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Book a Princess Bride Themed Wedding at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Princess Bride style Wedding
Medieval costumes optional for this unique movie-themed wedding or wedding vow renewal!

By special request, we’ve just done our first Viva Las Vegas Themed Wedding paying tribute to the classic Princess Bride movie. The wacky comedy-period-adventure-romance-fantasy flick created a perfect backdrop for a wedding. (If you like, you can come dressed as Buttercup and whichever groom you like!) We had SO much fun that we laughed until we cried. The wedding was presided over by our very own Impressive Clergyman, speech impediment and all! “Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder today. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam…”

You can order up a similar wedding…it’s a bit of a spin-off from our Camelot Themed Wedding you’ll find on our website. You can choose that package and substitute Merlin or King Arthur with the Princess Bride Clergyman, as you wish! Our Camelot/Princess Bride wedding includes all the frills, even two knights in full regalia, or you can just ask our helpful staff for the custom features you are looking for, and we’ll design your own movie-themed wedding to suit your needs.

Our Themed Weddings typically include movie-themed music, smoke and theatrical lighting effects, round-trip limo service, flowers, photography and your names in lights high above the Las Vegas Strip after your ceremony for fantastic photos! You’ll even have a personal wedding coordinator to walk you through your paces before the ceremony begins.

fairy tale wedding
A fairy tale wedding with a happy ending!

Our fun themed and Elvis weddings also make great wedding vow renewals. What a way to celebrate an anniversary…with a vow renewal themed around your favorite movie, from back when you were first dating! Visit our website or give us a call for some inspired assistance on making your wedding day or anniversary “wery, wery special!” “Do not fowget the wings!” 702-384-0771

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Viva Las Vegas’s Most Romantic Evening Weddings!

Las Vegas Wedding Packages
Book these Viva Las Vegas Wedding Packages in the evening hours for extra dramatic effect!

Nighttime weddings have been very popular this summer, and the most romantic Viva Las Vegas weddings for evening include lit candelabras in our Main Chapel or twinkling white lights in our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Chapels. There’s just something about the extra drama of candles and moonlight that makes your ceremony unforgettable. Plus, you can go straight to an elegant wedding night dinner or show right afterward!

If you love the soaring music of Broadway, you can’t go wrong with an evening Phantom of the Opera Themed Wedding! You’ll be enveloped in foggy mist and candlelight, serenaded by two incredible singers. One, “The Phantom,” will perform your ceremony and then sing a duet with our “Christine”–“Think of Me,” will bring tears to your eyes and probably those of your wedding guests, too. Be sure to add live streaming internet so friends and family back home won’t miss the uniquely spectacular performance of your vows. We were surprised that this was one of our most popular themed weddings in the month of August…and now we know why!

Phantom Wedding in Vegas
Be serenaded by the Phantom and Christine during your thrilling, operatic ceremony!

If you like something even more exotic, our Egyptian Themed Wedding finds the bride carried down the aisle on Cleopatra’s Throne to repeat vows after our version of “minister” King Tut. You may want to costume yourselves accordingly. And we make that easy, since we have a costume shop right on our property. (Incidentally, this wedding is perfect for a toga party afterward!) Our altar area is decorated with sarcophagi and “ancient relics”–plus the wedding package includes hypnotic music, an Egyptian dancing girl, and a pair of hunky servant dudes. It’s a stunning and sexy setting for a very different kind of night time wedding ceremony!

Egyptian Wedding Vegas
Questions about our Egyptian Themed Wedding Package? Just asp! 702-384-0771

If you want something a bit more traditionally romantic, choose any of our Outdoor Gazebo or Garden Wedding Packages. They include all the frills, to varying degrees, from the most simple but all-inclusive package to one including limo transportation from your Strip or downtown hotel. And, feel free to add characters like the Phantom or King Tut or even the King of Rock ‘n Roll to your outdoor wedding ceremony, too! Yes, we’ve done that… Custom weddings are what we do best! For more information on all these packages, performed during the day as well as by night, check out our website at

Outdoor Vegas weddings
Outdoor Garden Chapel by night
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Which Elvis Married YOU at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel?

Elvis Weddings Vegas
Chapel owner Ron Decar has been marrying couples as Elvis in Las Vegas for more than 20 years!

Not everyone gets married by Elvis at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, although most do! Our Traditional and Themed weddings are nearly as popular, although Elvis seems to be the real draw at our chapel. We thought we’d take the time to introduce you to some of our “Elvi”—If you’ve married here or renewed your vows in the last few years, one of these faces may be familiar!

Chapel owner Ron Decar (above) does a pretty mean Elvis, but he’s also a licensed minister. (He’ll appear in a very different suit when he marries traditional wedding couples.) For our themed wedding packages, you may have seen Ron as James Bond, Austin Powers, Dracula, Zombie Elvis, The Godfather, Merlin, Darth Vader,Gomez Addams…the list goes on and on. Ron has a very fun, and VERY busy life! For many years Ron appeared at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas as lead singer in the Folies Bergere, also enjoying a notable national singing career…before he was Elvis…or Reverend Ron!

Elvis wedding chapel
Roland August lends a lot of energy and warmth to his Elvis weddings here at Viva Las Vegas Chapel!

Roland August (above) might be described as our most enthusiastic Elvis. If he is/was YOUR Elvis, you’ll remember him always for making you feel comfortable and going out of his way to personalize your ceremony and make it feel special. Roland, too, had a spectacular singing career before he was bitten by the Elvis bug in Vegas! Roland sometimes makes an appearance as a “hunky dude” in our Egyptian, Western or Beach Party themed weddings.

Outdoor Elvis wedding
Michael Conti brings The King to life in our indoor AND outdoor Evlis weddings!

Michael Conti (above) hails from Texas. He was having a “normal” career as a singer when someone told him he sounded like Elvis…and kinda looked like him, too. It may come as no surprise that many Elvis’s in Vegas wound up here because they were told the very same thing. And none of them would give it up for anything. Believe us when we say, marrying folks as Elvis is the BEST job ever! Michael is also featured in our Bluez Brothers and Rock’n Roll Themed Weddings.

mini elvis in vegas
Mini-Elvis is not in our “regular rotation” of Elvi, but we can special order for a unique take on an Elvis Wedding in Vegas!

Mini-Elvis is not on our staff, but he can be called in to do the honors as an upgrade if you’re looking for a REALLY unique Elvis Wedding. For more information on any of our Elvis Wedding Packages, give us a call at 702-384-0771 or visit us and chat online at !

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Get Married in Vegas by Movie or Comic Book Superheroes and Legends

Dracula wedding Vegas
Horror movie fans have a choice of horrifying “ministers” with our Gothic/Graveyard Themed Wedding Package!

Summer weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel sometimes reflect the summer blockbuster movies on the big screen. Like those epic space-themed series and superhero movies, sequels, prequels, etc. If you’re a fan, you can incorporate your favorite movie fantasies into your Vegas wedding package! We offer customize-able and affordable themed weddings with all the elements needed for Star Wars or Star Trek fans, James Bond 007 afficionads, or followers of a wide variety of superheroes, villains, and… alien beings. You can even take on the role of movie characters yourselves, and we’ll set you up with the appropriate costumed minister to play along. (A variety of costumes are also available for rental.) Your guests can dress up, too, and serve as “extras!”

Our 007, Intergalactic and Superhero themed packages include music, fog and special effects to thrill you and your guests. On our homepage at you’ll find Austin Powers, Pink (Panther) Diamond, Rocky’s Horror and many other movie-themed weddings. Our Gothic and Graveyard Weddings can be done with Dracula OR Edward “minister,” for example. We are happy to do substitutions for officiant characters, and we DO take requests! Grease the Musical themed wedding? Not on our website, but we can set you up with that in our Doo Wop Diner chapel. Give us a call with your ideas for the perfect wedding for YOU at 702-384-0771.

Here’s an example of what we can do with some movie-style smoke, props, costumes and music:

Let us set you up with a dream of a themed wedding in Las Vegas! See you on the set!

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Hitch Up Your Horses for a Western Themed Wedding in Las Vegas!

Western Wedding Vegas
Here’s the perfect wedding for Country Western fans, rodeo fans, or fans of the sweet and simple!

Thinking about getting hitched during the National Finals Rodeo, in Vegas every December? Or, would you just like the simplicity of a country wedding? Viva Las Vegas Weddings has you covered with our Western Themed Wedding Package. You’ll have a customizable Country/Western Themed Wedding guaranteed to knock your boots off! The package includes Western props, lights and smoke (trail dust?), flowers, photography and video, even round-trip limo service from your Las Vegas hotel. You’ll have a choice of ministers for your ceremony. Minister characters can be a cranky coal miner, a dashing cowboy, or maybe even a Johnny Cash impersonator to do the honors and sing a tune, if you like. Just let us know what you’re hankering for in your country-style wedding ceremony.

Our Western-themed wedding package includes one country song to be performed live during the unity candle lighting. How ’bout “I Cross My Heart,” “I Swear,” or “Keeper of the Stars”? There won’t be a dry eye in the chapel. Some couples prefer to bring their own music on a CD. That’s fine, too. Please tell us ahead of time so we can have it all set up for you.

Your favorite country ballad can be played as the bride strolls down the aisle, and for the recessional, you might want to do the Electric Slide or a Boot Scootin’ Boogie with friends and family. Just like at your favorite country bar, we’ll take requests. You can have your ceremony streamed live online for the folks back home, too, in case they’re not in town for the event.

Country Western wedding Vegas
Wear your best boots to your Western Themed Wedding in Vegas!

Our hitchin’ post and Western props set the stage for your wedding, so you’ll fit right in wearing your best Western duds and cowboys hats—some brides choose to don a white, veiled cowgirl hat and white boots. For more information on this or any of our themed, traditional or Elvis weddings, call us at 702-384-0771 or check our website at See ya back at the ranch, before you ride into the sunset as bride and groom or “podners” united in marriage.

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Get Married in Vegas by the Rock ‘n Roll Legend of Your Choice!

Rock N Roll Wedding Vegas
Name your rock ‘n roll “minister” and we’ll provide an incredible tribute artist to perform your ceremony!

Most couples who want a rockin’ wedding in Las Vegas choose Elvis, but that’s not to say we don’t offer other legends to sing at your wedding and perform your marriage ceremony! We’ve got tribute artists galore. You’ll find these wedding packages under our Themed Weddings category on our website at You’ll see our Thriller Wedding, Detroit City (Kiss-ish) Rock ‘n Roll wedding, plus we’ve done many customized weddings featuring favorite singing idols of the brides’ and grooms’ choosing.

Elvis and Michael Jackson weddings Las Vegas
No shortage of legends to marry you at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

On the website, check out all of our pop and rock star impersonator wedding packages. All include theatrical lighting and smoke effects, flowers, photos, video, and round trip limo service from your Las Vegas Strip or downtown hotel. If you’re so inclined, add live streaming internet to your ceremony, so everyone who’s not here in Vegas can rock out back home. Don’t forget, our rock ‘n roll weddings make great anniversary wedding vow renewals, too!

Tom Jones wedding in vegas
A singing “Tom Jones” minister so good you won’t be able to tell the difference–Best Vegas wedding ever, baby!

Don’t see the star you’d like to perform your wedding ceremony on our website? Just ask. We’ll see what we can do to make it happen for you! Call us with your special request at 702-384-0771.

Our "Thriller" wedding package---You can't beat it! Our “Thriller” wedding package—You can’t beat it!

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