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Best Costume Ideas for Family-Style Themed Weddings


Whether you’re renewing your wedding vows in Las Vegas with your children in attendance or are getting married and have children already, you may want to include the kids in your special day by choosing a fun themed wedding. That way, everyone can dress up and play a part in the ceremony.

First off, you’ll want to choose your theme from the drop down menu on our homepage at Once you’re decided, costume ideas and characters are a no-brainer. If you’re not quite sure what themed wedding to choose, here are some photos and ideas that have been popular at the chapel over the years. Don’t think costumed weddings are just for Halloween time! At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we dress up every day!

Below is a family participating in one of our Intergalactic Themed Weddings, wearing the costumes of their favorite characters. For this wedding, you can choose a Darth Vader minister, or, if you’re not exactly from the universe with the Dark Side, a “Captain Quirk” or Starfleet Vulcan minister makes a great substitute. Bring your own costumes, or check with our friendly staff to see if our onsite costume rental shop has what you need!

Star wars wedding group
Come as you are, or come costumed to go with your themed wedding!

If your family hails from Scotland, Germany, Japan, or another country with colorful national garb, consider dressing in the style of your ancestors. We can even add appropriate music to your ceremony. Don’t forget, we’re happy to customize any aspect of your wedding. The family below had a fun and memorable wedding day in their national dress! Lots of grooms wear kilts, even if it’s an Elvis Wedding!

Swiss/German Wedding in Vegas
Dress in the customary garb of your ancestors for a unique family wedding!

For our scary Gothic or Graveyard weddings, dress as a family of vampires, zombies, or THE Addams Family. For these ceremonies, you can choose to be wed by Dracula, Zombie Elvis, Elvira, or the Grim Reaper. Or…? We’re up for anything. Your family and guests will love dressing up for this haunting wedding ceremony, complete with candlelight, fog, and creepy cemetery set and music.


Pirate weddings look GREAT with fancy pirate duds all around! Kids can dress as Peter Pan, Tinkerbell…let your imagination go crazy here. Put Uncle Joe in an alligator suit…OR…? Just ask, you can add Godzilla as a best man. VERY few people have Godzilla in their wedding pictures. (It HAS been done before at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!)

Pirate wedding Vegas
Jennifer and Raymond tie the knot with a drunken Captain Jack-o-Lantern!

Sometimes your “kids” are all adults. In that case, there are always great weddings featuring styles from past decades…Choose your favorite era…We’ve done everything from Louis XIV to Gatsby to 1950s-80s! We can arrange for the right music to set the tone, and we’ll make sure the minister matches whatever period your wedding will be set in!

Hippie wedding Las Vegas
Your guests will love dressing up for your 60’s or 70’s wedding, too!

For more information on family-friendly costumed wedding themes, or just to discuss your ideas, give one of our imaginative wedding planners a call at 702-384-0771!

Halloween Wedding Countdown! Choose a Scary Minister for Your October Wedding in Vegas

halloween vegas wedding
Add Zombie Elvis or a vampire showgirl to your Gothic or Graveyard Themed Wedding!

October is one of the most popular wedding months at Viva Las Vegas Weddings! The weather is perfect for our hauntingly romantic Outdoor Gazebo and Garden Weddings. In our indoor chapels, scary-costume-themed weddings are in full swing all the way up to Halloween night! Already married? You won’t be left out of the fun. Our Halloween-themed weddings make the BEST wedding vow renewals!

When you book your Gothic or Graveyard Themed Wedding, you can choose from a wide variety of scary “ministers”–and you can even add flying vampires performing high above you in the chapel’s rafters, a Zombie Elvis to serenade you, or zombie showgirls as bridesmaids. The chapel is filled with candlelight, fog and haunting music…plus, of course, tombstones and the coffin your “minister” steps out of… And, yes, you can ask for black roses and wear a black wedding dress. We won’t judge.

Have a look at the many choices of ministers and wedding packages you can choose from. Or, make a suggestion of you own! We take requests!

Vampire Wedding Vegas
Vant to be ved at Viva Las Vegas Veddings? Dracula marries YOU!

Zombie Elvis wedding
Get married by Zombie Elvis if you dare!

Grim Reaper Gothic Wedding
The Grim Reaper ties the knot and pronounces you…alive and well and…MARRIED!

Elvira Wedding Vegas
Elvira does the honors, by request!

Go for our gruesome “Thriller” wedding package with a Michael Jackson impersonator, or our camp, spoof-y musical wedding, “Rocky’s Horror”–with a whole cast of characters singing live. Check out these stills grabbed from our live streaming webcam. That’s right! Your whole frightful wedding can be seen live around the world, for friends and family who are back home answering the trick-or-treaters at the door.

Our "Thriller" wedding package---You can't beat it!
Our “Thriller” wedding package—You can’t beat it!

Rocky Horror wedding
Your Rocky’s Horror musical wedding features songs performed LIVE and a transvestite from Transylvania as your “minister!”

Check out our many Halloween Wedding Specials at or give us a call with any questions at 702-384-0771. And, by the way, we do these scary weddings year ’round!

Halloween Weekend Wedding Planning at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Addams Family Wedding Vegas
Get married by Gomez Addams, or BE Gomez Addams at your Viva Las Vegas Wedding!

Halloween weddings in Las Vegas this year will be stretched out over a full weekend! Halloween night falls on a Monday, so we’ll also be doing Halloween-themed weddings the whole weekend before! (Well, to be honest, we’ll do them anytime of year…But Halloween happens to be second only to Valentine’s Day in popularity for weddings and wedding vow renewals.) To get your preferred time and package, now’s the time to book ahead!

Our Main Chapel will be decked out like a cemetery and filled with fog and candlelight. The Garden and Gazebo outdoor chapels will be decorated in scary fashion, as well as our blood-red-and-black Little Chapel for intimate weddings in the shadow of a cobweb-laden coffin. Check out all of our Gothic and Graveyard wedding packages on the scroll-down Themed Weddings menu at Some favorites are featured here. And…like the Morticia and Gomez wedding above, if it’s not on our menu, don’t be scared to ask us! We do custom weddings, too!

Zombie Elvis Wedding
Zombie Elvis emerges from a coffin and marries the two of you…and sings a few songs….

Zombie Elvis can marry you in any of our chapels, including the outdoor ones! We’ve also got Dracula, Elvira, the Grim Reaper, and Edward of Twilight fame as horrifyingly fun “ministers.” You and your guests will want to dress up, too, to complete your gruesome theme. It IS, after all, Halloween! (Traveling light? We rent costumes!)

Grim Reaper Wedding
Choose from Dracula OR the Grim Reaper for your Gothic or Graveyard Wedding Package!

Our Gothic packages include limo transportation, flowers (we CAN do black roses!), photography and videography, and full-service wedding coordination. You can have your frightening vow exchange streamed live to all corners of the planet, if friends and family are stuck back home trick-or-treating…

Rocky Horror wedding
Your Rocky’s Horror musical wedding features songs performed LIVE!

Our most elaborate spoof, the Rocky’s Horror Wedding, includes a full cast of singing and Time-Warping characters. It’s a full-on production with live performances and a sweet transvestite minister, from Transylvania, of course. Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is the only place you can upgrade your wedding with Cirque du Soleil-style flying vampires to perform high above you in the chapel’s rafters. Give us a call at 702-384-0771 to customize your Halloween/October wedding or wedding vow renewal. We guarantee it will be a ceremony you and your guests will never forget!

Flying vampire wedding
Flying vampires performing during a Gothic Wedding ceremony

Time to Book Your Vegas Vampire/Gothic Wedding for Halloween Night…or…Whenever!

Vampire Wedding Vegas
Vant to be ved at Viva Las Vegas Veddings?

Next to Valentine’s Day weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, Halloween is THE most popular day AND night for our spectacular Gothic and Graveyard Themed Weddings. We do them all year long, of course, but if you want to tie the knot in Vegas on Halloween night, it’s already time to reserve your wedding slot with us!

Viva Las Vegas Dracula Weddings
“Dearly beloved…You vant to get MARRIED?!”

Dracula, the Grim Reaper, Elvira or Zombie Elvis can marry you in a ceremony that’s to die for! Our chapels will be suitably decorated for the occasion, too! The Main Chapel transforms into a candle-lit graveyard with tombstones, fog and eerie music. Your horrifying minister will step out of a coffin to perform your wedding ceremony. Most couples arrive dressed in their scariest wedding duds–’cause—it’s what you do…

For Halloween, our Garden and Haunted Gazebo chapels are always decorated with fall leaves, pumpkins, twinkling lights, and a variety of ghouls. These weddings include a “regular” minister, but feel free to request an upgrade to the Grim Reaper, Dracula, Zombie Elvis or any other monstrous minister you like for your outdoor wedding package! The choice is yours. And your ceremony can be streamed live from any of our chapels, too!

If there’s a bit of the “Goth” in you, you’ll appreciate our black rose bouquets and candelabra-lit chapel. Fans of Rocky Horror? Check out our “Rocky’s Horror” Themed Wedding, complete with live (mostly) musical production numbers. We’ll customize any of our packages to suit your particular tastes, too. Visit us at to see all the incredible choices. Book early–it will be the busiest night of the entire year!

So all you Goth grooms, grab your ghoul, and plan your wedding night…before it’s too late! We’ve attached a video sample of one of our frightful Halloween-style weddings. Hope to see YOU on the 31st. Or, whenever!

Friday the 13th: Brides in Black at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Friday the 13th Wedding Las Vegas
Peter and Jennifer exchange vows with “Jason” on Friday the 13th.

Just when we thought Halloween was over, along came Friday, November 13th, and more fantastic, scary, Gothic-style weddings at Viva Las Vegas.

Jennifer and Peter made the most of it, getting joined in holy matrimony by the master of the dis-joiners, Jason, from the Friday the 13th movie franchise. Yikes!

Here’s what Jennifer and Jason said about their very non-traditional wedding plans: “We wanted a unique wedding to match our personalities and hobbies. And, as we’ve been together for 13 years, when we were looking at dates we thought it would be fun to get married on Friday 13th! And where else can you have an awesome quirky wedding on that date other than Las Vegas?!” They were right about that! At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we think a good alternative chapel name might be “Quirky Weddings R Us.” Seriously.

Grim Reaper Gothic Wedding
Mark and Konnie get married by the Grim Reaper for Friday the 13th.

We saw many other of our darker Themed Weddings on Friday the 13th, too– some Gothic, some simply fashionable in stunning black. Here are just a few photos of the couples who chose this day to be married in Vegas:

Gothic Vegas Wedding

From the Grim Reaper to a “regular” minister (marrying pirates), we never knew what to expect! There are no limits to how creative or crazy couples want to get. Especially when they are RENEWING wedding vows, as Michael and Paula did. They boogied down the aisle along with their attendants, wearing tricolor hats, feathers, and pirate finery. They even got the minister rockin’out!

Pirate Wedding Vegas
Michael and Paula renew vows —aarrrgghh!—after 25 years!
Las Vegas Elvis Wedding
Maria and Anthony tie the knot in striking black and red Friday the 13th colors!

When’s the next Friday the 13th? Not until May 13, 2016…But plan ahead! Give us a call to reserve. You’ll have lots of friendly help navigating all our Elvis, Themed and Traditional Wedding Packages. Our number is 702-384-0771 or visit

Amazing Costumed Weddings at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel!

Costumed Weddings Vegas
Why Halloween makes THE BEST night for a Gothic themed wedding! Is that Kirsti and Matthew?

Once again, the Halloween night weddings at Viva Las Vegas Weddings blew our minds! The costumes worn by our couples and their guests outdid OURS, for sure! People-watching kept us thoroughly entertained, even though we were working our ghoulish booties off. Up to five chapels were running simultaneously, and our property looked like it was crawling with wild and crazy adult trick-or-treaters!

Pirate wedding Vegas
Jennifer and Raymond tie the knot with a drunken Captain Jack-o-Lantern!

Most popular themed wedding choice for Halloween this year? Our Pirate Themed Wedding! We’re not sure why this was the top choice, but the pirate costumes were absolutely amazing! Most couples said their vows with our more-than-slightly inebriated Captain Jack, while others chose a haunted pirate ship setting with the Grim Reaper on board to do the honors. At Viva Las Vegas, you can choose your “minister” character, even if it’s Zombie Elvis doing a song in the graveyard or standing over a seaweed-covered treasure chest.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 12.05.05 PM

Elvira Wedding Vegas
Nick and Chelsea get hitched by the Mistress of the Dark in our Frightening Little Chapel!

Our Little Chapel was the setting for many weddings. It’s an intimate room with blood-red tile floors and heavy maroon curtains, seats shrouded in black fabric and cobwebs. All of our indoor and outdoor chapels have live streaming webcams available, so folks all around the world could watch weddings between trips answering the doorbell on Halloween night! Nick and Chelsea and their attendants all danced down the aisle after the ceremony to strains of The Monster Mash. Fangtastic!

Rocky HOrror WEddiing Vegas
Frank N. Furter does the honors in this cult classic themed wedding!

Glenn and Nick, above, pulled out all the (organ) stops in our Rocky’s Horror Themed Wedding. This wedding package includes a full cast of singing and dancing characters. You and your guests will do the Time Warp to celebrate your union. After 25 years together, waiting to be married, this handsome pair requested the character Janet to sing “Unforgettable.” We were thrilled and touched. Even the zaniest Viva Las Vegas Weddings often include elements that make everyone cry!

Our best wishes and thanks go out to all the wonderful couples who joined us for Halloween weddings! Remember, we “do” Halloween all year, and our Pirate, Gothic, Graveyard, Rocky’s Horror, Phantom of the Opera, Elvira, Zombie Elvis and MORE packages are booked year round. For more information, visit our website at