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Our Most Popular Viva Las Vegas Wedding Package? Elvis Blue Hawaii!

Blue Hawaii Vegas Wedding
Palm trees, theatrical lighting, and beach mist make you feel like you’re on the beach in Hawaii!

Wedding couples often ask which is our most popular Elvis wedding. The Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding package, of course! You’ll feel like you’re in a tropical paradise with the “ocean mist” (created by our theatrical fog machines) rolling in, a hula girl swaying, and Elvis crooning “The Hawaiian Wedding Song” as you cuddle or slow dance at the altar. Many couples opt to add our fantastic pink Cadillac entrance down the aisle! It’s Vegas, baby! So feel free to go all-out with the optional extras!

We’ll share some highlights from Stan and Cynthia’s Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding. Check out a minute or two of their fun-filled vow exchange!

This all-inclusive package includes Elvis singing “Viva Las Vegas!” and two other songs performed live, flowers, photography and video, plus round-trip limo service from your Strip or Downtown hotel. You’ll have your names in lights on our marquee for a fabulous photo-op after your ceremony, too! We probably don’t even need to mention that the Elvis Blue Hawaii is also our most popular wedding vow renewal package! It has a special elegance, and yet the ceremony is very casual, so we encourage sarongs, Hawaiian shirts, beachwear and sandals. Getting married barefoot works, too!

Please call us with any of your questions about our unique Blue Hawaii wedding package. Our staff can suggest upgrades like exotic orchid leis or a wedding cake packaged to-go. This is one wedding you might want to stream live online to friends and family back home–they will be sorry to miss being here in person! See you in the “islands” for your wedding “on the beach” with Elvis! Viva Las Vegas Weddings, 702-384-0771

Renew Your Vows in Las Vegas on Valentines Day!

Vegas honeymoon vow renewal
Renew your vows for Valentine’s and have a second honeymoon in Vegas!

Before you know it, our busiest wedding day of the year will be here once again! Valentine’s Day is typically popular for getting married in Vegas with Elvis or in a traditional indoor or garden wedding ceremony. But, it’s also the perfect time to renew your vows, on the biggest romantic holiday of the year! Best of all, you can combine your second honeymoon with a trip to Vegas, city of many gorgeous and romantic hotel suites!

If it’s just the two of you, you can tie the knot once again in a simple but meaningful ceremony in our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Chapel. Packages begin at around $300 including all the basics, flowers, photography and your own personal wedding coordinator. Feel free to bring a CD with “your song” from your first wedding, or add a special memento that reminds you of the day. Sometimes husbands surprise their wives with a vow renewal ceremony–we can help with all the arrangements so she won’t know until the last minute!

Best of all, at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, your Valentine’s reveal can be sweet and sentimental, or a bit wild and crazy…We do it all!

Diner Wedding with Elvis
Choose and Elvis vow renewal in our Doo Wop Diner Chapel for a less formal ceremony that’s a ton of fun!

If you want something a bit kitschy and on the lighter side, our Elvis weddings in our 1950s-era Doo Wop Diner are just the ticket! They are extremely affordable and fun. Many couples come dressed in their ’50s finest, and their guests, too. Our Diner Chapel is equipped with webcam for live streaming and packages include flowers and photography and unexpected frills!

Give us a call with your ideas for an unforgettable and romantic wedding vow renewal on Valentine’s Day…on an anniversary, on a special birthday. We offer tons of themed weddings, too, so you can customize your vows just for YOU. 702-384-0771 (Valentine’s Day is booking fast, so please schedule your ceremony soon for best choice of times!)

Renew Your Vows with Elvis in Our Popular Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding—FREE Lighted Leis, Too!

Elvis wedding vegas
Get your free lighted Hawaiian lei, baby!

When your 10th, 15th, 25th…or even 50th anniversary rolls around, it’s time to head to Vegas and Viva Las Vegas Weddings to renew your vows! Our NUMBER ONE wedding package for renewals is our fabulous Elvis Blue Hawaii ceremony! And from now until the end of the year, ask for your FREE lighted leis when you book an Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding with us! It’s a blog-only special, and makes the perfect memento for your exciting day (or night) with Elvis! Add the spectacular Elvis pink Cadillac entrance to your Blue Hawaii Wedding Package, and you’ll receive FOUR MORE lighted leis for your attendants…or…for another couple or two, if you choose to have a multiple-couple wedding vow renewal!

Elvis pink Caddy wedding
Add a pink Caddy entrance, with Elvis driving right down the aisle and through the palm trees!

Best of all, you can come casually dressed, since Hawaiian shirts, sarongs and sandals are all you really need to renew your vows! Tropical wear is a guest favorite, too, so spread the word! Also, if yours is a wedding vow RENEWAL, you won’t need to get a marriage license or go downtown–you’re already legally married! (If you book our Blue Hawaii wedding for your first wedding, well…you’ll need to do that part first. Call us, and we’ll tell you how at 702-384-0771.)

Our Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding includes three songs sung live by “The King”–including the iconic Hawaiian Wedding Song, Can’t Help Falling in Love, and Viva Las Vegas. It also includes flowers, photography and video, theatrical lights and fog, plus round trip limousine transportation from your Strip or Downtown hotel. You’ll have a hula girl dancing to the Hawaiian Wedding Song, palm trees, and your very own personal wedding coordinator to run you through the drill before your guests are escorted into the chapel. Add live streaming internet coverage if you have friends or family who can’t come to Vegas to witness your special day in person.

Vow renewal in Vegas
The Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding also makes the perfect anniversary wedding vow renewal package–for just the two of you, or you and another loving couple or two!

To learn more or to book your fantastic Elvis themed wedding, visit us at or call one of our friendly wedding planners directly at 702-384-0771. Be sure to say you saw the special on the blog, so you’ll be sure to receive your free lighted leis. Make yours a truly VEGAS-style Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding! Viva Las Vegas!

How to Exchange Rings at Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding

wedding limo service las vegas
What you need to know about the “ring part” of your Viva Las Vegas ceremony

One of the last things on wedding couples’ minds is their ACTUAL wedding ceremony at Viva Las Vegas. Most remember to BRING the rings to the chapel, but hardly anyone gives much thought to how things work during the vow exchange itself. Here are a few answers to commonly-asked questions, to smoothly get you through that part of your wedding. We’ve also included a couple of cool suggestions, for those who want to customize their ring exchanges.

1. If the bride is wearing her engagement ring to the chapel, she should remove it and place it on the ring finger of her right hand before the wedding. That way, the wedding band will go on the left hand during the vows, closest to her heart. (In Roman times, it was said that the blood vessel leading to the heart ran through that finger, thus, the ring was symbolically closer to the heart, too.) Once the excitement of the wedding has died down, the bride can place her hunky rock of an engagement ring on top. If the two of you are exchanging simple wedding bands, you can skip this part altogether.

2. Be sure to give the rings to your attendants or appointed “ring person” before you arrive at the chapel. Or…WHEN you arrive is even better. You want to be very sure the rings get here…If the worst happens and the rings are left in your hotel room, or–back in Milwaukee–we can still perform your wedding and just “fake” the ring part. It’s been done…And then you’ll have a story to tell! If it’s just the two of you, wear your soulmate’s ring on your thumb or pinkie until that part of the ceremony.

3. No rings? Some couples prefer not to exchange rings at all. Or, in some countries, one ring is the norm. That’s fine. Your wedding coordinator will ask first, and your minister (or Elvis or wacky impersonator “minister”) will know just what to do.

Wedding ring exchange tips
Make sure your ring hand is ready for a close-up! Lotion works, and helps with getting rings on and off, too!

4. If you are renewing vows, you can re-exchange your original rings–if they still come off—or, your wedding officiant will have you just clasp your hand over the ring. (Hint: Some grooms, when renewing vows on a big anniversary, will replace the original ring with a NEW one, as a surprise. This is one of the most touching tributes we see at the chapel!)

5. For some fun weddings or vow renewals, we have seen lollipop rings, or some couples have chosen to tattoo rings on the third finger. It is becoming more common for couples to do what suits them, beginning their own wedding tradition.

As always, if you have questions about any aspect of your upcoming wedding ceremony, give us a call anytime at 702-384-0771 or chat online with a helpful staff member at

Our Most Affordable Las Vegas Elvis Wedding: Do it in the Diner!

Vegas Diner Wedding Elvis
On a tight Vegas wedding budget? How about if Elvis marries you near the jukebox in our one-of-a-kind Doo Wop Diner wedding package? It’s great when you want a fun wedding vow renewal with Elvis, too, without spending a lot of money.

What’s the most affordable and fun way to get married in Las Vegas? We may be biased, but we think getting married with Elvis in our Doo Wop Diner is hard to beat. Packages start at under $300, including Elvis singing and performing your ceremony, basic flower and photo packages, your own personal wedding coordinator and wedding invitation/website…We’ve even got live streaming webcam coverage available for friends and family back home who can’t attend in person. Best of all, you can upgrade any aspect of your package to create the wedding that really says YOU. You can’t find a more unique Elvis wedding venue in Las Vegas!

Diner Elvis wedding
Elvis marries you near the jukebox in our one-of-a-kind Doo Wop Diner wedding package!

Our 50s diner has an aisle for the bride to make her entrance…between the soda counter and the camp decor! Sliders and ice cream soda reception optional….
Our Doo Wop diner is full of 50’s memorabilia, and many couples arrive dressed reminiscent of the era. (Break out those saddle oxfords and poodle skirts!) We arrange all the stools, chairs and tables so that guests have a great view as the bride strolls down the aisle between soda counter and authentic decor. Add “Marilyn” or “Priscilla” (or come dressed that way yourself), or request extra songs or music to customize your nuptials. There is a small up-charge for each extra, just ask for a quote. An intimate diner-style reception is available as an upgrade to your package, or you can add a simple champagne toast with cake, if you like.

Check out this Doo Wop Diner ceremony/vow renewal in the video clip below. If it’s just the two of you, it’s a quirky yet intimate way to do it up!

For more information about our Elvis weddings in the diner, visit us at and click on the drop down menu of all our amazing Elvis packages. Thank ya, thank ya very much!

Christmas Eve Wedding Specials at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Christmas Eve Wedding Vegas
The most romantic winter wedding date of all!

One of the most unforgettable anniversaries, and the most romantic night of the year for proposals or elopement is Christmas Eve. Viva Las Vegas Weddings has several special packages, some including round-trip courtesy transportation by limo or town car from your Las Vegas hotel. It’s a quiet time of year in Las Vegas, which means great deals on rooms AND weddings!

Order up a sweet traditional ceremony, either in our beautiful Main Chapel, or outside in our Garden or Gazebo chapels under twinkling white lights. Or, invite Elvis, the King, to oversee your vows. If you’re feeling lighthearted about the holiday and want a one-of-a-kind wedding, you can even request Santa or Mrs. Santa as your minister! We will customize and personalize your very own holiday-time wedding! Add special holiday tunes for down-the-aisle, or perhaps a live singer to perform your favorite carol during the candle lighting. Just let us know your preferences and we’ll make the Christmas Eve magic happen for your wedding or wedding vow renewal.

To view our Christmas Eve specials, honored several days before Christmas as well, visit us at:

Vegas Wedding Chapel
Eloping on Christmas Eve? We have intimate and memorable ceremonies you can stream live online for the folks back home!