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May the Fourth is Coming! Las Vegas Weddings for “Wars” Fans

Star Wars Wedding
Come as your favorite characters to be married in a May the Fourth themed wedding–or do it any other day of the year!

If you’re up for a Darth Vader minister and saying your wedding vows in Las Vegas on May the 4th this year, good news! (And, needless to say, “May the 4th be with you!”) The date falls on a Saturday this year! Bring family and friends for a weekend of fun and excitement, and wear costumes from your favorite galaxy far, far away. Already married? Renew your vows sci-fi style in our Intergalactic Wedding ceremony. You won’t need a marriage license for that, and you can bring the kids!

Our Intergalactic Themed Wedding package can be customized with a minister character of your choosing and includes the music, special effects (theatrical lights and space fog) and drama of your favorite episode. Our Darth Vader impersonator minister is the most popular choice to do the honors, and couples and their guests most often come dressed to play other roles. You can customize almost any aspect of your ceremony, though. We’re happy to accommodate your imagination!

Star Wars themed Vegas wedding
Storm troopers make the best best men ever!

The Intergalactic Wedding (also customizable for Trek fans) includes: Your Choice of Sci-Fi Character Minister, Transporter/ Illusion Entrance, Appropriate Music and Decor, Theatrical Lighting, Laser Beams and Fog, 6 Rose Bouquet for the Bride, Matching Boutonniere for the Groom, Photography and 10 Candid Ceremony Prints, Video of the Ceremony, Free Wedding Website / Wedding “Invitation”, Wedding Wish List Registry, Round Trip Courtesy Limousine Service from any hotel on “the Strip” or Downtown, Chapel Fee and Wedding Coordinator.

Star Wars type wedding
Theatrical lighting and fog effects during your ceremony set the mood

Feel free to add live streaming online so folks all over the planet can watch if they can’t attend in person. You can also add upgrades such as extra characters, and even Elvis, if you want to go extra wacky–Yes, we’ve done this before!

If you have any questions about this fantastic package, or special requests, feel free to give us a call at 702-384-0771. We’ll see you on the Fourth!

How to Renew Your Vows in Las Vegas for Your Anniversary!

At Viva Las Vegas Weddings, wedding vow renewals are almost as popular as actual weddings these days! Over the years, more and more couples are coming to Vegas for a fantastic anniversary celebration, or even just to tie the knot again and have a fun and romantic visit to Las Vegas. And, wedding vow renewals with multiple couples have been one of the biggest things going at our chapel recently! It’s an unforgettable way to celebrate your love and share time with friends and family.

Elvis wedding vow renewal
WHO wouldn’t want to get married or renew their wedding vows in Vegas with Elvis???

Lots of couples come to Las Vegas to celebrate their anniversaries. As long as you’re partying anyway, you just might want to renew your wedding vows while you’re here! Plan it ahead together, or spring it on your mate at the last minute. An Elvis wedding vow renewal makes the BEST surprise anniversary present—for your spouse, or for your parents, if they’re celebrating a big anniversary. Ask us for details on keeping the secret–we’ll need to know it’s a surprise to pull it off without a hitch. 🙂

Of course, Elvis weddings are our most popular vow renewal ceremonies– it’s Vegas, baby! But we also do a lot of fun themed weddings, the wackier the better. It’s your chance to do things the way you might have wished to the first time ’round, but didn’t dare.

If you like things sweet and simple, we also can perform a romantic traditional ceremony for you. At Viva Las Vegas, there’s almost nothing we can’t do to make your anniversary unforgettable. Reminisce in a candlelit chapel, and remind yourselves of how lucky you are to have found your soulmate.

Outdoor Vegas weddings
Renew your vows in an intimate, traditional outdoor setting.

If you’re considering a Las Vegas wedding vow renewal, you won’t need a license, just your bride or groom on your arm. Here are a few suggestions to make your ceremony even more special:

1. Consider wearing your original wedding clothes…if they still fit! 😉 But, should you choose a themed wedding, you can always come in fanciful costumes. For very casual renewals, we’ve seen a lot of tropical wear, especially with our Elvis packages featuring the Hawaiian Wedding Song. (Go all the way with an Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding package! Or add the pink Cadillac entrance with Elvis driving!)

A glimpse, through, at a groom ready to renew vows for a 50th anniversary!
A glimpse, through, at a groom ready to renew vows for a 50th anniversary!

2.Wedding vow renewals are a good time exchange new wedding rings. (Some couples have been married so long they’ve worn through their bands!) If you’re planning the whole thing as a surprise, the ring can be an incredibly touching surprise as well. If you want to keep your original rings, consider adding your renewal date engraved inside the band, for sentiment’s sake.

3. Nothing stirs the heart more than the reading of hand-written vows. Now’s the time to express how much your marriage has meant to you, to mention special memories, or to list all the reasons your love has lasted and will continue to last forever. We have kleenex handy.

4. If you’ll be vacationing together with another couple, we can do multiple-couple vow renewals, too! Ask one of our helpful staffers for the scoop on how to do this at 702-384-0771. We’ll make all the arrangements.

5. Include “your song,” either for going down the aisle, or as an add-on dance during the ceremony. Let us know at the time of your booking, so you can bring your own music, or we’ll acquire it for you. You can even have your song performed by a live singer at Viva Las Vegas Weddings!

Check out all the fabulous options for renewing your wedding vows, indoors or out, at And, if you were married here the first time, join the many, many couples who’ve joined us for their vows a second or third time. We are delighted to report that we have “groupies!” 🙂

Affordable 1950s-era Wedding in Vegas with Elvis in Our Diner Chapel!

50s Diner Wedding Vegas
Just the two of you, or be-bopping with up to 15 guests in our sweet 1950s Doo Wop Diner Chapel!

If your budget for an Elvis wedding in Vegas is under $400, we have several unique Elvis weddings that include flowers, photography, and your favorite Elvis hits performed live. One of our most affordable and unique Elvis weddings takes place just behind our Main Chapel in our ’50s-era Doo Wop Diner Chapel. It’s a quirky, casual setting with tons of memorabilia from the period. You can substitute Elvis for The Fonz or any character from “Grease” as minister, too. Or, by request, have our Little Elvis do the honors. (Check out all of the options on our website. Choose “Wedding Packages” and then “Elvis Weddings” in the drop-down menu at

Here are all the details on what our Doo Wop Diner Wedding includes:

Doo Wop Diner Wedding Package

Ceremony Performed in The Doo Wop Diner
Elvis Sings Two Songs and Performs the Wedding Ceremony
Two Rose Presentation
6 Candid Ceremony Prints (taken during the ceremony)
Elvis Certificate
Wedding Website and Wedding Invitation
Your Names In Lights on Our Marquee
Wedding Planner
Wedding Coordinator
Chapel Fee
Ceremony is Limited to 15 Wedding Guests or Less
Price $345.00

Vegas 50s Diner Elvis Wedding
Retro clothing optional!

You can also add options like live online streaming of your ceremony, or you can even add a soda-shop style wedding reception with sliders and ice cream treats WITH the wedding cake.

And remember, our fun and themed weddings make wonderful and unforgettable wedding vow renewals, too, if you’re celebrating that special anniversary this year. Call one of our wedding planners for help with questions and ideas to make your Elvis wedding as fabulous as your honeymoon (or second honeymoon) trip to Vegas! Call anytime at 702-384-0771

Our Harley Davidson Wedding Entrance!

Harley Davidson wedding las vegas
Ride straight into the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel with your bride on your bike!

It’s nearly spring wedding season in Vegas, and also time to think about hitting the open road on your Harley and heading to the chapel for your Harley Davidson Themed Wedding in fabulous Las Vegas! Don’t own a bike, but the Harley spirit is strong within you? Not to worry. Our Harley Themed wedding package comes with the bike rental and helmets!

Your package includes round-trip limo transportation from your hotel to the Harley rental site, where you’ll saddle up and head for the chapel. The package also includes photography, flowers, smoke effects, Harley-themed music and the most unique wedding experience ever!

Harley motorcycle wedding in Vegas
Order your ceremony with a live online stream so your friends and family back home can watch you blow down the aisle on your ride.

Check out this package and others at where you can also find out about adding Elvis, Tom Jones, Darth Vader (!) or your favorite rock ‘n roll artist to perform during the ceremony. (See the Harley Wedding under Themed Weddings on our drop down menu on the main page.) We can upgrade and customize this package so that it’s just right for you!

If you DO own your own bike, just let us know and we can work out all the details and pricing. Call us at 702-384-0771, or you can live chat online on our website to find out more. Viva Las Vegas, Harley style– and we’ll see you to party at your Harley Wedding or wedding vow renewal!

French Detective Fans? Get Married Inspector Clueso Style in Las Vegas!

Pink panther wedding vegas
Cruise down the aisle Euro-style in this vintage Citroen!

Fans of all those bungling French detective movies are going to LOVE our newest and most spectacular wedding package, complete with your hilarious wedding entrance, driving right into the chapel and down the aisle with Inspector Clueso, your slightly incompetent minister/private eye.

The Pink Diamond Wedding is the most unique way to get married EVER! This themed wedding includes all the frills, flowers, smoke, theatrical lights, photography, video, and round trip limousine transportation from your Strip or Downtown hotel. And—oooh-la-la—you’ll want to add live streaming webcam coverage to share the fun with friends and family who can’t be in the chapel with you for this one-of-a-kind wedding experience.

French detective wedding
Inspector Clueso, between investigations, will perform your vows!

Inspector Clueso performs your ceremony in his best nasal-y, phony French accent. (He may, or may not, be attacked by his ninja manservant at some point during the vows…) Your ceremony will be accompanied by movie theme music, so feel free to tango!


Dress as spies, French mimes, 60’s-era Continental fashion icons…Traditional wedding attire works, too! One of our favorite things here at Viva Las Vegas is the surprise in seeing what our wedding couples have chosen to wear for their themed weddings.

Your names in lights right on the Strip for an incredible photo-op after the ceremony! Night-time is awesome, too!
Your names in lights right on the Strip for an incredible photo-op after the ceremony! Night-time is awesome, too!

We’re betting The Pink Diamond Wedding will be very popular for fun, wild ‘n crazy wedding vow renewals, too! So, if you’re ALREADY married, YOU CAN STILL DO THIS!!!!

Check our website for this and our many other fabulous themed weddings. For information and questions about how to book The Pink Diamond Wedding Package, call 702-384-0771 or visit us at: and click on Themed Weddings. L’amour, toujours l’amour!

Bluez Brotherz “Ministers” for Your Way Cool Viva Las Vegas Wedding Day!

Elvis and the Bluez Brotherz walk down the aisle after a unique Vegas wedding!
You can even add Elvis to perform with Jake and Elwood, as an upgrade! (It IS Vegas, after all!)

We’ll bet you didn’t know our third most popular themed wedding after our Elvis Pink Cadillac Wedding and Gothic Themed Wedding is our Bluez Brotherz Themed Wedding in Vegas! Our very own “Jake” and “Elwood” will do the honors and give you some vocal lovin’ every day of the week! These musical ministers are a hit with wedding couples and their guests–spring the boys on them as a surprise, or have a costume-party style wedding, with everyone sporting shades!

Your Bluez Brothers wedding includes everything seen here, plus flowers, photography, video, wedding coordinator, and round trip limo transportation from your Las Vegas Strip or Downtown hotel. You can add live streaming video coverage, too, for friends and family who can’t be in Vegas, so they can watch your wild and crazy wedding live back home!

Package Features Include:

  • Bluez Brotherz to Sing and Perform the Ceremony
  • Theatrical Lighting and Fog
  • 6 Rose Bouquet for the Bride
  • Matching Boutonniere for the Groom
  • 10 Candid Ceremony Prints
  • DVD
  • Names In Lights on the Marquee
  • Free Wedding Website and Wedding Invitation
  • Courtesy round-trip Limousine Service from any hotel on The Strip or Downtown
  • Chapel Fee
  • Wedding Coordinator

Price $850.00

The Bluez Brotherz at work at the altar for a Viva Las Vegas wedding ceremony.

You’ll be so glad you made it to your Viva Las Vegas Bluez Brotherz themed wedding with Jake & Elwood. The band is back in black and singing the blues on your wild and wacky wedding day! The joint will be jumping and rattling like an el-train as Jake & Elwood “take care of business” and get the pair of you hitched. They’ll give you some lovin’ and make sure your ceremony is uniquely unforgettable.

Bring your shades and your soulful Chicago duds for this otherwise all-inclusive ceremony.

All characters in our Bluez Brotherz themed wedding are played by impersonators. Remember, all themed wedding packages can also be performed as renewal-of-vows ceremonies, with no license or minister’s fee required. Hey, this could be the most memorable anniversary present ever!

For more information or to book a uniquely fun Viva Las Vegas Wedding, call us anytime at 702-384-0771.