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Read all the Details! A Viva Las Vegas Wedding AND Reception Review from TripAdvisor

Vegas Wedding REceptions
A couple poses at our Event Center reception entrance

Well, we’re closing out another year with a fun-to-read and very detailed description of one couple’s experience with a wedding and reception at Viva Las Vegas Weddings. While not everything went off without a hitch—things sometimes happen beyond anyone’s control–we loved how they explained what we tried to do to make their day as special as it could be anyway!

We offer over five wedding chapels and four reception venues to choose from on property, and we always do our best to make sure you can customize every aspect of your wedding and reception. From a cake and champagne toast, to a full sit down gourmet dinner buffet, we do it all! From a tiny vow renewal with Elvis singing one song to a full-on traditional wedding production, to a musical wedding filled with singers and production numbers…we do that too!

Great Experience
We live part time the Vegas area and part time in Toronto, so this seemed a great way to have a wedding. We did a lot of research on line. This company responded immediately to any and all requests. They aren’t the cheapest out there, but neither are they the most expensive. One big selling point is that while they do have some photos included in most packages, they allow guests to take photos during the ceremony. My now wife, is a real photo buff, so he had all the friends and family busy taking the pics during the ceremony.

We went in early June to book the wedding for December 1. We were met by Monica, who showed us around, myself in person, and my wife on FaceTime. Everything we would need was explained to us.

We booked the Elvis wedding, including 3 songs, and driving in, in the pink cadillac.

They have a couple of reception venues, one larger than the other. We had a fairly small group, thinking originally about 25 people, but selected the larger room because it seemed quite a bit nicer. They allowed this because our wedding was on a Thursday, and its not as busy as the weekend.

In early November we went in to finalize arrangements. We would have a buffet dinner, and an open bar, for a 3 hour reception. I made a further payment.

About a week later we were called, and told that they had double booked the big room. We were offered a couple of options, including using the smaller room, etc. We negotiated, and they threw in the pink cadillac entrance, premium liquor, and a discount, so we took the smaller room. I should say here that while we were a little disappointed at the time, when we got into the well decorated smaller room, we were more than pleased.

I’m a believer that all businesses make mistakes, but the test is how they fix them. This company fixed the problem very well.

We now had Monica as the wedding planner, and Aryellis as our reception coordinator. We got a call a few days before the wedding asking what types of premium wines, beers and liquor we would like. We were able to regularly communicate, and received complete cooperation, and prompt answers.

On the wedding day, about 90 minutes before the pick up time, our Limo Driver, Rome called to confirm the time. As sometimes happens there was an accident in the I 15 delaying him, but he called regularly to update us on his whereabouts, and said that he’d communicated with the chapel, and there would be no problem. He arrived, but unfortunately there was a NASCAR display (burn outs) on the strip, causing very heavy traffic. He was great though, the limo was a lot of fun.

On our arrival we were given further proof that this is an honest company. We’d received the final invoice about a week before the reception, and were prepared to pay. The advised that they had screwed up some math, and we actually owed about $150 less than the invoice showed. How often does this happen!!!

We got to the chapel, and as it happened we were that last scheduled wedding of the day. Monica took us in, and explained everything. She took us out, and then allowed in the guests.

We met Elvis, (the venue owner Ron) outside in the Cadillac. He spoke to us for a few minutes, and had the doors to the chapel open, and in we went.

He sang three songs through the service, and just generally made it a lot of fun. The photographer then took pics of us, Elvis, and our family and guests. We then backed out of the chapel and got some pics by the neon sign with our names.

Vegas reception venue
We can accommodate your color choices and our gourmet bakers do custom wedding cakes, too!

Our guests went into the reception hall, and in a few minutes Elvis walked in with us and introduced us to the guests.

The food was great, and they had a great young lady as a D.J.

We had a great time, and our friends said that “This is a wedding to remember”.

We also had included a DVD of the ceremony & had it live streamed. The streaming is available for a month. Our friends and families loved being able to watch & we loved that they could.

We received the photo proofs on line in a couple of days. We’ve ordered a bunch, the photographer was great.

We’d totally recommend Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapels to anyone.

For more information on all of our Elvis, Themed and Tradtional Wedding Packages, plus our casual-to-elegant receptions, visit us at www.vivalasvegasweddings.com