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Love in a Limo–Transportation for YOUR Viva Las Vegas Wedding

Vegas Wedding Limos
Wedding packages that include limo service are a memorable way to celebrate your special day!

You may not know that all of our Themed Weddings– and many of our other Viva Las Vegas Wedding Packages– include round-trip limousine transportation from your Strip or Downtown Hotel. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy the dazzling lights of Las Vegas either coming or going, if you schedule an evening wedding with us. In the daytime, you’ll be able to “scout out” the hotels and attractions along the way that you might want to take in during your honeymoon stay. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is located between Sahara Avenue, at the north end of the Strip’s mega-resort corridor, and fabulous Downtown Las Vegas. (Note: If your wedding package includes limo service, you’ll want to remember to tip your driver. The suggested gratuity for this is $30, likely less than cab fare, which is not nearly as luxurious. After all, it’s your wedding day!) 🙂

We also offer off-property weddings that include limousine service. Our Beautiful Red Rock Wedding takes you out into the gorgeous red canyons a short drive from the city. You’ll have a view of all of Las Vegas as you return! For more information on this spectacularly scenic wedding, click here:

And, our helicopter weddings will also include limo service to the helipad! More details on our scenic helicopter weddings over the lights of Las Vegas can be found under “Destination Weddings” on our website at

Couples who want to add a Photo Tour of Las Vegas as an upgrade to their wedding package will enjoy limo transportation to multiple picturesque sites along with one of our friendly professional photographers. We can even arrange for you to marry IN the limo or at a special site along the way.

We also offer weddings with Elvis AT the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. Elvis meets your limo there, along with your photographer, who will take still pictures and video and bring your wedding flowers in tow. Learn more about this unique wedding package here:

Vegas Wedding Transportation
Just the two of you, or up to six members of your wedding party can ride along!

Give us a call to make arrangements for the wedding of your dreams, including luxury limo service! Lots of guests? You can even add a limo or two to get you all to the chapel on time. Viva Las Vegas Weddings, 702-384-0771

Biggest Las Vegas Adventure Yet! Kelly and Ron Get Married by Elvis!

Elvis Wedding Story
They did it! Kelly and Ron tied the knot with The King of Rock ‘n Roll in Las Vegas last night!

On their tenth visit to fabulous Las Vegas, Kelly and Ron of New Hampshire pulled out all the stops and exchanged wedding vows with Elvis! Their 25 enthusiastic guests flew in from several states for this memorably fun occasion, plus an audience of family and friends were watching the live stream back home. Everyone went wild as the couple burst into the chapel in a pink Cadillac driven right down the aisle by The King himself. THAT’S how you get married in Vegas!

Our chapel staff members LOVED seeing Kelly and Ron’s personal story of how they’d decided on a Vegas wedding, posted on their Viva Las Vegas Weddings wedding website page. Once we read it, we were thrilled to be able to share their greatest Vegas adventure yet–The Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding! (By the way, a customizable Viva wedding website page is included in all of our wedding packages, and it’s where couples can post photos, the story of their romance and proposal, plus it doubles as an online invitation and the place the wedding video can be archived for all to see.) Ron and Kelly’s story was especially delightful–it was almost like an ad for all the fantastic things you can do in Las Vegas! Below, we’ve decided to share their story, and, for awhile anyway, the archived video of their absolutely amazing wedding ceremony with Elvis!

Vegas Wedding Couple
Kelly and Ron, frequent fliers around Las Vegas, on an earlier adventure…

Here’s the link to watch all the fun:

And below, in Ron and Kelly’s own words, how they decided to get married by Elvis in Las Vegas:

“You may ask why Vegas? April of 2010, our friends Ed and Sharron invited us to join them for a week at their time share. Neither of us had ever been to Vegas and we gladly accepted. We didn’t know what to expect. It was gaudy, loud, crowded, can be expensive, and just walking down the street can be an adventure. At the time, there were a lot of “card snappers” to contend with (look it up). Guess what? We loved it!!
Since then, we have been back 8 times. Not that gambling can’t be fun (when you win) and there are excellent high end bars and restaurants, but we discovered there is a lot more to do than gamble on the strip. Over the years, we visited the Neon Museum (a well-kept “junk yard” of all the old Neon Signs from early Vegas), The Mob Museum, Zip Lining in Boot Leg Canyon (and Fremont Street), Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, Driving a Jeep through some amazing terrain, Xscream ride on top of the Stratosphere (and I jumped off), Container Park, The Atomic Testing Museum, The High Roller, numerous shows, Ditch Friday (pool party with Robin Thicke), Madame Tussauds and the creme da la crème, a helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon where we landed on a ledge and got out to have lunch.
When we decided to get married (it had been suggested on previous trips), Vegas was the obvious choice, as was being married by Elvis at Viva Las Vegas.”

Wishing Kelly and Ron a lifetime of adventure and happiness ahead! Keep returning to Las Vegas to make more memories, and we hope one day we’ll meet again for a renewal of vows ceremony… We loved sharing your special day. And enjoy every minute of your honeymoon stay in Fabulous Las Vegas!

Elvis Wedding Story
The happy couple!

Round-Trip Limo Service Included in Your Viva Las Vegas Themed Wedding Package!

Limo Service and Las Vegas Weddings
How ’bout a sunset drive to your Las Vegas wedding–then back to your hotel as the Strip comes to life?

Hey all you brides and grooms! Did you know that all of our Themed Weddings and many of our Elvis and Traditional weddings in Las Vegas include limo service to and from your Las Vegas hotel? Nothing could be more romantic than basking in the afterglow of your ceremony as you take in the evening sights of Sin City at its brightest. Las Vegas Boulevard by night is one of the most iconic drives on the planet, so it’s a magical experience you’ll want to make part of your wedding night. (Ask our friendly staffers about timing of your wedding so you can catch the sunset coming or going to your wedding at our chapel.)

Don’t forget, you can also add a twilight cocktail reception after your ceremony in one of our intimate and elegant reception rooms. If it’s just the two of you we can send you off with a wedding cake to-go, and even a bottle of bubbly with special commemorative glasses. Simply ask us about these options when you book your wedding with us. Our wedding planners can describe a multitude of add-ons to customize your wedding package.

Our limos seat up to eight comfortably, if you want your guests to come along for the ride after the wedding. Wedding packages that do not include limo service can easily be upgraded, too, so that you can have this memorable ride back to your honeymoon hotel.

Check out this glamorous video of some of the sights you may see coming or going to your wedding. We think you’ll agree that our spectacular limo service will help make your wedding night completely unforgettable!

We hope these images will conjure up some ideas for making your own Viva Las Vegas wedding a night to remember!

Viva Las Vegas Limo Service for Wedding Chapel pick up
You’ll have a panoramic view from your stretch limo “ride!”

What to Tell Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding Guests

Viva Wedding Chapel
Get the word out to friends and family about getting to the chapel on time!

When it’s not just the two of you eloping to Las Vegas, it’s a good idea to let friends and family who will be here know all the ins and outs of your wedding ceremony at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Here are a few things you may want to pass on, and you can even use your free online wedding website/invitation to share this information, if you like! There, you can post photos, the story of your proposal and how you met, and all the great reasons why you’re getting married in Vegas! (We’ll hook you up with your very own wedding website when you book your wedding with us!)

Here are the main things your guests might want to know in advance:

1. Be sure to arrive on time! If your guests aren’t coming to the chapel with you in the limo, make sure they know where we’re located, and make sure they allow plenty of time to get here. Since some days the chapel may be booked every single half hour of the day, by necessity we start all weddings right on time. Feel free to call the chapel to ask for advice on the best routes from your hotel. 1-702-384-0771.

2. YES! If your wedding package (as most do) includes photography and video, your guests can also take pictures during the ceremony. We request that they do this from their seats, though. Since our photographer is moving all around the chapel to get the best angles, we worry about folks tripping over each other, or hampering the photographer’s work. After the ceremony,though, cameras must be turned off for the posed photo session with our photographer. He or she will take group shots that include your guests and family members. Once they step outside the chapel to celebrate as you emerge under your “Names in Lights” on our marquee over the exit, your guests are free to take photos again. Best photo op ever!!!! (If you are having a Garden, Gazebo, or Doo Wop Diner wedding, we’ll still bring you and your guests around front to take photos under our famous sign!)

Brides room Viva Las Vegas weddings
A cozy room for checking your lips and veil before walking down the aisle

3. No rice, no confetti, no birdseed. But YES, we do bubbles! We know it’s tradition for church weddings to throw these things as couples step outside from their wedding. But since we do so many ceremonies, we use wedding bubbles instead. We sell them in our lobby, or you can bring your own. They are just as fun and festive, and they turn into rainbows of happiness in the Vegas sunshine! 🙂

4. Since our Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is a restored historic building, restroom facilities are very limited. It’s a good idea to know this ahead of time, to avoid a long line at the restroom door, if you have lots of guests! However, we do have a cozy bride’s room for checking hair and makeup briefly before the ceremony, that sort of thing. We just want you to know our limitations, if you have a LOT of friends and family attending.

5. Your guests may wish to have bottled water. We don’t have a water fountain here at the chapel. While we do sell cold bottled water in our lobby, guests, especially in summer, are also welcome to bring their own. Summertime weddings require hydration!

If you have any other concerns or questions about your Viva Las Vegas Wedding, call us or live chat with us on our website at We want your day to go as beautifully and seamlessly as possible!

What to Expect at Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding

Viva Las Vegas Wedding
The one that didn’t get away! Making sure your day is just right is important to us.

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’re always trying to produce the wedding of your dreams. We are absolutely ecstatic when we read some of our great wedding chapel reviews on Tripadvisor and other sites. But, sometimes couples make comments about things that were not quite right or that disappointed them in some way, and we try to learn from those and do better.

Little disappointments happen sometimes, though, and many seem to be when brides and grooms aren’t quite sure what to expect. We hope that if they know a little more in advance, they’ll be able to help us make their day even better by expressing concerns or asking questions.

Here are a few of the most common concerns, with suggestions to help with planning your perfect Las Vegas wedding.

1. Some couples find the ceremonies to be too short. Depending on the package you choose (and whether songs by Elvis or other performers are involved) your actual ceremony will run from eight to about 16 minutes. Your ceremony has a 30-minute time frame, but that includes your mini-rehearsal with your wedding coordinator, and a photo shoot afterward with our photographer. We do our best not to make you feel rushed. That’s usually not hard, since we have weddings down to a science and most run very smoothly. If you have a simple traditional ceremony, and you’d like it to be a little longer, feel free to read vows to each other, or add a candle lighting, song, or first dance. Our staff will be happy to discuss options with you ahead of time. On the whole, most couples are very happy with the time frame, especially…for some reason…the grooms. 😉

2. If your wedding will be seen streaming live online, be sure to tell your friends and family to call the chapel immediately if the streaming is not working. This is a rare mishap, but often easily corrected if there’s a problem. As we all know, technology can let us down sometimes, but we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that doesn’t happen.

3. Most wedding packages include photography and some photos. Some pictures ceremony candids, some are formally posed in the chapel, and some are taken outside afterward. Flash photography is used for the most part, but our photographers vary it a little, sometimes using ambient/natural light. Visit our website and click on “order photos” to get an idea of what your pictures will be like. We are one of few chapels in Las Vegas that will allow your guests to take photos from their seats during the ceremony. But, for posed shots in the chapel after the wedding, our photographer has a private session and no other pictures may be taken. (Note: We also may be the only wedding chapel in Las Vegas where you can hire and bring in your own photographer instead of using our house photographer. There is a fee involved for this, though, since our own photographer will still be hard at work videotaping and running lights, music and sound for your wedding. Ask our friendly staff about bringing in your own photographer at the time you book your wedding.)

4. If your wedding package includes limousine service, it’s important to be on time meeting your “ride” at the designated spot outside your hotel. We try very hard to keep our weddings on time, especially when family and friends will be watching live on the internet, so punctuality is very important all along the line. For example, if your wedding time is 6pm, we need to have you there and ready to go by then, since it is more than likely that someone will be getting married at 6:30, too! Lateness causes some uncomfortable juggling, which we really try to avoid. That said, things do come up, but communication and timeliness are what we strive for. After all, it’s your wedding day!

Any other questions or concerns? Let us know how to help. 702-384-0771 We want you to feel confident ahead of time that your day will be just right, and your wedding uniquely YOU.

A Military Discount for Your Viva Las Vegas Wedding


Veteran’s Day is coming up, and we at Viva Las Vegas Weddings are ever mindful of our veterans. As with so many others in our country, many of us have military members in our families. If you’re currently in the service, or a veteran, be sure to ask about our military discount for your traditional, themed, or Elvis wedding in Las Vegas. (No, you don’t have to wear your dress uniform to get it. But don’t these guys, above, look GREAT?) We’ll deduct the $60.00 minister’s fee from your package. It’s our way of thanking you for your service, on the most special day in your life.

Remember, too, that your ceremony can be seen streaming live online, if you’ve got buddies stationed elsewhere around the world who can’t be here to share your day.

Please feel free to call us at 702-384-0771 for any other assistance you might need choosing a wedding that’s right for you, or if you need advice on your stay in Las Vegas. If we can’t answer your questions on the spot, we’ll find out and get back to you. We figure we owe it to our servicemen and women to go above and beyond. We may never be able to repay you for your service and sacrifice, but we will do whatever we can to make sure your wedding is perfect for you.

Choose from any of the traditional or creative themed or Elvis weddings on our site at: Or, give us a call to arrange a customized wedding with all the elements that will make your day uniquely your own. By the way, your discount is not just good on Veteran’s Day, but every day! It will be an honor to serve you.