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Elvis Holiday Gift Ideas from Viva Las Vegas Weddings

Elvis memorabilia
There’s still time to pick up an Elvis Christmas tree ornament!

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you’ve had an Elvis wedding in Las Vegas over the past year or so, or if you’re planning an Elvis wedding in the New Year, we’ve got some fun stocking stuffer ideas with an Elvis theme! (If you are/were part of a wedding party for an Elvis wedding, these make great gifts for the holidays for the happy couple!)

Order Elvis Forever stamps online from the post office for a practical gift or collectible!
Order Elvis Forever stamps online from the post office for a practical gift or collectible!

Time is short if you’re doing your holiday shopping, but did you know you can go online and order Forever postage stamps featuring Elvis’s handsome face? A practical gift, but a great collectible, too. You’ll also find other Elvis gift items on the same USPS page. Best of all, your mail carrier will bring the gift right to your door. Order soon in time for holiday delivery!

Elvis wedding gifts Las Vegas
Call us at 702-384-0771 to check on availability of gift items, since stock changes frequently.

Elvis Christmas ornaments are wonderful mementos for remembering the year you got married in Vegas by Elvis. We have a few different styles hanging in our Elvis gift shop/lobby. Give us a call if you’re out of town and we’ll describe what’s available and arrange a quick shipment…but you’ll want to call soon or “Santa” will be late!

Elvis memorabilia
Something for everyone as a souvenir or Elvis holiday gift!

Elvis Souvenirs Make Great Viva Las Vegas Wedding Gifts!

Elvis memorabilia
Something for everyone– as a souvenir, or as an Elvis wedding gift!

Did you know the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel lobby is also an Elvis memorabilia and gift shop? It’s a great place to pick up a souvenir of your wedding day, or to buy a unique gift for the wedding couple. We’ve got t-shirts, license plate frames, glassware, bobble-heads, and more! Then there’s the one-of-a-kind Elvis cake topper!

We also feature romantic souvenir candles, silver cake slicers, commemorative picture frames, and even battery-operated light-up leis for your flashy Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding ceremony. (TWO free when you book your Elvis Blue Hawaii Wedding Package and mention you saw it on the blog!)

Not coming to Vegas to be a wedding guest? You can also buy a gift for your favorite couple online on our website. Gifts begin at just $12.00, and you can also buy a gift certificate for photos, order a to-go wedding cake, or arrange for a surprise floral gift. See at:

Elvis souvenirs Vegas
What DON’T we have in our fun-to-visit Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel lobby and gift shop?? We’ve got candles and cake toppers for brides and grooms, for two brides, for two grooms–truly something for EVERYONE!

Questions about arranging a wedding gift? Call one of our friendly staffers anytime at 702-384-0771. Viva Las Vegas!

Elvis Cyber Monday Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds!

Elvis gifts
Cyber Monday and time to find screaming deals on Elvis-themed gifts and stocking stuffers. We did the work for you!

Holiday shopping for couples who’ve recently gotten married in Vegas? The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has an online gift shop featuring Elvis memorabilia, plus we’ve found some amazing items online that will be perfect for brides and grooms who have already gotten married, or who are about to get married, by Elvis in Las Vegas.

Here are a few things we’ve handpicked, for great prices, free shipping, and for generally great reviews from customers.

Howzabout a cozy throw blanket with sleeves that looks like Elvis’ T-bird jumpsuit? This is the best price we’ve found anywhere on this, and you won’t find a better Elvis novelty gift anywhere! Go to:

Elvis windchimes anyone? These are well under $20 and are very highly rated for their lovely sound and better-than-expected quality. Plus, where else are you going to find ELVIS WINDCHIMES?

For a really impressive Elvis gift for a newlywed couple just starting out, here’s a full-on comforter set, still under $100. Beats another toaster, and they’ll never forget your unique gift!

Elvis weddings and gifts
Check the Viva Las Vegas link below for Elvis holiday ornaments, the perfect way to remember the year you were married in Vegas by Elvis!

If you’re looking for inexpensive Elvis-themed stocking stuffers, we’ve found Elvis sticky notes and an Elvis lanyard. A little Elvis goes a long way!

And, lastly, here’s a link to our own Elvis gift shop, or stop in if you’re in town for a wedding over the holidays. You can even order a gift by phone for the happy couple and we’ll have it ready for them when they arrive on their wedding day. 702-384-0771. Happy shopping, Elvis fans!

Get Your Las Vegas Elvis Souvenirs Here!

Elvis gifts and souvenirs
An Elvis wedding deserves some kitschy Elvis memorabilia for bride, groom and guests. We’ve got you covered!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, it’s a piece of cake to be married by Elvis in a fun and fabulous ceremony chosen from our many all-inclusive Elvis wedding packages. And whether you’re the happy couple or their wedding guests, a souvenir of your Elvis wedding in Vegas is a great memento. You’ll want something to remember the special occasion by, apart from your spouse, that is. We make it easy, too! You can shop online ahead of time, or visit our Elvis memorabilia shop in the lobby when you arrive.

For guests or friends and family back home, you can purchase a unique gift for the couple, online, ahead of time, and we’ll be happy to present it to them with your best wishes when they arrive for their wedding. That’s a little surprise from you they will never forget!

Check out our online gift shop. Remember if you are wedding-gifting, you can arrange to buy the couple a DVD of their ceremony, toasting glasses, champagne, a mini wedding-cake to-go, or even shiny gold or silver Elvis shades for their post-wedding photos!

elvis plate

Stop in to browse on your way downtown to the Marriage Bureau for your license. Mornings are often a quiet time to pop in and see the chapel and our gift shop. You can ask any last-minute questions and be reassured that every detail is ready for a perfect wedding day in Las Vegas. And, you can pick up that Elvis t-shirt!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Wedding gifts for newlyweds
What do you get each other for Christmas your first year as man and wife? Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at

First year of wedded bliss? That calls for a special Christmas gift, preferably one that will hold memories of your first year together for a lifetime. Something you make yourself, or something that clearly shows you’ve put some thought into it will hold the most meaning.

Not crafty? Commemorative Christmas ornaments are probably the first choice of many newlyweds. We’ve listed a couple of websites, below, where you can have ornaments customized with your names, and even a wedding photo. How cool is that? Or, you can make your own, possibly using a bit of ribbon and a memento from your wedding, such as the bride’s garter or the petals of her bouquet inserted into a clear glass ball (fillable ornaments available at craft and hobby stores everywhere). Big box stores often have self-operated machines where you can create an engraved tag with the date of your wedding to tie onto the ribbon.

Slightly artsy-craftsy? Paint or watercolor poinsettias or other Christmas images around the edges of one of your wedding invitations. You can then laminate it and hang from a ribbon on the tree, or place in an acrylic frame to display. Speaking of the tree, if yours will be a fresh one, consider slicing a 1/2-inch disk from the trunk before putting it into water in the stand. Using silver or gold metallic paint, write your wedding date, “First Christmas Together,” or the like on the pine disk. Drill a hole for a ribbon, and you have a touching handmade ornament you’ll cherish forever.

If you have a bit of the poet in you, think about writing a page of poetry or prose, describing how you remember your wedding day, or what your first year of marriage has meant to you. What have you learned and treasured most about your new spouse and your new life together? Keep it to one short page, print on holiday paper and frame festively. Believe us, this gift will be a keeper!

Lastly, if yours was a Viva Las Vegas Elvis wedding, our holiday ornament of “The King” can’t be beat. You’ll find this on our website, and he’ll set you back a mere eight bucks. Best wishes and enjoy a great season of shopping cheer. And Happy Holidays to all you newlyweds and your families!

Elvis Tree Ornament
An Elvis ornament on your tree will speak for itself year after year