themed Weddings! May the Force be with YOU!

Star Wars Characters of the 501st Legion — Guests at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Star Wars-ish wedding in Vegas
Our Intergalactic Themed Wedding with Darth Vader Minister, and 501st Legion Guests!

Our popular Intergalactic Themed wedding lets brides and grooms choose from their favorite sci-fi characters, captains, or creatures. They can select a “minister” from among their favorites, too. Populate the particular universe you want for your wedding day by letting us know what movie or TV series you’re going for. Recently, Jennifer and John got married in Vegas in an incredible Intergalactic Themed Wedding attended by costumed guests, all decked out as Star Wars figures.

The wedding party consisted of members of the 501st Legion, an international fan-based organization that constructs and wears exact replicas of stormtrooper, bounty hunter, Sith Lord, and other characters and villains from Star Wars films. They are all-volunteer and the 501st boasts over 8,000 members around the world. They own over 11,000 costumes as a group, all approved for appearances at charitable events and hospitals, often at the request of Lucasfilm’s Events Department. When a pair of their own got married, our Intergalactic Wedding was clearly the way to go.

star wars themed wedding
More guests from the 501st!

Our Intergalactic weddings include smoke and theatrical lighting effects, flowers, photography, costumed characters and glorious accompanying sound track, plus round trip courtesy stretch limousine service from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel! You can even add live streaming internet coverage for your “production” so anyone who can’t be in Las Vegas can watch all the fun unfold. We also rent costumes, or bring your own. Encourage your guests to participate in the masquerade, too, if you like.

Elvis and Chewbaca
And…Elvis has been known to be an add-on at Intergalactic Weddings…You won’t be the first!

Visit our website for more info on YOUR customized Intergalactic Themed Wedding at
Thanks and best wishes to the 501st Legion, and happiness always for Jennifer and John! We were in awe of your incredible wedding!!!!

Back to the Future Wedding with DeLorean Time Machine!

Back to the Future Wedding
Marty drives into the wedding chapel in the DeLorean Time Machine!

An incredible Back to the Future Themed Wedding was DEFINITELY the highlight of 10/21/15 here at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! Vanessa and Nicholas tied the knot with “Doc Brown” in an unbelievable wedding ceremony that featured a gorgeous gull-wing DeLorean being driven down the aisle by “Marty McFly” in a cloud of smoke and flashing light.

This was one of our amazing custom weddings, tricked out to the last detail at the request of the couple. We’re not really sure whether we had more fun or they did! The local news media were on hand to film and interview Vanessa and Nicholas after the ceremony, too, it being such a monumental day in film history. Although the Chicago Cubs are no longer contenders for the World Series title, we still couldn’t have had a better day!

Back to the Future wedding
Nicholas, Vanessa and Doc Brown as minister!

Nicholas and Vanessa describe themselves as “geeky fans of Back to the Future.” They planned the wedding far in advance while on a camping trip. When the subject of a significant wedding date came up, the time traveling date from the movie happened to be be, relatively, right around the corner…Brilliant idea and perfect timing, you two!

Back to the Future Wedding
Doc Brown uses the Flux Capacitor and other “stuff” during this wacky wedding ceremony!

Vanessa and Nicholas also said they wanted a low stress wedding, and this seemed like it would be fun to do, especially since many of their married friends have said to them, “We should have gotten married in Vegas.” They also said they wanted to do “something nobody else was doing.” And Viva Las Vegas Weddings seems to be the place for that!

Vegas wedding chapel lights
Their wedding date immortalized over the Las Vegas Strip!

Our themed wedding packages are all-inclusive, down to the flowers, limo transportation, and photography. Just let us know what custom features YOU may want for YOUR unique Vegas wedding, and we’ll do all the rest! Check out all of our themed, traditional and Elvis wedding packages, all fully-customizable, at or call us at 702-384-0771.

Best wishes for many happy years together, Vanessa and Nicholas! We will remember this wedding fondly for AT LEAST the next 30 years!

Sci-Fi Wedding in Las Vegas? Not Just for Nerds Anymore!

Star Trek themed wedding in Vegas
Ready to voyage into the universe of holy matrimony?

This August 6th-9th in Las Vegas, the annual Star Trek convention will docking near the Strip at the Rio Hotel and Casino. That means it’s time to book your Intergalactic Themed wedding or renewal-of-vows ceremony at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! You pick your minister—-Darth Vader? Captain Quirk? Or, a random space alien can do the job, too, if you prefer. You tell us! We’ll bring on the theatrical lights, smoke, music, and the special effects that will make your fantasy sci-fi wedding a reality. We’ll even pick you up at the Rio or at any other Strip property in a swanky stretch limo.

The Intergalactic Wedding Package includes round-trip limo service from your Las Vegas hotel, theatrical fog and lighting, themed music, photos, video, flowers and your very own wedding coordinator to run you through the paces before the ceremony. Of course you’ll want to considering coming in costume, and/or invite your guests to do so, if that’s your thing. Or, our provided wedding characters can do the dressing up, and you can come however you like. We’ll still beam you up. (We do rent costumes, though!)
See more details on this webpage:

Gladiator wedding in Vegas
Gladiator minister? We can combine or mix and match themes to recreate your favorite episode of a sci-fi TV series

With our many themed wedding offerings, you even have the opportunity to get more creative. For example, if your favorite Original Series episode involved gladiators, you might consider combining Intergalactic and Gladiator characters. We’ve even had Elvis make an appearance in our “starship” chapel, with ship’s officers rocking out the “Viva Las Vegas” at the end of the ceremony. Give one of our friendly wedding planners a call if you’d like to receive a quote for upgrading any aspect of our Intergalactic or other Themed Wedding Packages.

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’re here to provide you with CHOICES when it comes to your wedding. Most folks who come to Las Vegas to be married are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, and that’s what we do BEST! Our Intergalactic Themed Weddings are out of this world. Check your calculations and give us a call…702-384-0771…. Viva Las Vegas!