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Meet Monica…And Let Her Help You with YOUR Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Las Vegas Wedding Planner
Here’s Monica, hard at work scheduling weddings and helping with all those wedding details!

Chances are good that when you call Viva Las Vegas Weddings to book or plan your wedding day in Vegas, you’ll speak to Monica, one of our friendliest and most helpful wedding staffers! (She’ll even chat with you online on our website at Monica is a HUGE asset to our chapel, since she’s among the rare few NATIVE Las Vegans. (It seems that almost all of our residents came from somewhere else and have migrated to Vegas because of its climate and great career opportunities.) Because Monica grew up here, she knows the city very well and is a good source of advice not only on wedding ideas, but also on great things to see and do while you’re honeymooning in Vegas!

On her days off, Monica loves hiking at nearby Red Rock Canyon (check out our Beautiful Red Rock Wedding Package and the stunning scenery on our website!) or walking along the Las Vegas Strip, checking out all the casino and resort happenings. (You can ask her about her favorites when you call!)

Asked about the best part of her job, Monica says, ” My favorite part of working at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is meeting people from all over the world and seeing how in love and happy couples are.” When asked what the hardest part of her job is, she replies “Nothing really! Viva Las Vegas is a very well organized company and well-maintained.” (We will ask her again on Valentine’s Day or Halloween, when we’re doing up to 100 weddings in a single day!)

We also asked Monica about the sweetest, funniest or most memorable event she has witnessed at the chapel. “Something I will always remember is (when) one of the wedding guests surprised his girlfriend. He asked her to marry him at the chapel, when she thought they were only here to see his dad renewing his wedding vows. The girl had no idea she was about to receive a marriage proposal!”

Wedding Limo Vegas
From the planning to the kiss, our wedding staffers aim to make your Las Vegas wedding experience seamless and memorable!

Sometimes the best stories our wedding staffers have to share are about the funny things that can go wrong during a wedding. For Monica, this was when a beautiful bride tripped on her dress as she was walking down the aisle. If you ask our wedding planners for advice, they’ll nearly always tell brides to practice walking in their wedding dress and shoes before the ceremony. Make sure the dress isn’t too long, and make sure to practice walking on carpet in heels! (Of course, this doesn’t apply to brides who opt for barefoot for the Elvis Blue Hawaii or Beach Party Themed Weddings!)

Offering up further advice for couples planning their weddings, Monica adds, “Always ask for help and plan ahead of time. Don’t assume something is a certain way–actually spend time doing research and asking experts on the process of getting married.” When you book a wedding at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you’ll receive an online packet with instructions for every aspect of your wedding day. Reading it and asking questions ahead of time will make sure that your day is exactly what you dream it to be, and that all goes as perfectly as possible!

Say “hello” to Monica if you call or see her at the front counter on your wedding day!

Vegas Wedding Planners
Coming soon: Meet Monica’s colleague, Alondra!

Popping the Question in Vegas? Newest Hot Spots

High Roller
Propose in a pod over 500 feet above the Las Vegas Strip! Opening April 2014

Las Vegas is clearly one of the best places in the world to get married, but it’s also an absolutely thrilling place to get engaged. There are so many exciting spots for popping the question. Notable among them are the picturesque Bellagio fountains and the top of the Paris’s Eiffel Tower. And we can’t even begin to count the number of impossibly romantic restaurants. But here are some incredible new venues for your special proposal, ones that almost know one knows about—yet!

In April, the new Linq shopping and dining complex near The Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace) will unveil its magnificent centerpiece, a 550-foot observation wheel, aptly named “The High Roller.” The structure is 9 feet taller than the Singapore Flyer and 107 feet taller than the London Eye. The High Roller offers 28 enclosed, transparent sphere-shaped cabins, carrying up to 40 passengers each. It will take 30 minutes to make one picturesque revolution with views of the entire Strip. Plenty of time to pop the question, guys! The expected fare is under $20 per person. Be one of the first! There will be numerous sophisticated bars and cafés in the Linq complex, for toasting afterward.

How to get engaged in Las Vegas
Make your proposal spot memorable, and let it reflect the quality of your relationship with each other

If you’re leaning more toward a proposal out in nature, consider a desert trail ride at sunset, guided by seasoned cowboys. How ’bout offering her a hand to help her off her horse, a hand with a dazzling diamond ring in it? Or…your idea here….. Your sunset desert ride includes a yummy supper afterward, complete with homemade apple pie for dessert. What an all- American way to pop the big question! (For more information, contact Wild West Horseback Adventures, 702-792-5050.) If you’d rather go it alone, we recommend a romantic picnic along one of Red Rock Canyon’s scenic trails just outside Vegas. Take in gorgeous views of the canyon at sunset, and then the glamorous lights of Las Vegas in the distance as you head back to your hotel. Big sigh. What woman could ever forget a proposal surrounded by the spectacular beauty of Las Vegas’s desert vistas and the sight of the illuminated Strip in the distance?

We’d love to hear YOUR idea of a great Las Vegas proposal, if you’ve got a unique and creative one in mind. Or, maybe you’ve already proposed and want to tell about it. Do share. We love that kind of stuff! And, of course, Viva Las Vegas Weddings is always here to take care of all your wedding plans, from traditional to one-of-a-kind-creative.