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Elvis Themed Weddings

Las Vegas Themed Weddings for Sports Fans, Movie Fans, TV Fans…and Elvis Fans

Vegas Golden Knights Wedding
Sure, we can do a custom sports-themed wedding! Vegas Golden Knights…for example!

Sometimes couples who come to get married in Las Vegas are looking for a wedding ceremony that expresses a shared passion, maybe even the common interest that brought them together in the first place. Usually there is something that turned the tide and led them down the road to matrimony. And whether that one thing is a favorite song, a sports team, or a love of horror movies, we’ve got the themed wedding package just for you. If we don’t, we’ll help you design a wedding that reflects you as a couple.

You don’t have to go all-out, either. You can do something as simple as just wearing team jerseys to your Elvis wedding. Or, you can customize and order up a referee-minister and cheerleaders, a Dumbledore minister with a side of Snape, or an icon impersonator minister to serenade you and perform your wedding vows. Add theatrical fog and lights, add themed music, and come in costumes, if you like. (If you have guests, they can dress up, too!) We always do our best to accommodate your wishes AND your budget.

1950s themed weddings
Fans of 1950s TV shows, Grease the Musical, or Elvis fans can marry in our retro Doo Wop Diner Chapel.

A meaningful themed wedding can take place in any of our chapel venues, from our elegant Main Chapel with all the theatrics–spacious enough to make a Pink Cadillac, Harley, or other motor car entrance down the aisle!–to our 1950s Doo Wop Diner Chapel. That’s where you can do your old TV show thing as part of the wedding, or just live out your love of the ’50s on your wedding day. We also have lovely and picturesque outdoor chapels, and we HAVE been known to set a theme outside. Our James Bond Themed Wedding once took place in our Garden Chapel by request. We just made a few adjustments…

Space Themed Vegas Wedding
We can build an Intergalactic Themed wedding in your favorite TV or movie space universe!

If you both love superheroes or sci-fi, just ask us for your favorite if you don’t see the themed wedding of your dreams on the drop-down menu on our home page at And remember, from simple to lavish, we can carry your selected theme into a small or full-sized wedding reception in our intimate rooms or spectacular Event Center, all on property. (See our drop down menu for receptions, too!)

Already married, but celebrating a big anniversary in the next year or so? Those folks who had a traditional wedding the first time can take advantage of designing a light-hearted fan-based vow renewal ceremony AND a trip to Vegas to celebrate!

For more information on your fan-tastic Viva Las Vegas Wedding and on how to make all the arrangements by phone, give us a call at 702-384-0771. We’ll do our best to make your wedding day unforgettably perfect for YOU!

Golden Knights Vegas Wedding

When ONE Elvis is Not Enough for YOUR Elvis Pink Cadillac Wedding in Vegas!

Two Elvis Vegas Wedding
Sometimes it takes two Elvi to get the job done!

If you’re planning to book an Elvis Pink Cadillac wedding with us at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, and if you’re torn because you also want a Little Elvis to do the ceremony, no problem! This couple just opted for two Elvises! One to drive, and both to split the duties of singing and performing the vow exchange. In Las Vegas, there’s probably no such thing as too much Elvis!

We’ve had various themed weddings, for example, that included Elvis doing a song or two, even if it happened to be an Egyptian or Intergalactic Themed Wedding! (It’s Vegas, after all. Almost nothing seems inappropriate.) We’ve had weddings where the couple and ALL the guests came dressed as Elvis. We’ve had full-sized Elvis AND Little Elvis plus full-sized Marilyn AND Mini-Marilyn impersonators, all for one incredible wedding. We not sure, but we think there are almost no limits to what we can do to accommodate your imagination for your wedding or wedding vow renewal with us! (And we even rent the Elvis and Marilyn costumes in our onsite costume shop.)

Little Elvis weddings
Double weddings or double wedding vow renewal ceremonies are twice the fun with Little Elvis and “regular” Elvis!

There are tons of things you can add to your Elvis wedding to make it even more “Vegas.” Add a showgirl bridesmaid, add Liberace or Tom Jones impersonators, or even book your wedding with Elvis right in front of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. See all of our Elvis packages on our website at and pull down the drop down menu under Wedding Packages until you find Elvis Weddings. Elvis can also marry you in our fantastic 1950s Doo Wop Diner Chapel, or in our outdoor Gazebo or Garden settings. (That is, one or MORE Elvises can marry the two of you in any location!)

Bride with Mini Elvis

You can put together an Elvis package for less than $300, adding frills and extras a la carte style, or go full-out with our Las Vegas Themed Wedding that includes limo transportation, flowers, photography, theatrical smoke and lights, a showgirl, and even live games of chance during the ceremony! The sky’s the limit on what you can do to create the Elvis Wedding of your dreams in Las Vegas. We can even arrange an Elvis Themed reception in any of our gorgeous reception halls, including an Elvis topped wedding cake. Just ask us to create a custom wedding and reception package all around YOU!

Call us anytime with your ideas and questions. Our friendly staffers will help you make your Sin City wedding wishes come true! Viva Las Vegas, baby! 702-384-0771

Unique Wedding Entrances? Viva Las Vegas Weddings Has You Covered!

Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding
Your view as you enter the chapel!

If you’re getting married by Elvis in Vegas, and if pink is your favorite color…Well, the choice is obvious! Our one-of-a-kind Elvis Pink Caddy wedding entrance has you riding into the chapel in a PINK convertible driven by Elvis, in a cloud of theatrical fog and blaring lights and music. How Vegas! How pink you go is totally up to you!

Our Elvis Pink Caddy wedding is the perfect choice for any Vegas spectacular style wedding, but especially for those who go with an all-pink wedding theme. Flowers? Pink roses tied with pink ribbon! Wedding dress? Pink! Groom’s tux? Pink, or maybe just the shirt or tie…or hat band! Bridesmaids? Pink flatters everyone and can be very sweet in a pink-and-ivory combo, or the more sophisticated pink and black. Pink just ties everything together and makes for perfect photos of your unforgettable Vegas Elvis Pink Caddy wedding!

Vegas Wedding Flowers
Some brides go “all pink” for their Elvis Pink Caddy wedding!

For those who maybe just like Elvis crooning at their wedding plus the wildly fun Caddy entrance…but not so much the PINK thing…that’s okay, too! It’s YOUR wedding, so pick out the wedding duds and color scheme of your choosing. For this wedding, you’ll want to add live streaming internet coverage if you have friends and family who want to watch in real time back home. Or…the Elvis Pink Caddy wedding package comes with a DVD, so you’ll have “evidence” of your dramatic wedding entrance later!

Elvis pink Cadillac wedding
Elvis Pink Cadillac enters the chapel for a rock ‘n roll kind of marriage ceremony!

You can request a cake and (pink?) champagne reception after you tie the knot. We have several reception venues, including our adorable 1950s Doo Wop Diner. Just drinks and appetizers, or a full-blown luncheon or dinner, we can take care of your Elvis wedding reception, large or intimate. For information on the Elvis Pink Caddy wedding and our reception options, visit us at or call a friendly and knowledgeable wedding staffer at 702-384-0771. They’ll fill you in on all the details and customize a package at a price you can afford. We will tailor a wedding or reception with just the frills you want for your special day.

Elvis convertible wedding

And, by the way, our onsite florist can customize a bouquet with a VARIETY of pink (or other exotic) florals, arrange for a special ribbon color or a customized look to go with your wedding theme or to reflect a personal favorite object or memento. Just let us know how we can assist you to make your wedding perfect (in pink) for YOU!

See Our Most Popular Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding–Streamed Live Around the World!

Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding
Pink Caddy Wedding

If you want to make a big impact coming down the aisle at your Viva Las Vegas Elvis wedding, you’ll want to consider the Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding package. Who wouldn’t want to drive right into the chapel and down the aisle with THE KING of Rock ‘n Roll at the wheel? And, it’s a great way to surprise your guests and blow away friends and family who may be watching the live stream on the internet–an option you’ll want to be sure to include in this one!

This is by far our most popular Elvis wedding. It includes lots of extras, and you’ll get incredible photos taken in the car after the ceremony—AND under our marquee with your names in lights above the Las Vegas Strip!

Here’s a great Pink Caddy wedding video to give you an idea what to expect. YOUR Elvis Pink Caddy wedding will include the DVD, too!

This wedding is also perfect if you’re renewing your vows in Las Vegas with Elvis. Want to make your ceremony even quirkier? You can choose to have our Little Elvis as your minister! Or add him to your “regular” Elvis–and your guests will think they’re seeing double! 😉 Some couples even dress up as Elvis and Marilyn or Elvis and Priscilla to have an even zanier wedding that everyone will be talking about for YEARS afterward. We rent costumes, veils, tuxes…almost anything you need to have an all-inclusive Elvis wedding experience!

Vegas Wedding Elvis
REALLY surprise friends and family with your spectacular entrance down the aisle!

Here are all the details from this wedding, taken from our website at

The Elvis Pink Caddy Wedding Package
If you want to make a spectacular entrance on your wedding day in Vegas, let Elvis drive you right down the aisle of our Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel in a gorgeous 1964 pink Cadillac convertible! Rockin’ Elvis theme music, fog and theatrical lighting effects make the atmosphere even more electric as Elvis’s vintage car shoots through our main doors. But no kidding, your guests will be on their feet cheering, and friends and family watching on the Internet will simply be blown away. Elvis then escorts you to the altar, where he’ll perform the ceremony as well as three legendary songs. The unbelievable energy of this phenomenal wedding package culminates as guests join you dancing in the aisle to Viva Las Vegas. It’s truly the wedding experience of a lifetime!

Package Features Include:
Ceremony Performed in The Main Chapel
Pink Caddy Entrance with Fog and Lights
Elvis will drive you down the aisle
Elvis Sing Three Songs and Performs the Wedding Ceremony
6 Rose Bouquet
10 Candid Photos (taken during ceremony)
Elvis Certificate
Candlelit Chapel
Complimentary Limousine Service to and from the Chapel for the Couple
Wedding Website and Wedding Invitation
Your Names In Lights on Our Marquee
Wedding Planner
Wedding Coordinator
Chapel Fee
Ceremony is Limited to 100 Wedding Guests or Less
Price $777.00

With such a lucky price that includes all the frills, this is THE way to get married by Elvis in Vegas! Call us anytime with questions or to select a day and time for your Elvis Pink Caddy wedding or wedding vow renewal! 702-384-0771

pink Cadillac Elvis wedding
We offer the BEST Elvis wedding entrance EVER!

Couple Shares Their Very Own Heartfelt Wedding Vows on Their Anniversary with Elvis!

Elvis Vow Renewal
Jeannie just before exchanging vows with Bill on their 47th anniversary!

Earlier this week we shared the love story of Bill and Jeannie, a couple from Wyoming who recently renewed their wedding vows with Elvis at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. It was their 47th anniversary, and they came with their grown son and daughter to re-exchange their vows. The first wedding for them was quite traditional, but this time Bill and Jeannie opted for The King, Vegas, and some tender-loving singing and dancing!

Bill and Jeannie’s ceremony was beautifully touching as well. Both Jeannie and Bill brought personal vows they had written in advance to read at the ceremony. Not everyone who gets married or renews their vows with us at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel chooses to include their own vows. Most folks are happy just to repeat after Elvis or their minister–less pressure, and all the pizazz and rich meaning. But when brides and grooms add a few words of their own making, it nearly always has everyone sobbing. This time, there wasn’t a dry eye, even among our staff members who were present.

If you missed seeing the video of the wedding vow renewal in our last post, we’ll include the link, which will expire in a couple of weeks.

Video of Elvis vow renewal
Click on the archived video of the touching wedding vow renewal of Bill and Jeannie, below:

View Bill and Jeannie’s romantic wedding, archived here for just a few weeks:

And for everyone else looking to get ideas for writing their own vows, we’ll share Bill and Jeannie’s here, for inspiration. You’ll want to make your own as personal as you can, but these two show just what’s possible when you speak from the heart:

Wedding anniversary renewal
Bill and Jeannie, nearly 50 years ago!

Bill’s vows to Jeannie (excerpts):

“How does one sum up 47 years? I’m not sure you can. Over the years through life’s joys, challenges, sadness, and delights, I remain totally and lovingly committed to you, Jeannie, as my wife. I think that I knew we would be lifelong mates from that very first moment when you entered the lobby of White Hall on our first (blind) date.

On our wedding day 47 years ago, I made a choice. It was the most important and significant choice of my life. Jeannie, on that day I chose you to be my wife. It is a decision that has never been regretted for a single moment. As we have along through our lives together,there have been the good times, the bad times, the joyous and sad times. I have always loved you can can’t imagine being with anyone else.

Over the years I have come to realize that when you select a life partner, it is not just one decision. It is something you decide each day…No other person has ever aroused in me the feelings of tenderness, joy, and caring which you elicit. I elect to stay with you not because I feel obligated to meet your needs but because you continue to meet mine…in my heart of hearts, I still want to be by your side more than I want to be anywhere else.”

Elvis vow renewal Vegas
Forty-seven years ago…

Jeannie’s vows were a bit more on the poetic side. Here are some of her words for Bill:

“Today on our anniversary, you’ve made me feel like Cinderella for a day. You’ve brought me to Vegas to get married again and play.

Forty-nine years, ago God brought me the biggest miracle in my life. He brought me a prince, who made me his wife.

Together we’ve had a family–a girl and then a boy. Who could have imagined they would both bring us such joy!

You’ve always lifted me up when I was down. Patched up my “owies” when they caused me to frown.

You’ve spoiled me with roses for no reason at all, and always held my hand just in case I might fall.

Billy my love, you’ve fulfilled the vows we made so long ago. You’ve made all my dreams come true, and I love you so!”

Bill and Jeannie, our sincerest thanks for your gracious offer to let us share your vows and details of your special day. Our best wishes to you both for a lifetime of continued happiness!

Anniversary Vow Renewal with Elvis in Vegas: Bill Makes Jeannie His “Cinderella for a Day”

Elvis Vow Renewal
Jeannie just before exchanging vows with Bill on their 47th anniversary!

Just last week at Viva Las Vegas Weddings, we were all choked up over the beautifully touching wedding vow renewal of Bill and Jeannie on their 47th wedding anniversary. They brought along their two grown children, and their own special vows. The whole family had a lot of fun dancing in the aisle while Elvis did the honors and sang several songs.

Jeannie and Bill also took advantage of the wedding invitation/website that’s a part of every wedding package at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. (There you can post photos, tell your love story, and share just about anything you wish with guests and friends and family back home or around the world.) We are still smiling over their unique story.

These folks clearly are completely in love after nearly half a century! Because we were so moved by their magical celebration, we asked to share their wonderful story here. And, later in the week, we’ll share the vows they wrote for each other. Their words and actions demonstrate the depth and breadth of married love, and their wedding vow renewal ceremony was an inspiring ceremony we will never, ever forget.

Video of Elvis vow renewal
Click on the archived video of the touching wedding vow renewal of Bill and Jeannie, below:

View Bill and Jeannie’s romantic wedding, archived here for just a few weeks:

Here, in Jeannie’s words, is a love story that took place almost 50 years ago!

How We Met

Billy and I met in 1969 on a blind date. A college roommate of Jeannie’s asked her to go in her place. Jeannie did not want to go as the night before she was stood up on a blind date, but after lots of coaxing and bribery, ( It’s a double date, you can go in jeans and you will get to see the Grass Roots live. And the final …there’s a poor guy waiting for someone who want be there.), I hesitantly agreed to go. I remember being a bit nervous riding down the elevator of my dorm to the lounge where the guys were waiting, right on time. As soon as I saw the blonde, blue eyes, and dimples…I was attracted to Billy. Everything from there on was just icing…as he had a great personality and we had so much in common. I felt we could just talk all day and never run out of things to say. Only one thing stumped me….He said he was a Trainer. I had no idea what a Trainer was…We live in Wyoming, perhaps he trains horses?? I was embarrassed to ask and did not really understood it until I went to a game and saw him on the field.

The concert was in the University of Wyoming Fieldhouse, which had a dirt floor, as they also used it for rodeos. Kids brought blankets in and laid them out in front of the raised stage they had for the band. We really had fun dancing in the dirt to some great music! But this wasn’t the end of the date by far. After the concert we split up and Billy and I ended up taking a walk through Prexies Pasture, which was a grassy field area in the center of the campus buildings. It was covered in snow and the air was crisp and cold, but we didn’t seem to care. All of a sudden, a snowball came my way and “it was on”. I reciprocated, only I hit him right in the mouth. He turned around and showed me a front toothless smile! Oh My God….I knocked his front tooth out! I really got upset and didn’t have a clue on what to do. Then he sheepishly turned around again and showed me a full smile…all the teeth in tact. He told me he had his front tooth knocked out when his brother hit him in the face with a shovel, when they were kids. He really got me. So there you go..I knew he had a great sense of humor. By this time s my hands were getting cold and I didn’t have any gloves, so Billy gentelly offered his to me. We continue to walk and talk and I never wanted the date to end. I think I started loving him that very night and after two weeks I knew this was the man I was going to marry!

Wedding anniversary renewal
Bill and Jeannie, nearly 50 years ago!

The Proposal

Billy and I spent every spare minute together throughout my Freshman and his Sophomore year at the University of Wyoming. When summer came it was a bittersweet time for the both of us as we had to part for the summer and not see each other until the Fall when we returned to UW. I missed Billy terribly and I know he missed me, too, because he wrote letters back to me and that is pretty good for a guy. In each letter he’d give me a little hint like “I’m bringing you back a surprise” or I got your surprise today and you are really going to like it. By the end of the summer one of his letters said “Your surprise is very sparkly”. Now if that doesn’t give a girl a Big Hint, I don’t know what would. Anyway, the summer was finally over and I got to borrow the car and go to Denver to pick him up from the airport. I remember being so excited. I made a new dress to wear and could hardly wait to see him. His plane was on time and we were so very happy to see each other again. We both just smiled and smiled…and we jabbered on about just everything. We got his bags and headed for the parking lot where I’d parked the car. We tossed the bags in the trunk and piled inside the car. The next thing I knew Billy was sitting there with a sparkly wedding ring and he said, “Will you marry me!” He seemed so excited and as if he couldn’t wait a minute longer or he’d burst. Of course I said “Yes!” and we both agreed we never wanted to be apart that long again. Looking back over the past 49 years together, we never have ever been apart that long. I guess you’d have to agree “that’s Love” when we couldn’t stand being apart and not seeing each other every day. I remember thanking the Lord for bringing this man into my life and I still thank him every day for that blessing.

Elvis vow renewal Vegas
Forty-seven years ago…

A Las Vegas Wedding

One day out of the blue,as we were driving down I-44 Billy asked me, “Would you marry me again?” I said, “Of course in a heartbeat.” Then he said he’d like to get married in Las Vegas this time and just have fun. We’d had the big, white wedding with all my parents and his parents guests, as well as our friends and followed all the church protocols. My mother had especially enjoyed helping us with the details,etc. This time we wanted it to be in a fun celebration of 47 years together, with fun music we loved, and our children standing up there with us as witnesses. We wanted to write our own vows and ” just do our own thing” sorta speak. We are especially happy it will be videocast for all our friends and family to see from afar, without the expense of the trip. Although, with us being in Las Vegas and all it has to offer, your more than welcome to come and attend the wedding. Please let us know you are planning on attending in person.

We also would like to request “No Gifts”, but instead would love to hear from you by text, or card. The main thing is that you join us in spirit as we celebrate 47 years of marriage together with Elvis in Las Vegas.

Stay tuned for a follow-up blog later in the week…Jeannie and Bill’s emotional and heartfelt wedding vows! Get out the kleenex!
Our best wishes to the happy couple for a lifetime of continued happiness!