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Spring for a Spring Wedding in Las Vegas in Our Gazebo Chapel–By the Light of the Silvery Vegas Moon!

Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Vegas
The perfect way to elope to Vegas on a glorious spring evening!

Spring is already in the air in Las Vegas, with daytime temperatures reaching the 70s–perfect for outdoor wedding season! Whether you choose to be married in our Gazebo or Garden Chapel by a traditional minister or by Elvis, this is simply the BEST time of year to elope for a romantic outdoor Vegas wedding!

Our outdoor chapels are gorgeous in the filtered light of morning or afternoon, but are even more picturesque during the evening hours, when the twinkling lights come on. The choice is yours! Both of our outdoor chapels are sheltered from breezes and traffic noise–You’d never know you’re so close to Las Vegas Boulevard and our lighted chapel marquee. That’s where your names will be in lights over the Strip after your ceremony for a one-of-a-kind photo op! If you elope to Vegas, our photographer will get the shot for you!

Gazebo Wedding Vegas

To give you an idea of what’s included, here’s one of our upgraded packages, below. You can make your wedding even more affordable by choosing a daytime ceremony, which costs slightly less, or by choosing a package without limo service. (BUT, it’s a GREAT way to make your wedding more memorable, as you are chauffeured back to your hotel through the fabulous neon of Las Vegas Boulevard!)

Evening Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Package
Viva Las Vegas’s most popular Evening Gazebo Weddings offer the romance of twinkling white lights and vintage lampposts. Our secluded gazebo is nestled in greenery-covered latticework, tucked away from the excitement of the Las Vegas Strip nearby. You’ll think you’re in a moonlit garden paradise! The Outdoor Gazebo seats up to 15 guests, and you may also select this package’s features for a daytime ceremony, if you prefer.

The Evening Outdoor Gazebo Wedding package can be also be performed during the day with all the same features.

Package Features Include:
Evening or Daytime Ceremony in the Outdoor Gazebo
6 Rose Bouquet
8 Candid Photos (taken during ceremony)
Souvenir Wedding Scroll
Complimentary Limousine Service to and from the Chapel for the Couple
Wedding Website and Wedding Invitation
Your Names In Lights on Our Marquee
Wedding Coordinator
Chapel Fee
Ceremony is Limited to 15 Wedding Guests or Less
Price $425.00

Vegas outdoor wedding
You can’t find a more romantic spot to tie the knot, and just footsteps from the Las Vegas Strip!

If you’re eloping and tying the knot in either of our outdoor chapels, be sure to ask about live streaming your wedding on the Internet, for family and friends back home. It’s optional, but some couples like to share their special moment, even if only from afar. Please call us with any questions or to schedule your spring wedding—or in any other season! Viva Las Vegas Weddings: 702-384-0771

Scenic Outdoor Weddings Near Las Vegas –Perfect in Fall!

Red Rock Canyon Wedding Vegas
Get married against a gorgeous Red Rock Canyon backdrop!

Fall is in the air, and that means outdoor Las Vegas weddings are picking up, big time! Temperatures are gradually becoming ideal for daytime weddings in picturesque wedding landscapes surrounding Vegas. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you can book a unique outdoor wedding just minutes outside Las Vegas in the stunning Red Rock Canyon. You’ll travel there by limousine from your Las Vegas hotel, meeting your minister, photographer/videographer, and receiving your flowers and all the extras right at the site.

Get Married at Vegas Sign
The iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and the picturesque Strip serve as background for your Viva Las Vegas wedding!

You won’t travel far, though, to be married in front of the classic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, another of our destination wedding options. The sign is set on a landscaped median right on the Las Vegas Strip. Elvis marries you right on the spot, and your photographer arrives with flowers to meet your limousine, parked right there. Best of all, the glamorous hotels on Las Vegas Boulevard are right behind you, too, which can be even more striking at night when the neon lights come on! Not big on Elvis? Our Las Vegas Sign Wedding can be performed by a traditional minister, too.

Vegas Sign wedding
Even more spectacular by night, Elvis marries you with the Strip’s neon landscape in the background!

For more information on these wedding packages, as well as exciting helicopter and Grand Canyon weddings, visit Choose the outdoor wedding of your dreams, or put together a custom package at the site of your choice with just the options you need by calling one of our friendly staffers at 702-384-0771. Viva Las Vegas—and happy autumn wedding!

Plan Your Fall Las Vegas Wedding Outdoors at a Picturesque Location!

Wedding at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
Choose the serene desert and stunning Red Rock Canyon as a backdrop for your wedding
Autumn is officially here, a time when the weather is typically breathtaking in Las Vegas. If it’s just the two of you, or if you have only a limo-full of guests, we think one of the most romantic weddings we offer at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel takes place just outside the city, and at sunset.

You’ll be whisked away from your hotel in one of our limousines, taken 20 miles west of Las Vegas into the gorgeous Red Rock Canyon. Your bouquet, minister, photographer and videographer will all be there to meet you. Your ceremony and your photo session will take place before some of the most stunning scenery in Southern Nevada.

The Beautiful Red Rock Wedding package also includes champagne glasses for toasting afterward, and the required National Park Service fee. You’ll need to book two weeks ahead to make all the arrangements to be married on this special site.

On your way back to Las Vegas in your stretch limo (if you do marry at sundown) you’ll enjoy an exciting panoramic view of the lights of Las Vegas just as they are coming on. Plus, you can have gourmet candlelit dining reservations waiting back at your hotel. Perfect!

Visit to check out this unique traditional wedding package. And feel free to call us with any questions. We’ll be happy to take care of every detail for you to make this your dream wedding in the glorious desert sunset! 702-384-0771

Wedding Photos at REd Rock Canyon
Natural light at sunset makes for gorgeous wedding photos!

Las Vegas Sign Wedding
Image courtesy of

With scorching summer temperatures behind us as fall approaches, Viva Las Vegas Weddings will soon again be offering our popular Get-Married-at-the-Iconic-Welcome-to-Fabulous-Las-Vegas-Sign Wedding. Your package includes limo service to and from the sign (where there is also parking for your guests, right on the median!), flowers, photography, videography, Elvis/minister and even music! If you like, you can plan the whole thing to take place at sunset, when the rosy outdoor lighting makes for the most amazing photos.

Elvis at the Welcome to Vegas Sign
Elvis will meet you at the sign to perform your ceremony and a few tunes

This historic sign was designed in 1959 by Betty Willis, a pioneer in commercial design. It’s now one of the few remnants of Old Vegas, but remains a symbol of Sin City. Combine your wedding trip to Vegas with a visit to the Neon Museum near downtown Las Vegas. Here you can see the original signs from the long-gone hotels and businesses that made Las Vegas great. Fascinating tours are offered daily.

For more information on your wedding at the Las Vegas sign, or any aspect of planning your trip to Las Vegas, give one of our friendly staffers a call, 702-384-0771. They’ll be happy to chat about this or any of our other unique wedding ideas.

Five Reasons to Choose an Evening Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Wedding Chapels in Vegas
Making a dramatic exit from the chapel under our brightly-lit marquee right on the Strip!

In summer and fall there are plenty of good reasons to time your Viva Las Vegas wedding ceremony for sunset or after dark. (Of course, our chapels are chilled during the daytime, so you’ll be cool as a cucumber either way–if yours is an indoor wedding.) Here are some thoughts to consider, if your wedding time is still undecided.

1. Outdoor evening weddings will seem much cooler in summer. Before the sun goes down, summer and even autumn temperatures can be pretty warm in Las Vegas, so you can beat the heat by holding your ceremony after dark.

2. Your names will appear in lights after your ceremony above the chapel exit. While this looks GREAT during the day, these lights are AMAZING by night on the Las Vegas Strip! (Tell your guests to bring bubbles to blow as you exit. Or, they are available for purchase in the chapel lobby!)

Unique vegas wedding
Your names and wedding date will be in lights after your ceremony! BTW, we don’t allow alcohol of any kind before or during the wedding ceremony. This groom must’ve stashed a beer!

3. If you choose an outdoor wedding in our Garden or Gazebo Chapel, the romantic twinkling white lights will add to the intimacy and mood! Plus, in summer, the misting systems provide more effective cooling after dark.

Evening Vegas outdoor wedding
Evening weddings are cooler and more romantic!

4. If your wedding package comes with limo or town car transportation, the ride is much more spectacular after the lights of the Strip have come on! For many couples, choosing a package that includes a limo is a big part of what makes the wedding experience special and more memorable. If that’s how you feel, you’ll want the lights, too!

5. Planning an evening wedding makes your wedding night flow beautifully from ceremony to afterglow. Schedule things so that a special honeymoon dinner follows directly after the ceremony. (We do receptions onsite, too, if you want to include your guests.) Many couples have plans to see a show on the wedding night…so the excitement just builds! After all, you’ll want to do the town in those fancy duds, as long as you’re all dressed up!

For more information or advice on any of our Traditional, Themed or Elvis Weddings, or our Outdoor wedding ceremonies, call us at 702-484-0771 or visit us to chat online at

An Evening Garden Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

garden wedding vegas
Our most romantic evening wedding in our Garden Chapel

Las Vegas weddings are always easy and exciting, but they can be VERY romantic, too. If romance is what you want most of all for your own wedding ceremony, you’ll definitely want to check out our lush Garden Chapel under the stars. You’re enveloped in climbing ornamental plants, enclosed in a pitched trellis canopy supported by Italian cypress trees and statuesque white pillars. You’ll never believe you’re just steps away from the fabulous Las Vegas Strip! The Garden Chapel is lit by dozens of twinkling white lights that make for a sublimely picturesque evening wedding.

Garden wedding vegas
The wedding photographer peeps through the greenery to shoot this moment of a wedding ceremony!

Our Garden Nighttime Wedding package includes photography and DVD, music, 8-rose bouquet and boutonniere in the color of your choice, round-trip limousine service from your Strip or Downtown hotel, personal wedding coordinator to conduct a mini-rehearsal before the ceremony, unity candle, your names in lights on our marquee above the Las Vegas Strip after your wedding, and online invitation/wedding website. The Garden Chapel seats up to 40 people, in case you are bringing guests along. No guests? Ask us about streaming your wedding live online from the Garden.Your family and friends can watch from anywhere in the world!

Vegas wedding outdoors
Reverend Daphne performing a wedding against the twinkling lights of the Garden trellis.

Now is the perfect time of year to book your Garden wedding, day or night. Questions? Give us a call at 702-384-0771. Or visit our website and click on “Traditional Weddings” to scroll down to our Garden Wedding options. And, yes, you can ask to have Elvis perform your ceremony and sing songs in the Garden Chapel! At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we are all about options and customizing your wedding. It’s YOUR day! (Or…night!) Viva Las Vegas!

Outdoor Elvis Weddings in Springtime Las Vegas!

Elvis outdoor wedding Vegas
Get married in Spring in a lovely Outdoor Garden Chapel–by Elvis!

Our Outdoor Gazebo and Garden Chapels are picturesque and VERY popular for Springtime weddings in Las Vegas. In your choice of lovely settings, you can tie the knot with a traditional minister, or…with Elvis! You can even get married outdoors at the iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

Adding Elvis to one of our outdoor wedding packages is simply a matter of letting us know that’s what you’d like, and prices depend on the number of songs you want Elvis to perform. (Elvis performing your ceremony and singing one song will be an additional $150, for example.) Scroll down our webpage to find the right outdoor wedding for you, then just ask to add Elvis when you call us to schedule your wedding: 702-384-0771

Elvis Vegas wedding outdoors

If you’d like a truly unique outdoor wedding in Las Vegas, may we suggest our Las Vegas Sign Wedding? It’s all-inclusive and makes for an unforgettable wedding adventure! Elvis will meet your limousine at the site, perform your ceremony, and serenade you with songs. Your flowers and photographer/videographer will be waiting for you there, too!
Elvis las vegas sign wedding

Be sure to book your springtime wedding early, before the heat of summer sets in! While the Garden and Gazebo chapels have a cooling mist system, the Las Vegas Sign is too toasty from about June-October. Questions? Give us a call! Viva Las Vegas!