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Best Advice for Viva Las Vegas Brides

Brides room at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
Powder your nose and check your veil before going down the aisle at Viva Las Vegas

What to expect as a Las Vegas bride? Jitters! But at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we’ll get you through it! Remember to bring your marriage license and the rings (check our website for all the details on getting your marriage license in Las Vegas), and we’ll do all the rest. We’ll have your fresh flowers ready for you when you arrive, and you’ll have your very own wedding coordinator to walk you through your paces before the ceremony.

Here are a few wedding tips that many brides at Viva Las Vegas have benefitted from or shared with us over the years:

1. If you are having an indoor wedding, your photographs will be taken with a flash, so feel free to use a bit of extra color when doing your bridal makeup. Extra powder, especially on hot summer days, will ensure that your face isn’t shiny in wedding photos.

2. Wear comfortable shoes. Even though your ceremony and photo session will be over in half an hour, you don’t want your “hound dogs” barking. If your wedding shoes are only “10-minute shoes,” consider wearing flats and bring your fancy shoes in a bag to put on right before the ceremony.

3. Come dressed and ready to go for your wedding. We have a cozy bride’s room right adjacent where you’ll go down the aisle, but it’s just for touch-up’s and making a last-minute check in the full-length mirror. (We wish we had room to accommodate all our brides as they dressed for their weddings, but logistics at Las Vegas chapels don’t really allow for this. We do offer a “First Look” package as an upgrade, if you don’t want to be seen in your dress before the ceremony. We’ll arrange a separate limousine and a beautiful private room for you and your lady attendants. Just ask one of our helpful wedding planners about our First Look package at 1-702-384-0771.)

4. Hold your bouquet just below your waist. Many brides don’t realize that their dresses can’t be seen to best advantage if the flowers cover up the bodice. And besides, you’ll look nervous. Fortunately, our wedding coordinators will remind you of this before you go down the aisle.

Marriage Happiness Secrets
Brides at outdoor weddings might want to bring a wrap in cold weather months, even though it’s nearly always sunny in Las Vegas!

5. Plan ahead if you want someone to walk you down the aisle. Father, brother, even hubby-to-be are popular choices. Elvis wedding? Elvis can walk you down the aisle, too. Or, any of our other themed characters. Just ask us!

6. If you’re planning a ceremony in our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Chapel, think about what you’re wearing and the season. You may want to bring along a pretty wrap or faux fur if it might be chilly. If the weather turns out to be really awful (a rarity in Las Vegas!), we’ll make other indoor arrangements for you.

7. Don’t hesitate to call the chapel in advance of your wedding day to confirm that everything is just as you want it to be. The better we communicate, the more perfectly your fabulous Las Vegas wedding will be!

The Best Way to Hide a Tattoo for Your Wedding (Sometimes a Girl Needs To…)

Job interview? Audition? Sometimes your stylish tatts might need to go undercover!
Photo courtesy of Louise Ungerman Photography

While your tiny butterfly or dolphin may make a fashion statement–after all, it’s an expression of your unique style–there may be occasions when you’d like to—just temporarily—hide your tattoo. Your Vegas wedding might be a the one and only time that your body art goes undercover. When it comes to getting married in Las Vegas, anything goes. But choices are important on your wedding day.

Brides are generally proud of their beautiful body art, but some prefer to conceal tattoos for the ceremony, so the designs don’t distract from the effect of formal gowns. Other brides will proudly rock an Elvis (or other) tattoo, even while wearing their full-on wedding finery. We think either choice is absolutely right, since your Las Vegas wedding is YOURS alone, and all about your preferences. But if you want the option, there’s a great way to discreetly cover your tattoo whenever you want to.

Recently we stumbled across a great tattoo concealing product that’s just right for brides. Judith August Cosmetics specializes in concealers, and you can order their phenomenal “Killer Cover” online. It offers absolutely opaque coverage (see video evidence below) for tattoos. Amazing stuff! JA Cosmetics has products for camouflaging just about any skin imperfection, from dark under eye circles to rosacea. Even if you’re not covering tattoos, your face can look flawless in your wedding photos. Judith August’s line of concealers even includes a cream to perfect your legs, “Invisible Stockings.” Just the thing for gorgeous gams in a shorter length wedding dress.

See the full line at We’ll see you on your wedding day, with or without your body art, at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Top Ten Tips for Picture Perfect Bridal Makeup

How to create the face in your wedding album Image courtesy of marin at
How to create the face in your wedding album
Image courtesy of marin at
Most brides hope to be absolutely breathtaking on the big day, from the dress to the hair. But fashion experts agree, the most important bridal “must” is perfect makeup. At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we are happy to refer you to the top makeup experts in Las Vegas. See our First Look packages at

Still, some brides just feel more comfortable doing their own face. So, we’d like to pass on a little advice. What you see in the mirror can sometimes look very different in photographs. Here are ten pointers to help you make sure you get the gorgeous, flawless look you’re going for, live and in pictures. After all, your wedding photos are images you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

1. Blend like crazy. If you use your everyday makeup, you’ll want to use more than usual, since it will be somewhat washed out by the flash. Make sure it is flawlessly blended, though. Apply a matte powder to make sure the flash doesn’t make your face look shiny.
2. For daytime weddings, you can use less makeup, but go just a bit more dramatic for the eyes. Again, blend shadows with a soft brush until there are no lines of demarcation.
3. Use plenty of concealer under eyes and on blemishes.
4. Do a trial run a few days ahead of time, and take pictures with flash. You’ll then have time to adjust your shades and learn from any mistakes.
5. Avoid mineral makeups. Most will reflect light and make a bride look like a ghost.
6. Use waterproof mascara, eyeliner, and foundation if you are prone to tears or if it will be a long wedding/reception.
7. Keep lips touched up and never dry. If you use lip liner, make sure it matches your lipcolor and blend well. Mattes and glossy lip colors look good in photos.
8. Don’t use glitter. It makes you look like you have white freckles in photos.
9. Apply foundation to your neck and décolletage to make sure your face matches your body.
10. Do not go to a tanning booth or have a spray tan right before your wedding. If you come out streaky or orange, no amount of PhotoShopping can fix your skin tone.

For more advice on do-it-yourself bridal makeup, here’s one of our favorite instructional videos. We look forward to seeing you in all your glory for your upcoming Viva Las Vegas wedding day!

An Australian Surprise at Viva Las Vegas

A romantic gesture is carried out by a Groom who is about to marry his Bride in Australia in May. The surprise felt like a scene out of a movie…but it truly was better. Our Groom had his lovely soon to be Bride dress like Marilyn Monroe. Then came the girls role in having the bride whisked away in a limousine wearing a blindfold and headphones. The Bride is brought along to the secret location~The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

Our Bride is walked upstairs to the Elvis and Priscilla room where her Groom awaits her arrival for a surprise commitment ceremony. The Groom is dressed like Elvis and his friends are all dressed in flight suits that say “Top Gun.” The gals all join them, and the blindfold comes off.

Elvis is their minister and the great ceremony begins. All 24 of them traveled from down under to make this a weekend to remember and it truly was a bachelor and bachelorette’s weekend. The Groom had one more surprise and it was an outfit that had everyone in stitches. Just look for the flowers below.

Then the guys were off to go race car driving, the gals were off to lay out at a cabana by the pool and the strip clubs were to follow to finish off the ultimate bachelor and bachelorette’s weekend.

Cheers to our happy couple and their great friends!


Bride of Frankenstein Weds at Viva Las Vegas

You have been invited to a hair raising experience at Viva Las Vegas Weddings…

When most people think of a wedding, they think of white lace and a beautiful chapel or garden. Well, for Judy & John it was quite the opposite. They chose to invite their guests and inform them that a classic old school wedding was about to happen. After all, Frankenstein needs a mate.  All guests were to use their imagination and come dressed for the occasion. Since it was late October,their guests were dressed to impress. It was a wedding to remember for this couple and their friends and family.

If you are recently engaged, and are in search of a ceremony that is beyond your dreams~ feel free to call us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings where we strive to make wedding dreams come true. 702-384-0771

Thank You Veterans from Viva Las Vegas

In honor of our Veterans…We thank you for your service &  great sacrifice.



My Father was a Veteran, and he stood so proud and tall

as many fathers did in their time to serve us all

Our countrymen are honored for their heroic deeds today

and we respectfully say thank you

on this very blessed day.