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Christmas Eve Wedding Specials at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Christmas Eve Wedding Vegas
The most romantic winter wedding date of all!

One of the most unforgettable anniversaries, and the most romantic night of the year for proposals or elopement is Christmas Eve. Viva Las Vegas Weddings has several special packages, some including round-trip courtesy transportation by limo or town car from your Las Vegas hotel. It’s a quiet time of year in Las Vegas, which means great deals on rooms AND weddings!

Order up a sweet traditional ceremony, either in our beautiful Main Chapel, or outside in our Garden or Gazebo chapels under twinkling white lights. Or, invite Elvis, the King, to oversee your vows. If you’re feeling lighthearted about the holiday and want a one-of-a-kind wedding, you can even request Santa or Mrs. Santa as your minister! We will customize and personalize your very own holiday-time wedding! Add special holiday tunes for down-the-aisle, or perhaps a live singer to perform your favorite carol during the candle lighting. Just let us know your preferences and we’ll make the Christmas Eve magic happen for your wedding or wedding vow renewal.

To view our Christmas Eve specials, honored several days before Christmas as well, visit us at:

Vegas Wedding Chapel
Eloping on Christmas Eve? We have intimate and memorable ceremonies you can stream live online for the folks back home!
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Five Couples Renew Wedding Vows with Elvis at ONCE!

Elvis vow renewal in Vegas
Get married a second time with Elvis AND all your friends!

If getting married by Elvis or renewing your vows in Las Vegas is a must-do, once-in-a-lifetime happening, why not share it with friends? And we don’t mean as your wedding guests. This week, Alison and Michael and EIGHT of their friends (four other couples) re-tied the knot with Elvis at Viva Las Vegas Weddings’ Main Chapel.

The couples, one after the other, boogied down the aisle to a song of their own choosing, and just barely fit across our otherwise spacious chapel altar! Apparently there was no dress code…from real, full-on tuxedo to tuxedo t-shirt, everybody wore what was just right for an Elvis vow renewal in Vegas!

For a short time you can check out their dance down the aisle at the video link below. Their vows were live streaming from our chapel, but they also chose to archive temporarily to our website. And who wouldn’t want evidence for all the folks back home?

Multiple couple wedding in Vegas
Dancing down the aisle to the tune of their choosing, couple by couple!

Any of our Elvis, themed or traditional wedding packages can be arranged as multiple couple vow renewals. Give us a call for details, and we’ll be delighted to renew your vows and seal those special friendships at the same time. No better way to party in Vegas and share a memory of a lifetime! 702-384-0771

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Why Getting Married by Elvis at Viva Las Vegas Should Be On YOUR Bucket List!

Elvis wedding in Las Vegas
Get married OR renew your vows with Elvis in Las Vegas–at least ONCE!

You wouldn’t believe how many of our Las Vegas wedding couples tell us they’ve ALWAYS wanted to get married in Las Vegas by Elvis. For those who already got married in “the usual way” years ago (but who may have wished they could have had a Las Vegas wedding instead), renewing vows with Elvis is really a no-brainer! Plus, it’s the best way ever to celebrate an anniversary. Still, more and more couples are daring enough to marry with Elvis, even the first time!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we offer a wide range of Elvis weddings, from inexpensive packages with one song (and a ceremony presided over by The King, of course) to elaborate Elvis weddings with theatrical effects, several songs and all the frills. Why choose Viva Las Vegas Wedding chapel for your Elvis wedding or vow renewal? Here we offer up some GREAT reasons:

In our Main Chapel, Elvis can drive you right down the aisle in a ’64 pink Cadillac convertible! Need we say more? You simply can’t make a more dramatic wedding entrance than this. It’s an exclusive available only at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! This is one wedding you, and your guests, will never forget. Combine this with our Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding package, if you like. You’ll get courtesy round-trip limo transportation from your hotel, flowers, photography and video, plus theatrical fog and lights, swaying palm trees and hula girl, and Elvis performing three songs, including the romantic “Hawaiian Wedding Song.”

Pink Caddy wedding with Elvis
We can pull out all the stops with Elvis Pink Caddy and Elvis Blue Hawaii themed weddings!

You can also get married by Elvis in our fantastic 1950’s Doo Wop Diner! This chapel diner is also outfitted with a webcam so your friends and family back home can watch your wedding live. You even get photos taken afterward with Elvis in front of our chapel marquee where you’ll see your name in lights right on the Las Vegas Strip! Another exclusive with us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

An outdoor wedding more your style? Elvis can marry you in our picturesque Garden or Gazebo Chapel, surrounded by lush greenery and latticework by day, with twinkling white lights at night.

Did we mention we have the BEST Elvis impersonators in Las Vegas?Every one of our fantastic Elvis tribute artists has an extensive singing and performance background. Just about anyone can put on the jumpsuit, sideburns and glasses. But our Elvis’s not only look the part, our couples often tell us that they’re astounded by what GREAT singers they are! Goosebumps guaranteed!

We hope that if you are even toying with the idea of getting married or renewing your vows in Las Vegas with Elvis, you’ll agree that THIS IS THE PLACE to do it. In addition to the best Elvis’s around, we have a friendly and helpful staff who will make sure you find a package that’s just right for you and your budget. Viva Las Vegas! Visit us at

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What to Expect When You Renew Your Wedding Vows with Elvis

Elvis vows in Vegas
Lee marries Lee all over again with The King!

Just a little shy of their 30th anniversary, Lee and Lee (no wonder they seemed like two peas in a pod!) renewed wedding vows with Elvis this week. What was remarkable to us, though, is that they seemed just as much in love as any couple getting married for the first time. Here’s what they had to say about their event on their Viva Las Vegas wedding website:

“Hey friends! You know we’ve always marched to our own drum and that’s often off of the beaten path. So it is with our wedding vow renewal. While we had thought about doing this on our 30th anniversary, the opportunity presented itself this year and it’s close enough to August 9th, in our opinion. Together we’ve made it this far and what better way to celebrate than to have a not real wedding in the town of not real stuff with the officiant not a real Elvis? This craziness is precisely what makes us so good together.”

Wedding chapel vow renewal
Stroll down the aisle together, have Elvis escort the bride, or let your bride make her own entrance like your first wedding!

We’d have to say, we agree. They WERE great together, dancing in a tight embrace while Elvis sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” The best part about a wedding vow renewal with Elvis? Come as you are! Or, wear your original wedding duds, if they still fit. When it’s your second wedding, you can do things your own way. You can even book an Elvis Blue Hawaii themed wedding and wear Hawaiian shirts and sarongs, if you like!

80's wedding vow renewal
Lee and Lee at their first wedding, way back in 1986

Whether you come to the chapel, just the two of you, to renew vows with Elvis, or whether you bring along a ton of friends and family, or even if you spring a surprise wedding vow renewal on your spouse for an anniversary present, you are sure to have the most memorable fun since your first wedding! Choose from our simplest Elvis wedding package, like a ceremony in our 50’s Doo Wop Diner with Elvis singing two songs, or order up the incomparable Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding where The King drives you right down the aisle. Whatever Elvis wedding you choose, you won’t soon forget the time you said “I Do” all over again in Vegas. For more info and choices for your Las Vegas wedding vow renewal, visit us at !

All our best wishes go out to Lee and Lee for a wonderful anniversary. It would be okay with us if we see you again next year to do it all over for the “real” 30th! 🙂

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Our Hottest Elvis Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony—The Elvis Blue Hawaii!

Elvis vow renewal in Vegas
Scott and Lisa renewed their vows with Elvis after 30 years of marriage!

Since Day One, the Viva Las Vegas Weddings Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding package has been our most popular for both weddings and wedding vow renewals. (Close on its heels lately in popularity? The pink Cadillac chapel entrance with Elvis driving you inside, right down the aisle!) Just last evening, Scott and Lisa of Visalia, California, tied the knot once again to celebrate 30 years of wedded bliss!

Surrounded by beaming friends and family, this happy pair danced to Elvis’ rendition of The Hawaiian Wedding Song, Can’t Help Fallin’ in Love, and, of course, everyone was up dancing for Viva Las Vegas by the end of the wedding vow renewal ceremony!

Yes, we had ocean mist effects and theatrical lights. Yes, we had tropical palm trees in the chapel. Yes, Elvis sported a colorful lei with flashing LED lights! Yes, there was a hula girl, and lots and lots of Hawaiian shirts and smiles. The bride and groom wore purple leis and Lisa even carried a purple rose bouquet down the aisle. One of the best things about the Blue Hawaii wedding is that it is picturesque, casual and romantic all at once. Then, there’s the thrill and excitement of a live, singing Elvis!

Blue Hawaii weddings in Vegas
Another Blue Hawaii, with tropical ocean mist, hula girl, and Elvis serenading you!

Your Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding can be a huge family affair, or just the two of you–maybe with others watching our live streaming coverage from afar. Everyone has something different in mind, and we’ll try very hard to make your ceremony your own by customizing the elements you prefer. (Hey, you can ADD a pink Cadillac entrance to the Blue Hawaii package!)

We could tell that Scott and Lisa might not really think of themselves as “the type” for an Elvis wedding, but they seemed to be having a GREAT time, and their family and guests seemed to LOVE IT. When in Vegas, EVERYONE is an Elvis fan! We wish Scott and Lisa the very best for another 30 years of happiness together. What a way to top off the first 30! 🙂

For more information on our Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding, go to:

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Renewing Vows with Elvis for a Silver Wedding Anniversary!

Elvis wedding vow renewal
Elvis wedding vow renewals are the perfect way to say “I’d Do it all over again!”

Celebrating a BIG wedding anniversary by renewing your vows in Las Vegas? Recently, Adrienne and Michael did just that for their 25th with a fun-filled, yet very touching vow renewal ceremony with Elvis, of course. Lately at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we are doing nearly as many wedding vow renewals as actual first weddings! Apparently, marriage AND Elvis are alive and well and celebrating life in Las Vegas.

Adrienne and Michael, according to their complimentary wedding website at Viva, met on a blind date over 30 years ago. Michael considered inviting Adrienne to a very private Italian restaurant, in case his date “looked like Melissa McCarthy.” But, Michael says, “We ended up at Bennigan’s, and it turned out that we were both either really desperate or liked each other a lot, as we decided to go out again the following week. The rest, as they say, is history…”

On May 5th, 1989, Michael proposed over another dinner with a ring sticking out of a strawberry, “floating atop, what else, a chocolate fondue.”

“I looked glowingly into her eyes and asked the magic question: ‘Adrienne, will you marry me?’– to which her priceless response was ‘Is it real?’ Suffice it to say, we were married a year later, though I often remind her, especially on anniversaries, that she, in fact, has never said YES!”

We just know these two will continue to create fun memories for the next 25 years!
We just know these two will continue to create fun memories for the next 25 years!

Michael continues, “Hence, the idea of a Las Vegas/Elvis wedding renewal evolved partially for my love of Las Vegas, and also, as noted above, Adrienne never officially saying yes. So when I again glowingly proposed the idea of going to Vegas and renewing our vows in front of our friends and family, and Elvis, her response this time was, ‘Are you f***ing kidding me?’ Oh well, maybe for our 50th she will get it right…”

For information on renewing your vows with Elvis or in one of our other incredible themed or traditional ceremonies, visit us at

Our best wishes to the happy couple. We’ll see you in 25 more years!

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