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Halloween Weekend Wedding Planning at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Addams Family Wedding Vegas
Get married by Gomez Addams, or BE Gomez Addams at your Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Halloween weddings in Las Vegas this year will be stretched out over a full weekend! Halloween night falls on a Monday, so we’ll also be doing Halloween-themed weddings the whole weekend before! (Well, to be honest, we’ll do them anytime of year…But Halloween happens to be second only to Valentine’s Day in popularity for weddings and wedding vow renewals.) To get your preferred time and package, now’s the time to book ahead!

Our Main Chapel will be decked out like a cemetery and filled with fog and candlelight. The Garden and Gazebo outdoor chapels will be decorated in scary fashion, as well as our blood-red-and-black Little Chapel for intimate weddings in the shadow of a cobweb-laden coffin. Check out all of our Gothic and Graveyard wedding packages on the scroll-down Themed Weddings menu at Some favorites are featured here. And…like the Morticia and Gomez wedding above, if it’s not on our menu, don’t be scared to ask us! We do custom weddings, too!

Zombie Elvis Wedding
Zombie Elvis emerges from a coffin and marries the two of you…and sings a few songs….

Zombie Elvis can marry you in any of our chapels, including the outdoor ones! We’ve also got Dracula, Elvira, the Grim Reaper, and Edward of Twilight fame as horrifyingly fun “ministers.” You and your guests will want to dress up, too, to complete your gruesome theme. It IS, after all, Halloween! (Traveling light? We rent costumes!)

Grim Reaper Wedding
Choose from Dracula OR the Grim Reaper for your Gothic or Graveyard Wedding Package!

Our Gothic packages include limo transportation, flowers (we CAN do black roses!), photography and videography, and full-service wedding coordination. You can have your frightening vow exchange streamed live to all corners of the planet, if friends and family are stuck back home trick-or-treating…

Rocky Horror wedding
Your Rocky’s Horror musical wedding features songs performed LIVE!

Our most elaborate spoof, the Rocky’s Horror Wedding, includes a full cast of singing and Time-Warping characters. It’s a full-on production with live performances and a sweet transvestite minister, from Transylvania, of course. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is the only place you can upgrade your wedding with Cirque du Soleil-style flying vampires to perform high above you in the chapel’s rafters. Give us a call at 702-384-0771 to customize your Halloween/October wedding or wedding vow renewal. We guarantee it will be a ceremony you and your guests will never forget!

Flying vampire wedding
Flying vampires performing during a Gothic Wedding ceremony

Time to Book Your Vegas Vampire/Gothic Wedding for Halloween Night…or…Whenever!

Vampire Wedding Vegas
Vant to be ved at Viva Las Vegas Veddings?

Next to Valentine’s Day weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, Halloween is THE most popular day AND night for our spectacular Gothic and Graveyard Themed Weddings. We do them all year long, of course, but if you want to tie the knot in Vegas on Halloween night, it’s already time to reserve your wedding slot with us!

Viva Las Vegas Dracula Weddings
“Dearly beloved…You vant to get MARRIED?!”

Dracula, the Grim Reaper, Elvira or Zombie Elvis can marry you in a ceremony that’s to die for! Our chapels will be suitably decorated for the occasion, too! The Main Chapel transforms into a candle-lit graveyard with tombstones, fog and eerie music. Your horrifying minister will step out of a coffin to perform your wedding ceremony. Most couples arrive dressed in their scariest wedding duds–’cause—it’s what you do…

For Halloween, our Garden and Haunted Gazebo chapels are always decorated with fall leaves, pumpkins, twinkling lights, and a variety of ghouls. These weddings include a “regular” minister, but feel free to request an upgrade to the Grim Reaper, Dracula, Zombie Elvis or any other monstrous minister you like for your outdoor wedding package! The choice is yours. And your ceremony can be streamed live from any of our chapels, too!

If there’s a bit of the “Goth” in you, you’ll appreciate our black rose bouquets and candelabra-lit chapel. Fans of Rocky Horror? Check out our “Rocky’s Horror” Themed Wedding, complete with live (mostly) musical production numbers. We’ll customize any of our packages to suit your particular tastes, too. Visit us at to see all the incredible choices. Book early–it will be the busiest night of the entire year!

So all you Goth grooms, grab your ghoul, and plan your wedding night…before it’s too late! We’ve attached a video sample of one of our frightful Halloween-style weddings. Hope to see YOU on the 31st. Or, whenever!

I-Do-Zombie…Zombie Elvis “Minister” Performs Weddings at Viva Las Vegas!

Zombie Elvis wedding Vegas

Even though Halloween is still months away, our Gothic, Graveyard, and Zombie weddings are popular all year! So, if you’re looking for something ghoulishly fun in the way of an Elvis or themed wedding, we’ve probably got something right up your dark alley!

Black roses, cemetery scene with fog and candles, coffins and tombstones?…Yeah, we got that! We’ve also got creepy music and the option to upgrade to live streaming internet viewing of your Zombie wedding, for those who don’t make it out of the grave to drag themselves to Vegas for the ceremony!

Grim Reaper Gothic Wedding

You can be married by Zombie Elvis, The Grim Reaper, Dracula, Elvira, Lady Vampire, and you can even upgrade to add vampires “flying” in an aerial duet above the chapel! Check out all of our Gothic wedding choices at, or call us with your ideas at 702-384-0771.

Halloween Weddings in Las Vegas Have ALREADY Begun!

Halloween Wedding with Frankenstein
Sid and Sabrina tie the knot with Frankenstein minister at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

It’s still early October, but at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, Halloween weddings set in our chapel dressed as a graveyard are already a happening’ thing! Halloween makes the most awesome wedding day–and anniversary! But since we specialize in the spookiest of Gothic and Graveyard themed weddings, we celebrate the whole month of October!

This week, Sabrina and Sid requested to be married by the Frankenstein monster, who stepped out of a coffin to perform their really creepy rites, amidst smoke, candlelight and eerie music. The couple stood among tombstones and cobwebs, and requested that all their guests wear black.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 7.58.49 AM

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, you can book your cemetery wedding with a wide array of horrifying “ministers” from the dark side. Choose from Dracula, The Grim Reaper, Edward (of Twilight fame), Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Alice Cooper, and even Zombie/Dead Elvis. Have a look at all our offerings for Halloween weddings in Vegas at:
Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 7.59.57 AM

If you want to go all out for your Halloween marriage ceremony, consider our Rocky’s Horror Themed Wedding, with a full cast of characters singing and dancing–guest participation optional! Special requests? Even though not on our website, we’ve done Addam’s Family weddings (with Gomez as minister), and you can request a Lady Vampire minister or even vampires who fly high above the chapel (silk artists!) during your ceremony!

How about an outdoor wedding in a haunted gazebo filled with twinkling lights and cobwebs? You’ll find Halloween themed weddings with your choice of frightful ministers in our Garden and Gazebo chapels, too. See photos and details on our website, link above.

For more information, and to have all of your questions answered, give us a call at 702-384-0771. If you can’t make it to Las Vegas to be married this October, we do Halloween weddings all year long!

sabrina and sid

Best wishes to Sabrina and Sid for a frighteningly happy married life together! We had fun, and you two had the BEST dressed wedding party–wow!

Gothic Wedding Gone Wild!

Halloween weddings las vegas
Time to book those spooky Gothic Weddings. Halloween’s only three months away!

It’s that time of year when our popular Halloween Wedding time slots begin filling up at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. We recently watched one of our Gothic Themed Weddings on YouTube to reminisce, and it really gave us a start… And the giggles! As scary as it was, the bride had her hands full corralling her young attendants—and she missed the Grim Reaper’s grand entrance altogether.

So, check out this video clip if you think a Gothic Wedding with Grim Reaper or Dracula minister might make your perfect October wedding. See Johnny and Niki’s wedding, below. (Note: The video camera doesn’t focus well until the cemetery fog clears, so give it a minute, and enjoy!)

For your Halloween-themed wedding, we provide all the atmosphere, special effects and horrifying “minister,” while you provide your own costumed selves…Or rent costumes from our costume shop! Do reserve early, if you can.Halloween is a VERY busy date for weddings at Viva Las Vegas. Our tombstone-bedecked Main Chapel, haunted Outdoor Gazebo and Garden chapels, and tomb-like Little Chapel are all booked until midnight, so you’ll need to plan this far in advance if you have your sights set on a Halloween Wedding in Vegas. Fair warning!

Check out our wide range of Halloween-themed wedding packages by visiting us at Then, from the drop-down menu, select “Themed Weddings” at the top of the page. After that, simply click on our Gothic, Graveyard, Dracula’s Tomb, Rocky’s Horror, Zombie, Thriller, Phantom, or When Vampire’s Fly wedding packages! There’s a Halloween wedding for everyone, or we’ll customize one for YOU! See you in October! (But, hey, we’ll perform any of these Gothic weddings any day of the year, if you want to be “different”…..)

Scariest Halloween Wedding in Las Vegas: The Haunted Pirate Ship!

Pirate Wedding in Vegas
Ahoy! Marriage can be a scary prospect, but a haunted pirate ship takes the bite out….

Thinking of a Halloween night wedding in Las Vegas? For one night only, tie the knot aboard our haunted pirate ship, in a wedding package that includes everything, even round-trip limo service to and from your hotel and cake and champagne after the ceremony! The Haunted Pirate Ship package lets you choose between a Zombie Pirate, Zombie Elvis (singing two songs), Regular Ol’ Zombie, Grim Reaper, Dracula or Elvira as minister for your haunting ceremony on the high seas.


Halloween is right up there with Valentine’s Day for our unforgettable Viva Las Vegas Weddings. All of our chapels are decked out with frightening cemetery- themed decor, and the staff are all dressed up for the occasion, including our usually-sedate ministers. Even our Outdoor Gazebo and Garden chapels get a makeover for Halloween night. Your Halloween wedding will be the most fun you’ve had since trick-or-treating as a kid. We promise.

viva las vegas wedding chapel
Our Event Center, before being decorated as a haunted pirate ship!

Your Pirate Ship wedding will take place in our gorgeous new Event Center, right next door to the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Of course, the lighting and decor will be chillingly customized fitting for a haunted vessel on Halloween night. Hurry and book your Halloween night wedding with us. Most all of our Gothic and creepy Halloween-themed weddings are available anytime, but the Haunted Pirate Ship is one-night-only, so don’t let the ship sale without you two lovebirds aboard! Ahoy, mates!

The ghouls will be standing by the phone for your calls.
Call us to book today at 1-800-574-4450 or 702-384-0771.