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New Year’s Eve Weddings In Las Vegas

Happy New Year!

Coming to Vegas to get married on New Year’s Eve? You are not alone. New Year’s Eve is a popular wedding date each year no matter what city you are living in or traveling to.   Here are a few tips to make your wedding plans in Las Vegas on 12/31/2010  a success:

Each New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas,  the strip shuts down to all traffic as the streets are soon filled with party goers from all over the world-(similar to Times Square in New York).   Be advised that getting around town can be tricky-so avoid driving yourself  (for more reasons than just this one!)  Leave it to the cabs or the limos (the drivers who know their ways around the back roads) to get you to and from your destination.

Hotels book up quickly and the rates are generally higher this time of year. Check out savings and hotel discounts on along with 2 for 1 tickets to shows etc.  Think ahead and make reservations!   This will save you cash as well as those last minute worries!

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel always provides the best and most competitive rates in wedding services.  Not only does this chapel present a variety of packages (from Elvis  to traditional to themed ceremonies!) but their chapel customer service ranks number 1 from a variety of sources!  (“Best of Nevada”)

So with only two short months to go, what are your wishes on New Year’s Eve?  Planning on tying the knot in the most popular wedding destinations in the United States?  Well, better pick up that phone and call the best in the west (literally).  1-800-574-4450  or 1-702-384-0771  or use the LIVE CHAT option on the website.

The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

What will you be doing on New Years Eve?  Let us know!

“Thank You” to Elvis and Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Williamson

As the number one wedding destination in Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel  is host to thousands of couples each year whose main purpose in Vegas is to “tie the knot”. 

I must say, as the recipient of numerous daily emails, I have the honor of being the first to read the many thank you’s we receive from happy brides and grooms from all over the world.    The most recent is a couple from the UK who also graciously shared pictures of their joyous occasion with me as well. 

Not only am I instructed to forward all feedback to the owner and staff at the chapel, but I would also like the opportunity to share their photos and letters with you all  (with their permission, of course).

Fun in the Elvis Doo Wop Diner

My husband and I Mr and Mrs Williamson got married on the 10th September and we just wanted to say thank-you so much for everything. Our wedding was perfect, everything we wanted. Everyone at your chapel was so lovely and friendly. We have to thank our Elvis, Dan has trouble hearing so Elvis had to shout it was very funny! The wedding was so enjoyable and it was a day we will never forget. We have watched the DVD so many times since we have been back home in the UK. Everyone was so nice, I can’t thank you enough for making our dreams come true!   Cheers!  Elizabeth and Dan Williamson   UK

And to you, the happy couple from the UK, who traveled so many miles to get married at Viva LasVegas, thank you for sharing your pictures and feedback with our staff.  It reminds us that our hard work is appreciated and we are a part of making your wedding dreams come true! 

We welcome your letters, emails, feedback, and photos!  Let us know how we are doing! 

 Cheers to you, Mr. and Mrs. Williamson!  (Doo Wop Diner 9/10/10)

The Little Chapel in Las Vegas

Little Chapel in Las Vegas
Little Chapel in Las Vegas

Are the bigger chapels in Las Vegas a bit too much for just the two of you and perhaps a small party? At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, we have the perfect venue solution. The Little Chapel in Las Vegas!

For a smaller wedding, just for the two of you (or for up to three dozen guests), we offer the rich cream and burgundy hues of our new Little Wedding Chapel. It will remind you of a little French salon. The quaint European decor lends an exquisite sense of solitude. We can even arrange for a wedding reception, large or small, after your Las Vegas wedding ceremony, as simple or extravagant as the wedding itself.

We not only perform traditional ceremonies in the Little Wedding Chapel, but also Elvis and themed packages as well.  This chapel is equipped with the live webcamera so your virtual guests can watch from home. 

This chapel is one of five located on the property of the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.   Our Main Chapel, Outdoor Gazebo, Nighttime Garden, and Doo Wop Diner

Drop us a line and tell us what you are interested in!

Elvis Impersonators in Las Vegas

At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, the number one request is to be married by a true Las Vegas Elvis impersonator!

The King
Elvis Aaron Presley

We have many requests for a variety of Elvis impersonators:   Tall, short, skinny, fat, old, African American, Chinese, Spanish speaking, Jewish.  Most importantly, can he sing?  Absolutely!  The list goes on. We try so hard to fulfil everyone’s personal needs.

We do have Elvis who can perform the ceremony en Espanol! We  have  Elvis who proudly wears the Yarmulke and breaks the glass at the end of the ceremony!  “Mazeltov!”  We have the young 50’s Elvis with the gold lame’.  We have a little Elvis.  We have a tall Elvis.  Don’t forget Elvis wearing the sexy tight black leather to Elvis with the ’69 comeback white  jumpsuit!

This is your wedding.  Make it yours.  Make it a memorable experience to match your personal needs and wants.

Make it happen at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

What type of Elvis do you want performing your ceremony?   Let us know!

Michael Jackson Themed Weddings in Las Vegas

Michael Jackson Impersonator
"You Knock Me off of my Feet!"

By popular demand, we have added a Michael Jackson Themed Wedding titled “THRILLER”.

This Las Vegas Themed Wedding package includes:

  • MJ as Minister, singing two songs
  • Appropriate music and decor
  • Theatrical lighting and fog
  • 6 Rose Bouquet for the Bride
  • Matching Boutonniere for the Groom
  • 36 poses & proofs viewed online
  • 10 Candid Ceremony Prints
  • Names In Lights on the Marquee
  • Video of the Ceremony
  • Live webcast during ceremony
  • Courtesy limousine service from any hotel on “the Strip” or Downtown to the chapel and back
  • Chapel fee and wedding Coordinator
  • A $200. nonrefundable deposit is required for booking.

    This package can only be found at The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel.

    Please give us a call at 800-574-4450 for more info or email:

    Marriage License Information in Las Vegas

    The number one inquiry in the Viva Las Vegas “email” bag is:   “How do I obtain a marriage license?”  And my answer?  “Quite Simple!”

    Marriage License

    You see, Nevada is probably one of the easiest states to obtain a license.  No waiting.  No blood. No need to show documents of divorce.  Just present $60. cash and show your photo ID. Fill out a short document.  Boom.  Issued.

    “Quite simple” is a common answer from those exiting the courthouse when asked their experience of the marriage license process.    Still don’t believe me?  Check it out yourself here:

    I applied for a license a little over six years ago and my experience was also, quite simple…..

    The marriage bureau is open 365 days a year from 8:00am until midnight.  Ain’t Vegas great?

    After you visit the Clark County Clerk, be sure to stop by The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel for the best and most variety of wedding packages in Las Vegas!  From classic traditional, Vintage Elvis, to out of this world themed weddings, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel can offer you the best in wedding services at competitive prices.

    Call this number for more information:  1-800-574-4450  or 1-702-384-0771