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Engaged on Valentine’s Day? Win a Wedding in Las Vegas at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

win a vegas wedding
Enter today! Contest ends February 28th

If you’re planning a wedding in Las Vegas in the next year or so, you might as well WIN a FREE wedding in Vegas at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel! From now until February 28th, go to to find out all the details on how you can win an Elvis, traditional or themed wedding of your choice in Las Vegas.

The prize is worth $499, which you can apply to cover the full price of a wedding of $499 or less, or apply that amount to a more elaborate wedding package, like the James Bond 007 wedding package, pictured above. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received, but you can enter multiple times by Liking us on Facebook, Following us on Twitter, Sending a Viva Las Vegas Tweet, or Following us on Pinterest.

Already booked a wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel? It’s not too late to enter. Check contest details to make sure you haven’t booked on a blackout date, since a few of these apply. (If that’s the case, you can always re-book for a different day.)

Elvis and Priscilla Las Vegas weddings
Win a wedding (maybe with Elvis?) at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

The free wedding giveaway is good for first-time wedding ceremonies, vow renewals, and same-sex weddings. You’ll need to book your wedding before March 1, 2016, to use your prize. You’ve got nothing to lose if you’re planning to tie the knot in Vegas. Tell all your engaged or almost-engaged friends about this before Valentine’s Day, or at least before the February 28th deadline.(Or keep it to yourself to increase your odds of winning!) Best of luck, and Happy Valentine’s Day to all from Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Book Your Valentine’s Day 2015 Wedding in Las Vegas ASAP!

Valentine's Elvis weddings las vegas
It’s still not too late to book your Valentine’s Wedding with Elvis!

Getting engaged over the holidays? You’ll want to book your Valentine’s Day 2015 wedding soon, if that’s the date you’re going for. It is, after all, the most popular wedding date in Las Vegas– and probably every else, too! It falls on a Saturday this time, so it’s sure to be a record-breaking day for weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. From a simple Gazebo or Garden wedding with Elvis or a traditional minister, to a full-on elaborately themed wedding in our spectacular Main Chapel, we can create the wedding package that’s just right for you and your Valentine!

Las Vegas wedding chapel for Valentine's
Valentine’s Day in our cozy and romantic Little Chapel

On busy occasions like Valentine’s Day, we also open up our little jewel-box of a chapel, The Little Chapel, for romantic, intimate weddings with very few guests, or maybe just the two of you. It’s decorated in Valentine rose and burgundy, to set off brides in white with pink bouquets, or brides in pink with white bouquets, or even brides in flaming movie star red!

Outdoor wedding in Las Vegas
Romantic night time weddings in our Gazebo Chapel are perfect for Valentine’s!

To browse our Valentine’s Day specials with Elvis (or a traditional or other impersonator minister) or to check out our five beautiful wedding venues to pick the one that’s right for you, visit:

Don’t wait too long! (But we can still marry you on 2-15-15…)

Viva Las Vegas Valentine’s Day Weddings

Las Vegas Valentines Weddings
Happy Valentine’s Day Weddings to all our 2/14/14 couples!

It’s that time of year once again when we’re expecting a deluge of love at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. From dawn until midnight on St. Valentine’s Day, we’ll be (we hope!) running all our chapels like a well-oiled machine. Elvi will be running rampant, and seas of beautiful couples in white, red, and pink will be slipping in and out of limos and town cars, stepping lightly through their paces with one of our many personal wedding coordinators. It’s our most challenging day of the year, and our goal is for every wedding to be as seamlessly-run as possible. Heck, we will likely even be working around news crews a bit. It’s a top story on the local and national news every year.

With sunny weather and nearly 80-degree temperatures expected, it will be a gorgeous day, particularly for those getting hitched in our outdoor Garden and Gazebo Chapels.

How many weddings can we get done on February 14th you ask? With all of our chapels running full kilt for extended hours, we may close in on 80 or more weddings on the day! If all goes perfectly, couples won’t feel any more hurried, though, since the time allotted on this very busy day is the same as for a quiet day. But there will surely be an extra air of excitement and joy that’s palpable.

Generally speaking, couples tend to go in for the more traditional weddings on Valentine’s Day at our chapels. But there are a few exceptions, being Viva Las Vegas and all.

Here, for example, is the kind of wedding we are NOT expecting to see this holiday. We loved the pink dress. And the costumes! There’s rarely been much of a wackier cast of characters than a giant carrot and banana as wedding party. Whatever your plans for your Valentine’s Day wedding in Vegas, we can’t wait to make it all legal for you—-vegetables, fruits… whatever!


A Brides Review~ Say “Yes” to Viva Las Vegas

20121001_193300My husband and I recently got married at Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel on Valentines Day in 2013. We wanted to marry in Vegas because we couldn’t afford a huge traditional wedding and a honeymoon, so we decided to do both at the same time. I was pretty worried because I reviewed chapels online, and sometimes you never know what to expect when you actually get there, but I was very happy with our decision. We married in the outdoor gazebo and it was just as gorgeous in person as it was online. Whoever designed and decorated did an amazing job; the whole chapel is beautiful down to the walkway. Valentines Day is a very busy day for them, but everyone there was calm and collected which made me feel much better. Our limo driver Deanna was absolutely amazing. She went above and beyond to make me and my guests in the limo happy. She was very pleasant. The wedding coordinator, front desk employees, photographer, and minister were very nice.  I don’t have any complaints about anything. We plan on renewing our vows every 5 years and coming back here to do it!


Colorado Springs, CO


The Real City of Love & Romance…


Which city was voted the #1 love-spot to visit on Valentines Day in the country? Who was also named THE SEXIEST city? Need I say more? It’s where what happens here, stays here. We are considered to be your best kept secret.

St.Valentines Day is that one wonderful day to make up for all of the other run of the mill days. It is that significant day when 50 year sweethearts and one day old daters may express their love in so many ways.

Couples may even choose to say “I-Do,” to have many memorable anniversaries to come. Here in Las Vegas, we have over 50 free standing wedding chapels. We have great engagement spots, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Gondolas at the Venetian and The Bellagio love fountains to name a few.

We wish all those who are in love, and those who choose this day to say “yes,” to their love, a beautiful Valentines Day.


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Hugs & Kisses from your friends at Viva Las Vegas Weddings…Now that’s Amore!


Top 7 Things To Do For Your Sweet Valentine

Love is in the Air
Love is in the Air

A whopping $650,000 will be spent on the sweetest day of the year. Candy, flowers, perfume and jewelry will top the lists for lovers and married couples. Below is a fun list of Valentines day surprises to make him or her feel like they are special. Lets start at 7 and work our way down…

7~ Surprise her/him with a great 3 day Vegas getaway.

6~ Re-enact your first date, go to the restaurant, or rent the movie you went to see, and top it off with a “if it wasn’t for this, there wouldn’t be an us,” loving card or poem.

5~Buy her a bouquet of her favorite flowers and send them to her work.

4~Go on a hot air balloon ride and arrange for a picnic afterwards.

3~Make an appointment at a luxurious spa for a couples massage.

2~Renew your wedding vows as a surprise.

1~Get engaged!

Wishing you and yours a memorable Valentines Day!

Finnish Bride

Love is in the air..